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Here is a video showcasing some of the artwork, gameplay, and music of "The Battle for Wesnoth." Its purpose is to publicize the game and show people what they're missing! You are free to distribute the video to online video sites. Since the art used was licensed under the Gnu General Public License (GPL), the video itself is a GPL'd work, and you are obligated to indicate this when distributing the video.

Trailer based on Wesnoth 1.9, by a student participating in GCI (Google Code-In)

The lasted trailer so far. Watch the trailer on YouTube

Trailer based on Wesnoth 1.1.2, by Radoz

It is really based on 1.1.2, not 1.4 sadly. So while very good and still fitting, it doesn't show the latest features until someone creates a new trailer. Are you the one who can do it?

Online presence

If you distribute the video somewhere, post the link here. You may have to convert the video to another format first (leading to some loss of quality), because some sites do not support OGG Theora.

  • Unofficial wesnoth gallery (You can upload a full quality video here. It will not be converted in any way and there is currently no size limit. If it is more than 7mb you will need to contact the admin to upload it for you)
  • Revver
  • Google Video
  • YouTube
  • LinuxVideos (in OGG Theora format)
  • (Viewable by Registered Users only. registration is free)
  • Uses the new HTML5/FireFox 3.5 video tag to show the trailer, with example code.

File format

The video files' extension is .ogg, which indicates that it uses the Ogg container format. Ogg is capable of containing a range of codecs, but it usually holds audio encoded with the Vorbis codec and/or video encoded with the Theora codec. Our trailer contains both.

If a file contains just audio, it is normally called an "Ogg Vorbis" file. If it also contains video, then it is normally called "Ogg Theora", although "Ogg Theora+Vorbis" might more accurately convey the fact that it is a video with a soundtrack.

We use these codecs because they offer high quality at small file sizes; plus they are free and Open Source, which fits in with the philosophy of Battle for Wesnoth as free, Open Source software.

The following links may be helpful for further information:

Playing the file

Wikipedia has a guide to viewing Ogg files which you may find helpful: link.

Linux and similar Unix-based systems

If you have a reasonably recent Linux system, you will probably be able to play the video immediately.

Linux distros vary so much that specific advice may not be helpful, but a good approach is just to try playing the file in your favourite player. If it fails, try another one. If they all fail, use your distro's approved installation method (e.g. Synaptic, YaST...) to search for the relevant libraries (libtheora and libvorbis) and a decent player (VLC, Kplayer, Mplayer, Xine, Kaffeine, Helix, Totem...).

Windows and Macs

Usually, you won't be able to play the trailer until you install some software with Ogg support. There are several available. The simplest option is probably to install the VLC player.

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