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Project: SoC_Ideas_LuaAI_2011


champ - Implement Multi-player Lua AI scripting security

I plan to implement a secure mechanism on Lua AI scripting system.
The mechanism will be implement on C++ level and transparent to Lua AI scripts.
Make player-unaccessible resource also unaccessible for Lua AI scripts. (For example: If fog is on, units covered by fog for current player should not accessible to Lua scripts initiated by current player.)
Make player-read-only resource also read-only for Lua AI scripts. (For example: Lua scripts should be able to access the coordinate for a player-owned unit, but should not be able to modify it directly.)



champ, MinXiang

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SoC Application

SoC Application

Project Detail

General Idea

  • Use both user access control and token access control to manage player based resources and terrain based resources.
    Each resources have a owner(player or the game), some resources require tokens. lua may only read resources it owned or it belongs to a token owned.
    when a Lua script is submitted to interpretor, use submittor as user. check every lua accessed data.
  • Check the accessiblity at the C++ object level, make the check transparent to Lua.
  • Provide a data structure (which can be a dupication of existing one) to allow Lua to make moves virtually or virtually hypothesis so that AI script can evaluate certain cases.

Implement Additional Function

Make Virtual Read-Write resource
As the units status and position can not be changed by Lua scripts due to Multi-player Lua AI scripting security, some advanced Lua AI which need 'Table-top exercises' requires virtual private data structure (For instance, a virtual battlefield) to perform trial actions and to evaluate certain status on it.
In this scheme a data structure of virtual in game resource should be able to create, either from a copy of the real resource or from definitions in creating script.
This virtual resource should be fully controlled by the creator, which means the creator can view/add/remove/alter units on the virtual battlefield.
It is good to make it possible using the same operation the real resources use for these virtual resources.


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