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A Summer of Storms

Orcs invade the kingdom from the north. King Eldaric allows Prince Haldric to command the defence.

The Fall

Wesfolk invade. Prince Haldric retreats to the south. King Eldaric remains to continue the battle and is killed.

A Harrowing Escape

A dwarf, Burin the Lost,joins the party. Prince Haldric leads his refugee band into the prosperous Midlands kingdoms that feed Southbay. Some orcs blocking the path are defeated. Sir Ladoc appears advising that they will stumble upon the orcish main force if they continue. To avoid the orcs ahead and behind, Prince Haldric and friends travel through the Oldwood, to Burin's objections.

The Oldwood

They meet woses, headed by Elilmaldur-Rithrandil and help defend them against more orcs. Elilmaldur-Rithrandil expalains that a temple contains an entrance to catacombs in which a human king entombed a lich. Lich Lord Lenvan was a powerful wesfolk leader who lead their retreat from the west. He also advises that the powerful artifact, which , the lich owns may help them. In the ensuing battle in the catacombs, Lenvan raises the dead units of Prince Haldric's side into walking corpses. After the lichs defeat Prince Haldric finds the ruby of rise in a chest, which he puts in the bottom of his pack, as he doesnt know how to use it.

Return to Oldwood

Once back above ground Jessene arrives bearing news of the road to Southbay. The main host of orcs is between the forest and Southbay but the road to Clearwater Port is free of orcs. The orcs are bogged down in the swamp of Esten. They join forces, and make a break for Clearwater Port.

Clearwater Port

Clearwater Port is under attack by orcs. Clearwater Port forces engaged the orcs as they exited the Swamp of Esten. At first, they prevailed, and pushed them back into the swamp but their victory did not hold; orc reinforcements quickly overran their positions. We lost most of thier forces including the King of Clearwater, who died bravely leading a charge. Clearwater port's nobles fled to Southbay. They are evacuating the rest of the populace by sea. Prince Haldric helps Commander Aethyr defend the city then evacuates by boat.

To explain the use of the ruby Jessene suggests a detour to Lich Point. This is when humans first used magi in battle, and turned the tide of war against the wesfolk. The lich, Caror was petrified and remains. Caror was the arch rival of Lich-Lord Lenvan. He coveted the ruby, and was studying it. The only copy of his study, the Book of Fire and Darkness, was petrified along with him. Commander Aethy tells them that the city's sewer entrance is near the petrified lich which they incorporate in their plan. Commander Aethyr stays to fight on.

Fallen Lich Point

Orcs are camped on land and attack the party. Two yetis are present. A monolith witha an enscription by the unnamed "first Mage of the good people of the Green Isle". When Haldric utters that magic phrase on the monolith. The lich un-petrifies and is killed. The Book of Fire and Darkness is found in his robes.


An unnamed King banished a pair of twin Magi and their devoted followers down into the after the Wesfolk war. Daellyn the Red and Tinry the Red,the mages, feel the presence of the Ruby of Fire. They have been searching for it and want to ascend to power. Battle ensues.

Southbay in Winter

Prince Haldric emerges from the sewers of Southbay in the very heart of the city. After some commotion, he gains an audience with the King of Southbay, King Addroran IX. Jessene makes a deal to allow wesfolk refugess into the city for the winter. Haldric, Jessene etc plan to sail to the east to the great continent

A Final Spring

Orcs attack the city seizing the frontier. They are lead by Lich lord Jeyvan.He had raisd Addoran's son as a death knight. Lord Typhon a merfolk leader appears in exchange for steel trident points and fishhookshe provides merfolk escort allowing recruit of merfolk. Haldric names a ship after his father, Eldaric.

Peoples in Decline

The ships land on an island that was at one time a volcano that is now slowly sinking into the sea. Previously pacified drakes attack. ONe defeat they flee. As they depart Jeyvan's familiar spots them in the distance.

Rough Landing

A particularly bad series of storms means the ship, the Eldaric has taken on water, and much of the fleet has been scattered. Lord Typhon suggests stopping at a group of small windswept islands to regroup. this is the only place to stop with soft sand beaches to make landfall. This is naga territory. The nagas like to scavenge metal from ships that they capture here and attack.

A New Land

The sea-weather is milder. After a week's steady sailing eastward, they begin to hear the cries of gulls and feel the loom of the land. The Great Continent appears before them over the summer-lit seas Dwarves and Elves are fighting over forestry. They unite against Haldrics landing camp. Dioli, an elf,intervenes and invites the humans onto land.

Elf Lords (The Ka'lian)

Lady Dioli brings Haldric and his companions to the Ka'lian or the Council of Elven Lords. Lord Logalmier and Lord El'Isomithir are grumpy. Lord El'Isomithir accuses the humans of the west-north of planning to steal land. Lady Dionli suggests that the Ka'lian grant these humans the plains to the north and south of the Great River. Quests to test the humans worthiness are set. If completed the humans will be granted all of the plains in our domain and the hills south of the Great River, if not you will be forced to depart. The sub-quests are completed.

A Spy in the Woods

Lord Aryad, Lord Logalmier Lord El'Isomithi and Lady Dioli plan to break the pact with humans though Dionli is reserved. If the orcs are nmot dealt decisively by the orcs they will honor the pedge, if more trouble follows they will "deal with the survivors". Jessene is spying in the woods, hears this and tells Haldric.

The Vangaurd

The heros' race across the plains to attack the orcs that have landed. They fight undead and orc supporting leaders.

Return of the Fleet

Haldric reaches the site where the fleet is due to return. Several ships have already docked. The orcs are on the frontier and suarians out for revenge because of previous encounters. Battle ensues. Lich-lord Jeyvan turns up, taunts the heros and casts a curse of darkness which applies shroud to the map. The battle is won and the passengers disembark from the ships. Haldric plans to confront Jevyan and destroy him.

The Plan

Haldric plans to convince Jevyan that they gave the elves the Ruby of Fire to secure their place in the new land. Then if the orcs return, hopefully they'll go looking for their not-so-loyal elven allies first. Haldric suggests he might not help the elves. Jessene and Haldric argue. Commander Aethyr agrees to die at Jeyvan's hand so that

The Rise of Wesnoth

Jeyvan is confronted. The hero's explain they have given away the ruby. Battle ensues. The orcs retreat to their ships. Commander Aethyr dies.Jeyvan finds and reads the treaty witht he elves. He diecides to destory both humans and elves. Battle continues. Abraxas the naga arrives and helps Jeyvan. Jevyan is destroyed, but at a terrible price. Commander Aethyr is put to rest.


Haldric reveals to his more important minions that the elves don't have the Ruby of Fire. It is justa a ruse perpetrated on the orcs. If they return they will come looking for the elves. Orcs are preparing to attack the elves. Haldric decide to honor the pact by helping the elves because the orcs are few, the elves aren't accustomed to war and that they will have to rely on elven charity if they are to survive the first winter. Haldric decides after helping the elves they will build towns in all of the regions that the elves have given us and move our capital inland, away from the coast.

Burin the Lost goes back to the dwarves to spread the idea of colonising other lands via the underways. Minister Edren pledges to go forth amongst the people and spread wisdom, and see about establishing a new order of Magi in this new land. Sir Ladoc and Sir Ruddry promise to be humble servants of the Crown and will establish a new order of knights for a new land. Haldric declares himself King. Jessene suggests the new country be called Wesnoth

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