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The official Wesnoth servers can be moderated via IRC from the moderator IRC channel - which you know the location of if you are a moderator.

Lobby chat, games, and other statistics are echoed at #wesnoth-mp-lobby-stable and #wesnoth-mp-lobby-dev.

Administration via IRC

Server administration commands are accessed via IRC by directing them to the lobby bot rather than using "/query" as is done on the server. For an action on the stable server direct commands to "lobby: ", and for the development server "lobby: !dev: " and for the previous stable server "lobby: !oldstable: "

For example:

lobby: /kick <mask> [<reason>]

kicks a user from the stable server.

Message commands

all commands are prefixed by "lobby: " or "lobby: !dev: "

<text>            sends a message to all server admins on the server (same as the adminmsg command).

/msg <text>       sends a message to all users on the server, even if they are in a game.
/lobbymsg <text>  sends a message to all users in the lobby.
/pm <nick> <text> sends a private message to a user.


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