Release Notes 1.15.13

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New Content

Unit graphics

The Rock Scorpion and Scarab have new attack animations.

The Piglet and Woodland Boar have new sprites.

The Piglet has a portrait.

The Horse and Sea Horse units have been added.

Changes To Existing Content

Add-on tags

The details panel in the in-game add-ons manager now shows the list of tags in each add-on as well as allows filtering based on tags.

Multiplayer game notifications

Notifications for new games created when on the multiplayer server will now only be shown for games visible in the current game list. This means you will no longer get notifications for games not shown due to being filtered.


Crash when showing the credits

Wesnoth will no longer crash when showing the full game credits.

Dark Forecast enemy movement

Enemy units in Dark Forecast will no longer be able to move over impassable terrain.


Known Issues

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