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Westin is the capital of Wesnoth's frontier province of Kerlath, southwest of Fort Tahn. Westin is a calm and peaceful part of Wesnoth. The elves remain apart from men and only the occasional bandit troubled the peace. Reports from Sir Loris, commander of the South Guard, suddenly stopped. King Haldric sent Deoran, a young, undistinguished knight, to find out why Loris has stopped sending reports.

Born To The Banner

On his way to Westin, Deoran finds that bandits and outlaws have overrun many of the outlying villages; the land is descending into lawlessness. Loris had not kept a vigilant watch. The villagers report that bandits have been sacking their homes and urge Deoran to find Sir Gerrick in the river fort. Gerrick provides weapons and armor and the group (perhaps with the help of some mermen) is able to defeat the bandit Urza Mathin.

Proven By The Sword

Deoran's men found more bandits throughout the countryside and no sign of the South Guard. Deoran decided to gather what forces he could and make for Westin.

The party finds Westin under attack by a group of bandits led by Urza Nalmath, Mathin's brother. Deoran secures the citadel and takes command of Westin. There he finds a strong ally in Minister Hylas, Sir Loris' advisor. Hylas reveals that Sir Loris has been slain by the bandits.

Deoran drives the bandits out but during the battle Urza Nalmath calls upon the undead to fight for him.

Hylas tells Deoran that the elves sent an ambassador to Sir Loris with word of a threat to Wesnoth. Sir Loris suspected treachery and rebuffed the ambassador. Deoran and his party head to the elves to see if they have any insight into the undead menace.

A Desperate Errand

At the border of the Aethenwood, home of the elves, Deoran encounters another bandit leader, Urza Fastik. With the help of newly-arrived cavalry, Deoran defeats the bandits and arrives at the elvish citadel.

Deoran asks the elves for help in defeating the undead. The Elvish Druid Ethiliel tells him that they cannot succeed alone and must seek the help of the sage Mebrin. She agrees to lead Deoran's party to him.

Vale of Tears

Mebrin had retired to a life of peace and contemplation in a quiet valley. The party arrives in the valley to find it occupied by brigands. Outraged, Ethiliel and her bodyguard help Deoran to defeat the bandits.

After the battle, Ethiliel finds Mebrin's home empty. All signs point to him being kidnapped. The party follows the kidnappers' tracks into the forest.

Choice In The Fog

The party journeys deep in the southern forest to the banks of the Black River. This dark forest is unknown even to the elves. They find both undead and bandits. The bandits are fearful and tell Deoran and Ethiliel that they kidnapped Mebrin and forced him to teach them the secrets of raising the dead. Mebrin fell under the sway of the necromancy and now he leads the undead. Ethiliel swore vengeance for the kidnapping of the great sage and demanded justice.

Here Deoran has to make a choice...

Diverging campaign path - Elf branch

Deoran decides that the crimes of the bandits are too grave to ignore. He and the elves defeat the bandit leader and the Lich leading the undead. Ethiliel urges the party to press on, down into the catacombs. Only that way can the root out the undead leader and cleanse Westin of evil.

Tidings, Good and Ill

Sir Gerrick splits away from Ethiliel and Deoran to carry word back to Kerlath Province of the undead menace. After fighting through the forest creatures, Sir Gerrick delivers his report to the Council of Westin.

Into the Depths

Deoran and Ethiliel lead the remnants of their party into the catacombs in search of Mebrin. They encounter Mebrin and Ethiliel discovers that her teacher has degenerated into an abomination. He is now Mal M'Brin, leader of the undead. Ethiliel is repulsed and finally accepts that she must destroy him.

Return to Kerlath

The party retraces their path across the Black River and through the forest. An opportunistic group of bandits seeks revenge on Deoran and Ethiliel, but they are able to gain the safety of the border fort. Once there they hear of trouble brewing in Westin with the elves of the Aethenwood.


With the demise of the undead, it looks as if peace will return to Westin. A group of elves demands retribution for the kidnap and murder of their sage Mebrin. Ethiliel explains that Mebrin was corrupted by dark magic, but the elves will not listen and they attack Westin. During the battle Ethiliel calls down a thick fog and the fighting ceases. When the fog clears she forces the warriors to come to a peace. The elves will remain in the forest and the humans will not venture into elvish lands. It is an uneasy peace, but the bloodshed comes to an end.

Diverging campaign path - Bandit branch

Deoran decides that justice can wait until the undead threat has been neutralized. Ethiliel cannot believe this insult and she and the elves abandon the party. Deoran defeats the Lich leading the undead but without Ethiliel's magic they cannot pursue Mebrin further underground. Knowing that Mebrin is building an army, Deoran returns as quickly as possible to Westin to organize its defense.

Long March

Urza Afalas, the erstwhile bandit leader, leads Deoran and his men away from Mebrin's fortress. The party has to evade and fight their undead pursuers along with elves angered by Deoran's siding with the bandits. Eventually they are able to cross the river and leave the forest.

Pebbles in the Flood

The undead were too close to the party to allow them to make it to Westin. Sir Gerrick and Urza Afalas volunteer to lead a defense of the southern forts and hold the undead back as long as possible. Deoran rides on to Westin to organize its defense and Minister Hylas goes to summon the Council of Westin.

The Tides of War

Sir Gerrick and Afalas's sacrifice enabled Deoran to fortify the city and gave Hylas enough time to gather the Mages of the Council of Westin. Together they were able to defeat the undead and finally slay Mebrin.

Bandit Epilogue

For days the healers of Westin worked feverishly to save as many of the valiant soldiers as they were able. Many mounds, though, were raised as homes for the fallen in the fields north of the city, and to the roll of fallen heroes many names were added.

The loftiest mound belonged to Sir Gerrick. After the battle, Deoran led an expedition to the southern border posts, and there he found Sir Gerrick's sword and shield. Those he placed atop Gerrick's mound, and they were a symbol of loyalty and valor to all the people of Westin.

Gerrick's name was added at the top of the roll of fallen heroes, and read aloud at the beginning of every great council. The memory of his desperate last stand at the border posts passed into song, and was not forgotten for many generations.

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