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Useful WML Fragments

Most of the things found here are macros (see PreprocessorRef) that must be copied into a scenario file or another file included first by the campaign, and then used in the scenario (or multiplayer map). Remember that a macro cannot be used at a point before it is defined.

Also, when creating or using macros, please remember: Every macro must generate a WML fragment which would be syntactically balanced and correct by itself. Unbalanced macros confuse our maintenance and sanity-checking tools, creating extra work and headaches for the already-overworked WML maintainers.

Note: some of the code here is outdated or otherwise poor. It's not advisable to blindly copy-paste code from here and expect it to work on recent Wesnoth versions or assume that the recent versions don't support a simpler and less hacky way of doing the same thing.

Some things not to do here:

  • Don't add macros that duplicate things in the core macro library.
  • Don't add macros that are trivial syntax shortcuts.
  • Don't add macros that generate unbalanced syntax fragments.

Try to avoid adding pages here. It is better to find a category in which your code fits and add it to that page.

Logic Structure Macros

  • WML Utilities: Macros to assist other macros. Overlay with Filter. Determine Opposite Coordinates. Find nearest hex(es)

RPG Tools

  • A Shop Like Thing: How to add even more RPG elements to your scenarios.
  • CutsceneWML: Fixed MOVE_TO event (uses FIND_NEARBY from WML Utilities), move + exit to recall list, define character dialogue and a "main character", grant unlimited moves.*

Music Tools

  • WML Musical Moods: Groups the Wesnoth music (as of 1.7.x) into "moods" and defines macros for playing randomly songs from these pools and for quickly switching music.

Unit Tools

Item Tools

  • DroppableItem: For placing items on the terrain upon death of a unit.

Map Tools

  • FloodWML: Macros to create a flood of a certain terrain type spreading across the map.

Advanced WML

See Also

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