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Improve wesnoth's engine to allow better transitions between scenarios [1]

Page for the idea: SoC_Ideas Multiplayer Engine Refactoring 2012

We have a piece of code which links scenarios together. We need to improve the quality of that code (the code is rather messy at the moment) and we need to allow fun things to happen between scenarios, - like 'changing from singleplayer to multiplayer or back again, changes of difficulty level, changes to recall lists and player sides, etc). This code would interact with the new GUI2 dialogs which would allow the players to select 'what to do next' in a better way. An example of usage: after completing a campaign scenario, a 'big interactive map' might appear on a user screen and the player (or players) would select who plays next. This would replace the current 'assign players to sides' dialog, as well, allowing other parameters of 'next scenario' to be customizable.

There are 2 submitted student proposals for this idea

Anja Keicher - Improve wesnoth's engine to allow better transitions between scenarios

The idea is to clean up playcampaign.cpp and make loading/saving multiplayer campaigns more stable and less error prone. The code that handles transitions between scenarios should also be improved to make transfer of gold, units and recall lists easier for campaign designers. Other functionality, such as changes to difficulty between scenarios and interaction with GUI2 dialogs could also be added.
See SoC2012 Ayne Multiplayer Engine Refactoring for more information.

Nicholas Colclasure - Improve wesnoth's engine to allow better transitions between scenarios

I will clean up the code which dictates scenario transition and alter it to allow for more sophisticated transitions.
See SoC2012 Valectar for more information.

Additional Information

The main file related to scenario transitions is

During the project, there would be need to change:

  1. method of constructing scenario config.
  2. method of determining the next scenario.
  3. method of changing the config between scenario.
  4. method of changing the type of game between scenario.

Whom to ask about this

Crab_ on irc

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