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The information center for all things Terrain


The central organizing page for coordinating work on terrain..


  • TerrainLettersWML - A list of the letters used to represent terrain types and how to interpret them.
  • TerrainCodeTableWML - Auto-generated list of current terrains with sample tile images.
  • TerrainGraphicsWML - If you really need to get technical, start here.
  • Terrain_Terms --Standard Definitions for Terrain Terminology
  • Ayin's Terrain Graphics document - If you really, really need to get technical, this describes the terrain graphics WML system in depth. Unfortunately, the examples are in the old 1.2 format, but it's still useful.


  • Tiles Tutorial - Frame's tutorial describing the process of making terrain tiles in wesnoth, and how they interact with adjacent tiles.
  • How To Make Seamless Tiles - The tutorial is aimed at Photoshop users, but the technique is similar with The GIMP.
  • Castle Tutorial - A description of how Wesnoth's castle tiles work (needs updating, but useful nonetheless)
  • Multi-Hex Tiling Tutorial - A description of how multi-hex tiles work.
  • Editing Castles - Instructions for how to make/edit castles (and other corner-based terrains) using yobbo's GIMP script.
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