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Make your own ideas

Page for the idea: SoC_Ideas_Your_Own_Ideas2011

If you have your own idea the best thing is to join IRC wesnoth-dev at and discuss the idea with the developers there. If the developers think your idea is interesting and like the feature you can start to turn it into a full proposal. Once done discuss it again on IRC so the developers can accept your idea.

There are 2 submitted student proposals for this idea

Michael Babich - Improving Lua's User Interface Capabilities

I intend to improve the ability for add-ons to customize the user interface through Lua. I will focus on providing simple, but powerful syntax for a set of functions that will enable add-on creators to have improved, easier access to features that already exist within the game engine so that they are free to creatively provide more innovative content.

The purpose of this project is to act as a middleman between the game engine and the add-on creators using the Lua scripting language so that simple and powerful add-on creation can help revolutionize future MP, just as [set_menu_item] and [option] allowed for a great evolution in the quality of add-ons since 1.3. This interface framework needs to be as broad as possible in the time given and the scope allowed so that creative add-on authors themselves can stretch Wesnoth content far beyond its traditional style, but it also must provide a simplified Lua helper library so that everyone can use it without necessarily having to delve deeply into the complexity that exists in the currently-existing GUI.
See SoC2011 Student Page Aethaeryn for more information.

Kornel Kisielewicz - pure Lua-based scenario definition

The proposal suggests a schema and solution for defining Wesnoth scenarios in pure Lua without the usage of WML. Advantages of such a solution and the additional benefits that will be delivered along it will be described in detail soon.
See SoC2011 Student Page Epyon for more information.

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