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A Replay is a savegame which includes all the history of a game since the beginning. Replays can be used, for example, to analyze a game for possible improvement, or to watch other games from the past, or for any other purpose. In order to observe a replay, one must have wesnoth version equal to the savegame's version, or a compatible version.

Multiplayer Replays archive

Multiplayer replays are stored in It's a collection of all public games played on the main multiplayer server. This archive is generated and updated automatically.

How to Watch a Replay

If you've made a savegame yourself, you can just Load/Open the game and check the "Show Replay" checkbox. If you've downloaded a replay, you need to place it in your saves folder first. This folder can be opened by clicking the "i" icon in the lower left corner of Wesnoth's main menu screen then clicking the folder icon to the right of the "User data" row.

To watch the replay:

  1. Open Wesnoth
  2. Press load
  3. Select the right replay
  4. Press OK
  5. Enjoy

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