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People to bug on IRC

We have prepared a list of people with their areas of competence. This should give you an idea of which areas those people can help you with. Of course you should always ask in the IRC channel first, but these are the most likely people to be able to help you.


Involved mostly in the animation coding and minor bugfixes, Coffee can help with coding questions surrounding unit animations. Boucman is also a good source for animation code, although currently an inactive developer.


iurii chernyi (Crab) has joined the team in 2009. He restructured Wesnoth AI as part of GSoC-2009, and is an expert on all aspects of current Wesnoth AI codebase. So, he's the person to ask about anything in src/ai. He also knows much about campaign units/leaders persistence.


Has been involved with multiplayer balance and testing for a number of years. Currently working on balancing the default+khalifate era, but interested in, and often available for, testing various aspects game play or mechanics. A good person to bug about getting feedback from the multiplayer community about any relevant issue.


Maintainer of Wesnoth's SCons build system and windows packager. Might also help out with other buildsystems.


Has no computer science background and doesn't really know much about how coding should be done, but has been fiddling with Wesnoth AI behavior for a while now, accumulating some empirical experience along the way. He might be able to help with questions on AI behavior and, to a lesser extent, on AI functionality.


Many of the possible projects involve the code for which he is an area expert. Also, many of the possible projects currently listed on the ideas page require GUI parts to work. Mordante is currently busy rewriting the old gui engine, he will be our expert there as well as already being our area expert for the terrain engine. He also has limited experience with boost asio and maintains the cmake build system together with Ivanovic

Nils Kneuper (Ivanovic)

He is doing nothing special, he just does some "administrative work" like packaging fresh tarballs when it is time for them and works on setting up any kind of deadlines and timetables related to releasing. He has administrative powers in most areas, no matter if website, forum or IRC. Beside this he uploads translation updates, tries to communicate with the translation teams when it is required and translates a little bit himself every now and then. But in general he is not a real expert in anything, just has a look at things that come up and redirects people to the correct contacts.


Noy is an oddity among developers; he's got no coding skills whatsoever and possesses a limited understanding of computers, which is illustrated by his difficulty operating a Mac. Instead, Noy makes his contribution in gameplay and multiplayer design, drawing upon his background in social sciences research, military strategy and playing games online, to understand the effects of development on the playing community behavior. Along with Soliton, Noy is a useful conduit to discuss any issues in this area.


He has been around since 2007, and has worked in many areas of the game, including WML event commands handling, image path functions, the add-ons client code, and converting and improving various user interface dialogs in GUI2. As a veteran add-on content developer, he also knows a lot about the WML language and the functionality available in single-player campaigns. Although he is by no means an expert on Lua, he may also be able to help with Wesnoth-specific Lua questions. Finally, as one of our server administrators, he can also answer most questions about our current configuration or help you with any problems you encounter with the forums, wiki, or add-ons server.


He knows our MP server setup best. Beside this he has already done a lot of work on the MP server himself. So he probably has most knowledge about it and, being one of our MP-developers, might provide important help from the perspective of the MP player community and what is needed there.


2013 GSoC student who worked on the game's engine to improve support for multiplayer campaigns. Due to the nature of his project, he can assist with questions related to both SP and MP engine internal workings.


He can assist with questions related to the Lua GUI2 bindings and their usage.


Has been around for a long time and has at least a passing familiarity with most things outside the engine code, music and Lua. Maintains a large part of the mainline campaigns and knows the WML language well. Can be contacted when it comes to anything related to WML, gameplay and scenario design, or the mainline content in general.

Inactive people

These people are currently not actively participating in development and are likely not available to help. You can always try, of course. They may also not be entirely up-to-date regarding their areas of expertise anymore.


As our "patch monkey" he accustomed to critiquing patches of every kind. Beside this, he knows many areas of the game due to working on applying patches. He is particularly used to answering question from new coders, and doesn't mind explaining trivial stuff. He was the one who started the "two patches, you're in" policy and the ReferenceWML part of the project.

Dave alias Sirp

Sirp started Wesnoth and is our lead developer. He is currently our C++ expert and is also the one that is working on the new Formula AI. Any questions regarding the formula AI should be directed to him.


He is one of our best Wesnoth players, and understands the various strategies well. He has also programmed much of the Wesnoth Formula AI system and understands it well.

Eric S. Raymond (ESR)

ESR is our project toolsmith; he has written several tools that semi-automate various aspects of WML maintenance. While most of our developers/designers concentrate on either the C++ core or WML but not both, he has a balanced understanding of both levels and may be helpful in helping students develop a grasp of the overall architecture. Finally, he did the last overhaul of the Wesnoth UI and understands UI design principles; he is well-equipped to guide students working in that area.

Gabriel Morin (gabba)

gabba joined the team in 2010 where he participated in GSoC, and is the conceptor and maintainer of Wesnoth's planning system, codenamed "Whiteboard".


2008 GSoC student, worked on and maintains the new map editor in Wesnoth 1.5/1.6/1.7. Has some fairly recent experience with getting "in" the Wesnoth codebase.

Karol Nowak (grzywacz)

Two years he participated at GSoC as a student, so he will understand the situation of GSoC students. Beside this he is our top expert on Wesnoth for embedded devices as he worked on the gp2x support.


This developer started working on the GUI and widgets, but recently he focused more on improving the internal mechanics of the WML engine such as variable look-ups and filtering. Sapient is not as active anymore but he does come one IRC in the evenings (U.S.A.). He has touched-up many areas of the code in small ways over time, thus he has a good general knowledge of the C++ code and also has worked a little on some python maintenance scripts.


Since he is the developer who know most about building under Windows, he will probably be really helpful. Either if the student comes from the Windows side, or to help test resulting work to make sure that it does work on Windows and, for the case that it does not, to show them where problems are. YogiHH also knows quite a bit about the game engine and everything that has to do with replays and savegames.

Mythological or Rhuvaen

As our leading WML experts those are to be contacted when it comes to anything related WML problems since they know this stuff best. They do maintain most of the campaigns and improve them whenever they have a good idea for changes.

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