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This template produces an infobox with character details.


name denotes the name of the character. Should be the same as the article title.

image denotes the location of the character's main portrait.

titles denotes the honorifics and titles that the character possessed. Includes those which can be inferred.

gender denotes whether the character is male or female. Sometimes, it is not clear which, such as in the case of saurians. In this case, be careful not to use pronouns "he" or "she" throughout the article.

race denotes the race of the character. Mandatory field.

types denotes the unit type of the unit. Only include all possible unit types if it has a non-default unit tree, in which case, note what level each unit type is for.

relatives denotes each of the unit's relatives while they were alive.


{{Infobox Character
| name=Haldric I
| image=https://raw.githubusercontent.com/wesnoth/wesnoth/master/data/campaigns/The_Rise_Of_Wesnoth/images/portraits/haldric.png
| titles=Prince of Stormvale<br>Dragonbane<sup id=tonote1>[[Haldric I#note1|[a]]]</sup><br>King of Wesnoth
| gender=Male
| race=[[Humans|Human]]
| types=
* [https://units.wesnoth.org/1.14/mainline/en_US/Noble%20Youth.html Noble Youth] (level 0)
* [https://units.wesnoth.org/1.14/mainline/en_US/Noble%20Fighter.html Noble Fighter] (level 1)
* [https://units.wesnoth.org/1.14/mainline/en_US/Noble%20Commander.html Noble Commander] (level 2)
* [https://units.wesnoth.org/1.14/mainline/en_US/Noble%20Lord.html Noble Lord] (level 3)
| relatives=
* [[Jessene|Queen Jessene]] (wife)
* [[Eldaric IV|King Eldaric IV]] (father)
* King Haldric II (son)
Haldric I
Title(s): Prince of Stormvale
King of Wesnoth
Gender: Male


Unit type(s):
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