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A Bargain Is Struck

King Haldric II needs the Ruby of Fire controlled and enhanced. The only people who can handle this task are the legendary dwarvish craftsmen. Haldric and the dwarves settle on a price of ten thousand pieces of silver for the work, which will take many years. Before they can complete the transaction, greedy elves claim that the road along which the caravans of silver travel is an elvish road. No treasure may pass without their consent. Rugnur, the dwarvish leader, and Haldric team up to drive the elves off. With the Ruby and the payment safely in dwarvish hands, Rugnur goes to tell the tribal leaders of their task.

Closing The Gates

Haldric departs after the gold and the Ruby are transferred to the dwarves. The elves do not. Rugnur sends Alanin, the King's aide, to warn the council that the elves are attacking. A retired warrior, Baglur, tells Rugnur that they can seal the cave with the aid of six magical glyphs. Rugnur is able to hold the elves off for long enough to defeat some trolls and seal the cave. The elves know that eventually the dwarves will have to leave the safety of their cave. They vow to wait and capture the Ruby then.

Searching for the Runecrafter

Rugnur reaches the council and tells his clan chief, Durstorn, about the arrangement with Haldric. Durstorn is not impressed by Rugnur's bargaining ability. As there is little to be gained in fulfilling the contract for only ten thousand silver, Durstorn puts Rugnur in charge of the project. A master smith will be needed to do the work. The only one capable of doing the work is Thursagan, who has gone to live in the far north and is possibly insane. Rugnur sets off to find Thursagan.

Rugnur and party journey through the northlands trying their best to avoid trolls and ogres. Eventually, with the help of a gryphon named Krawg, they find Thursagan. Initially reluctant, Thursagan agrees to craft the Sceptre as it will be a true test of his ability. Together they journey back south.

Gathering Materials

When they arrive at the dwarvish city, Thursagan inspects the Ruby of Fire and is impressed by its magical power. He says he will need the finest gems, gold and coal to fashion the Sceptre. Rugnur, Thursagan and some of his apprentice runesmiths journey to the eastern mines to gather the needed coal and gold.

The eastern mines are filled with trolls and other menaces. For the most part the dwarves were able to avoid them. But over the course of the two years it took to mine the requisite materials, there were some clashes with the trolls. Rugnur and his forces were able to defeat the trolls and give the miners enough time and safety to complete their task.

Hills of the Shorbear Clan

Theganli, the jeweler, is tasked with cutting the jewels for the sceptre. This includes the cutting of the Ruby of Fire. Working with Thursagan he cuts all the auxiliary jewels to specification. When the time comes to cut the Ruby, he finds that the Ruby cannot be cut by his mundane tools. He tells the dwarves that they must go to the dwarves of the Shorbear clan. Their exceptional tools will be able to cut the Ruby. So, Rugnur sets off to rent the tools from the Shorbear clan. As Rugnur did such a poor job of bargaining last time, Durstorn accompanies him.

Glonoin, the leader of the Shorbear clan, senses that he is bargaining from a position of strength. He demands an exorbitant sum for the use of his tools. Rather than see his already small profits dwindle further, Durstorn orders his troops to take the tools by force. During the battle the elves who attacked Rugnur years ago arrive. Glonoin strikes a bargain with them: their assistance in return for the Ruby of Fire. Eventually Durstorn and Rugnur are able to expel the Shorbears from their cave and once more seal themselves in against the elves.

Towards the Caves

The dwarves feel the consequences of Durstorn's decision to attack the Shorbears for many years. They are trapped in the caves. They can not leave as the only ways out were above ground. There the elves wait. The elves can not break through the magical gates to the cave so the dwarves at least had time to complete the Sceptre of Fire. Thursagan cut the Ruby and combined all the elements into the Sceptre, but something was amiss. No matter what enchantments Thursagan put on the Sceptre, it would not do what it was designed to do.

Durstorn wants to give the Sceptre to the elves and surrender, hoping that the Ruby of Fire will appease the elves enough for them to be allowed to return home. The other dwarves disagree and do not want to cowardly surrender. Durstorn tries to steal the Sceptre but he fails. The dwarves remove him from rule and plot a plan to escape.

Alanin rides to the south to warn Haldric that the elves are trying to steal the Sceptre. The dwarves create a diversion and are able to escape to a cave in the northeast.

Outriding the Outriders

Alanin flees to the south, back to Wesnoth. He cannot outrun the elvish riders but the peasants in the villages he passes have no love for the elves. They help delay the riders and give Alanin enough time to warn get safely into Wesnoth.

The Dragon

Alanin escaped into Wesnoth. The path of the dwarves was more eventful. They would have to get past the lair of Khrakrahs the Dragon. Either that or stand and fight the elves. That was certain death. Deciding that one dragon was better than hundreds of elves, Rugnur pressed on deeper into the mines.

After getting passed Khrakrahs, Thursagan found a mystical forge heated by lava. The forge was hot enough for Thursagan to complete the Sceptre. Rugnur and his troops held off the elves and their dwarvish mercenaries long enough for Thursagan to complete the Sceptre of Fire. With the work finally done, they continued their flight from the elves.

Caverns of Flame

The dwarves are trapped. The elves are behind them and the orcs in front. There is no way out of the caverns. Thursagan decides that they should try and find a way to make the volcano erupt; the lava will kill the elves and the dwarves can find a safe place.

They fight off the trolls and orcs of the cave and find a magical glyph that makes the volcano erupt. Their plan succeeds in killing the elves and saving the Sceptre but it also Rugnur, Thursagan and their band are unable to escape. Only Krawg is able to escape and tell their tale.


Alanin has been travelling south to tell King Haldric what has happened. After escaping the volcano, Krawg journeys south to meet him. Alanin tells the king, with Krawg's confirmation, that the Sceptre was completed but lost in the caves. Alanin tells the king that he should abandon any hope of retrieving the Sceptre. The king agrees. The Sceptre is lost but not forgotten. History records the story of the Sceptre of Fire, as it records the deed of Thursagan, the great sage, and Rugnur, the mighty hero.

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