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AI: teach the AI to play Wesnoth's mainline campaigns [3]

Page for the idea: SoC Ideas AI Scenario Objectives 2012

We want the AI to be able to play campaigns, both on its own and as a ally for a human player. There are some things that are frequently required in campaigns :

  1. move a unit to location
  2. keep a unit alive
  3. keep an ally alive
  4. keep as much money and high-level recalls as possible
  5. do a proper recall
  6. protect units close to level up better.
  7. improve interaction of the player with AI allies.
  8. if you almost lost, try to make it possible for an ally to save you (by retreating the leader and critical units, for example)

This should be coded in lua (so there might be need to expand low-level lua AI capabilities), because we want the resulting list of behaviors to be scriptable and modifiable by scenario editors.

A proper test would be to let the AI complete all the mainline campaigns.

There are 4 submitted student proposals for this idea

Yigit Demirag : Development of AI to Play Mainline Campaigns in Battle For Wesnoth

Battle For Wesnoth is a great game to feel a war especially in Linux platform. Mainly, I can teach AI to play Westnoth's mainline campaings while it can interact user well.I want to develop its AI and put in opportunities of any kind of AI and machine learning algorithms such as supervised and unsupervised learning.

I am planning implementing feasible logical and reasoning algorithms which suitable for this. Decisions trees and inductive learning again, if it is suitable, are good to code in the game. But the most important part is playing and feeling how it works once than I can fill the necessary parts with the help of any algorithm we can apply.
See Artemius23 for more information.

Kevin Wyckmans - Teach That AI!

As stated on the idea page I want to extend the lua capabilities and implement the necessary code to allow the AI to finish the main Wesnoth campaigns. On top of this it should be able to this in a more or less optimal way, that may or may not be specified by the user.
See SoC2012 Fristi Teach That AI for more information.

Thomas Martinet - AI: teach the AI to play Wesnoth's mainline campaigns

As stated in the description, I propose to develop an AI able to complete the campaign alone or in collaboration with a human player.
See SoC2012 Hankerspace AI Campaigns for more information.

Philipp Battenberg - AI: teach the AI to play Wesnoth's mainline campaigns

Well, what the title says, which includes some AI improvements in general.
See SoC2012 TorminaTor AI Campaigns for more information.

Additional Information

There are some useful code snippets on the forum. Also, there is a patch lying around which allows to launch wesnoth from command-line with AI in control. Otherwise, you can use :droid debug mode command to give control of the side to AI

Whom to ask about this

Crab_ on irc.

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