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Hello, I am a slovak translator, and creator of Unofficial Wesnoth LiveCD based on Xubuntu and I also made a few campaigns.

My fav factions are Rebels (btw why are they called Rebels? I believe simple Elves might be better), Northerners (Orcs) and Drakes.

Outside of Wesnoth, I work on project Greenie knižnica, where you can find books and ebooks for free for any device.

My e-mail adress is shoferek (that crazy A) gmail (one little dot) sk

My campaigns

Here is a list of my current, active developed campaigns. Feel free to play. They are all for both 1.14 and 1.15.x versions of Battle for Wesnoth.

Important: All of them are in the same time. So heroes from one campaign can be used in other campaigns, or a big campaign with multiple heroes is possible. Similar to Marvel Cinematic Universe :)

The Final Exam

Play as Erinna (Erika before rename) and become a good mage. Final exam is a mage/loyalists campaign. Great for young content creators.

Friends: humans, elves

Enemies: orcs, trolls

Leader of the Drakes

Morin and Kazin are two drakes, who must defend their archipelago against orcs. Also a civil war is on the way...

Friends: drakes, saurians

Enemies: orcs, drakes

Rise of the Dunefolk

Start in a small village with few dunefolk units. Get more and more on a dangerous try to make a dunefolk empire. Not only undead are in your way.

Friends: Dunefolk, elves, female dark sorceror

Enemies: undead, dwarves, dunefolk

Strange Alliance

Dwarves and elves are under attack by loyalists. There is only one possibility - flee. Run as far from knights as possible.

Friends: dwarves, elves

Enemies: humans, elves

Unite the Clans

Minimalistic, 1 scenario campaign with as low amount of translatable strings as possible. Maihern wants to a be a chieftain, but trolls, goblins and even knights are against him.

Friends: orcs

Enemies: trolls, goblins, humans

The Three Elves

Old campaign, not maintained. Completed.

Dwarven Fortress

Old campaign, not maintained. Incompleted.


125 YW

  • Erinna becomes a powerful mage, but she died soon after. UMC The Final Exam takes place here.
  • Maihern united local group of orcs. UMC Unite the clans takes place here.
  • Morin and Kazin protected their archipelago and drake population from orcs and win local civil war. UMC Leader of the Drakes takes place here.
  • Siabbin and his dunefolk set on long journey to unite and protect land from lich lords. With help of Erlornas, they defeat the lich lord and allowing Damia the dark mage to get significant power. UMC Rise of the Dunefolk takes place here.
  • Nogardtserof and his dwarves are pushed from their homeland by much more populous humans. They retreated to safety and found a new home for them and some elves they chosed to save. UMC Strange Alliance takes place here.
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