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About Myself

I am an average WMList, preferably not Eras, but I have been known to make small eras. My real name is Matt. I live in the United States, northern part. I am currently attending school. I have 3 siblings, all 3 of which I do not live with. They all live with/near my mom, which is on the other side of the country. I have 2 sisters and one brother, Brother is younger, 1 sister is younger, and my other sister is older. I am a average male, enjoying Video Games such as Midnight Club LA, Halo 3, and many more... Wesnoth and Ragnarok Online being my favorites.

Please join my Forums,

Maps I Am Working On

Hide n Seek- A new genre of maps, one were all players have Ambush/Nightstalk, and it makes them invisible the whole map. This map seems to be turning into a great success to many, and is still being worked on. Currently, 2 maps are done, but one is still being worked on. Any ideas,are appreciated on my Forums site,

An Elven Love- An MP Campaign, make for couples, and uses a Male and Female elf as main characters. Currently, one map is 'done'. 'done' meaning working, but not balanced for MP play just yet.

Country Maps- Maps of countries flags. Some were already made, and are now being remade.

Secret Map- I am working on a map that won't be released until it is finished. Only trusted friends shall even see the map.

Assassins Cross- Inspired by BoL, this is of four assassins whos orders are simple: Kill. Idea thread is

Partners Of My Work

Gambit, Mica, F8_Binds_n3t, Mythological, Clonkinator before he quit, Bob_The_Mighty, grrr, Jamini, Jamie, jamie (no cap), there is too many to count, or really to many to remember.

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