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Here is a list of all the addons I have completed for Wesnoth. This list will continue to be updated with each new release so feel free to watch this page to keep up to date.

1.6.x Add-ons:

Version 1.0: July 26, 2009
Type: Non-standard
Players: 1-9p
This game is not a Risk clone, but simply draws on the ideas and concepts that fuel the game. Gameplay involves only 3 units, simplified combat, simple economy, but a battles of epic proportions. The package includes 2 maps: a modified version of a well known world map and a map of Europe created by myself.

Zombie Survival
Version 1.2: August 6, 2009
Version 1.1: April 24, 2009
Version 1.0: April 17, 2009
Type: Non-standard
Players: 1-6p
A simple concept of surviving the waves of zombies until you can defeat the enemy leader. Select custom units and upgrade your character to ensure the survival of your party.
Map Screen Shot

Survival Fusion 2
Version: 2.0 [Released: April 10, 2009]
Type: Non-standard
Players: 2-4p
Unique gameplay inspired by the board game Risk.
Map Screen Shot

Version: 1.1 [Released: July 17, 2009] - Added 2 new maps
Version: 1.0 [Released: April 3, 2009]
Type: Non-standard
Players: 2-9p
Sequel to the popular Survival Fusion. Survive the incoming waves of enemies while fending off your opponents.
Map Screen Shot (Deep Island)

Older Add-ons:

Living Caves
1.4.x - Version: 1.0 [Released: March 29, 2008]
Type: Non-standard
Players: 4p - 2v2 with 1 AI
Every aspect of the game is randomized for a new experience every game.
Map Screen Shot

1.3.x - Version: 1.0 [Released: January 3, 2008]
Type: Advanced Rumble
Players: 2p - 1 vs. 1
Fast, furious, and addicting 1v1 action with changing terrain.
Map Screen Shot

Gauntlet Legends
1.3.x - Version: 1.0 [Released: January 1, 2008]
Type: RPG
Players: 5p - Team vs. CPU
Battle your way through the dungeon to obtain your freedom. Slay the evil who opposes you to become victorious.
No Map Screenshot Yet

Level One Era
1.3.x - Version: 1.0 [Released: January 1, 2008]
Type: Era
This era allows you to use the default level one units as your starting heros. This era also adds a monster faction for you to select heros from as well. This era works great for RPGs but also will work well on any map as recruitment has been enabled as well.

Battle Dome
1.3.x - Version: 2.1 [Last Update: December 24, 2007] [Released: September 20, 2007]
1.2.x - Version: 2.0 [Released August 30, 2007]
Type: Solo unit survival
Players: 6p - Team vs. CPU
Survive the incoming waves of enemies, teamwork is the key to success.
Map Screen Shot

Survival Fusion
1.2.x - Version: 1.0a [Released: September 13, 2007]
Type: Survival
Players: 4p - FFA Players vs. CPU
Survive the incoming waves of enemies while fending off your opponents.
Map Screen Shot

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