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Broken = Does not work at all
Incomplete = Partially written, no progress
WIP = Partially written, progress
Complete = Completely written, but buggy as well as potential balance issues.
Finished = Completely written, minimal to no bugs, slight balance issues possible.

1.4 Campagn List

Adelasia e il Giudicato di Gallura
You ar the Mariano II king, in medieval Sardinian.
• Author: Giulio Orrù
• Maintainer: Giulio Orrù
• Status: Complete
• Version: 1 (1 Scenario)
• Forum Thread: [1]

1.6 Campaign List

Alfhem the Wise
This is the tale of Alfhelm, called by some the Wise, son of Alfric Conqueror. This is the tale of his victories over his enemies, and his rise to power in the clans of Marauderdom. This is the tale of his journey south and his destruction of the Lavinian Empire. And this is the tale of his demise in the dark forests far to the east of his homeland.
• Author: Turin
• Maintainer: Turin
• Status: Complete
• Version: 0.4 (18 Scenarios)
• Forum Thread: [2]

A Rough Life
You are a young thief dreaming of greatness. Will it befall you, or will you fall looking for it?
• Author: Jacques_Fol
• Maintainer: Jacques_Fol
• Status: Complete
• Version: 1.0.7 (16 Scenarios)
• Forum Thread: [3]

Autumn Kingdoms – Prologue
All kingdoms fall. Join Captain Aldehar as he witnesses the rise of a revolution, and the changing of an era.
• Author: Devrailis Colandore
• Maintainer: Devrailis Colandore
• Status: Incomplete
• Version: 0.1.8 (12 Scenarios)
• Forum Thread: [4]

Bad Moon Rising
A soldier of Weldyn is captured by a necromancer. His attempt to escape sets events in motion that could have consequences for all life on the planet.
• Author: Doofus-01
• Maintainer: Doofus-01
• Status: Complete
• Version: 0.8.3 (22 Scenarios)
• Forum Thread: [5]

Broken Valley
A highly alpha campaign about the beginning of a great war on another continent. The player takes part as the dwarvern character Zyancordorza and his allies as they discover a deep plot by a dark elven sorcerer.
• Author: Zen Clark
• Maintainer: Zen Clark
• Status: WIP
• Version: (8 Scenarios)
• Forum Thread: [No Forum Thread]

By The Sword
The sword. The noble weapon. The weapon that has been used for centuries in the Great Continent. But its magic untold and its treasure concealed, the true power is never revealed. But one day, the defeat of an enemy invasion led to events that changed a life. The artifact is hidden, and will give the wielder incredible power.
• Author: Andrew
• Maintainer: Andrew
• Status: Complete
• Version: 0.01 (14 Scenarios)
• Forum Thread: [No Forum Thread]

Case of the Missing Sceptre
As Healing Mage Flotsom, you chronical one of Warlock Homz's most dangerous adventures as he takes on the Case of the Missing Scepter.
• Author: TofuOgre
• Maintainer: TofuOgre
• Status: Complete
• Version: 0.4 (20 Scenarios)
• Forum Thread: [6]

Coming of the Storm
A new recruit in the Imperial Army jumps on the first opportunity to transfer to the borders to fight bandits. Little does he know just how much action he will get.
• Author: TrashMan
• Maintainer: TrashMan
• Status: WIP
• Version: 1.15 (21 Scenarios)
• Forum Thread: [7]

Count Kromire
You are the blood son of a vampire lord, however when the might of the celestial crusades comes knocking, and your father is slain, you flee your lands. However you intend to return, to restore the lands of Kromire to the Kromires, to avenge your father, and most importantly, to make sure that no celestial ever dares come into your mountains again.
• Author: Velensk
• Maintainer: Velensk
• Status: Finished
• Version: 1.2.1 (9 Scenarios)
• Forum Thread: [8]

Dead Water
You are Kai Krellis, a merman king, but only a child. A necromancer has arrived and is turning your subjects into undead slaves! Lead your people on a mission to convince a powerful mermaid to help you repel the invasion. The oceans near the Northern Lands are perilous, so you will need cunning and bravery to be survive, but first you need to gain the respect of your troops!
• Author: Beetlenaut
• Maintainer: Beetlenaut
• Status: Finished
• Version: 0.9.16 (13 Scenarios)
• Forum Thread: [9]

Epic of Vaniyera
The expansionist Lavinian Legion, led by the Imperator himself, has invaded the northern forests of the Sidhe. It is up to the young Vaniyera to push its armies back from the border..."
• Author: Oreb
• Maintainer: Turin
• Status: Complete
• Version: 0.2 (8 Scenarios)
• Forum Thread: [10]

Fate of a Princess
After the numbers of humans moved up to the Farnorth at 200YW, an elvish queen had two daughters in the Greenwood. When their mother died, the elder daughter became queen, but the younger left the Greenwood and was not seen for many years. When a crisis arose requiring her return, it fell to two brave young elves to make a perilous journey to find her and bring her back to her former home ..."
• Author: SkyOne
• Maintainer: SkyOne
• Status: Complete
• Version: 0.2.1 (21 Scenarios)
• Forum Thread: [11]

Fiery Menace
Stop them! They are coming! Experience this adventure-style campaign centering on Drakes and Humans."
• Author: Derekkk
• Maintainer: Derekkk
• Status: Incomplete
• Version: 0.1.1e (1 Scenario)
• Forum Thread: [12]

Flight to Freedom
Lead Malakar and his Drake tribe to freedom from the humans!
• Author: MadMax
• Maintainer: MadMax
• Status: WIP
• Version: 4.6.1 (24 Scenarios)
• Forum Thread: [13]

Forgotten Kingdom
Help Orlog, a troll chieftan, lead his people to safety in the underground and discover an ancient power long forgotten.
• Author: Limabean
• Maintainer: Limabean
• Status: WIP
• Version: 0.1.2 (10 Scenarios)
• Forum Thread: [14]

Gali's Contract
The Thunderblades were forged centuries ago - a monument to the skill of the dwarven craftsmen and the magic of the Sidhe stormlords. But now, Alfhelm the Wise, king of men, travels east, and he desires a new weapon - one that can overpower the legendary swords of the Sidhe. The dwarf Gali will gladly make one for him, for a fair price, but there are some who would object."
• Author: Turin
• Maintainer: Turin
• Status: Complete
• Version: 0.2 (7 Scenarios)
• Forum Thread: [15]

Insane Hermit
In the lands east of Wesnoth, 624 YW, a dangerous hermit from a legend as old as the elves is rediscovered, and he doesn't want neighbors. As more people stumble upon the small home of this mage, the creations seen there are described as more dangerous than before. Can this insane hermit keep away a power that could be instantly misused?
• Author: Evil_Earl
• Maintainer: Evil_Earl
• Status: Complete
• Version: 0.8.1 (7 Scenarios)
• Forum Thread: [16]

Invasion From the Unknown
Long after the Fall, the last forest elves are forced to abandon their safe valley, and find themselves resorting to the dark means of necromancy in order to survive the perils and challenges of this new harsh world. Later, as the shadow of Chaos covers the entire continent, they prepare a counter-attack to the Empire, with one unique goal in their minds: defeat the evil Emperor, whoever it is. Lead these courageous living and non-living warriors to the victory, and rediscover lost secrets of the history.
• Author: Shadow_Master
• Maintainer: Shadow_Master
• Status: Complete
• Version: 1.12.0 (26 Scenarios; Two Chapters of 13 each)
• Forum Thread: [17]

Troubling times come to the heretofore quiet land of Essuth, and the young baron Edwin of Swamplight must learn how to rule when you don't know who to trust.
• Author: joshroby
• Maintainer: joshroby
• Status: Complete
• Version: 0.1.0 (6 Scenarios)
• Forum Thread: [18]

Rebellion During The Dark Age
This campaign outlines one of the many coupe's that took place in Wesnoth during the Dark Ages.
• Author: Huston
• Maintainer: Huston
• Status: Finished
• Version: 1.4.6 (12 Scenarios)
• Forum Thread: [19]

Resurrection of Wesnoth
Long after the fall, Ranvan, the leader of a band of humans in the desert, stumbles upon the ruins of Weldyn, inspiring him to reinstate the greatness of the ancient empire of Wesnoth.
• Author: Archlich
• Maintainer: Archlich
• Status: WIP
• Version: 0.1.3 (5 Scenarios)
• Forum Thread: [20]

Sceptre of Life
As orcs invade northern Wesnoth, Aeryn, a small town's doctor, is caught in the conflict. Through a series of chance meetings, Aeryn stumbles upon an artifact that could solve the orcish problem forever, or provide the horde with unbridled power.
• Auther: Opensourcejunkie
• Maintainer: Opensourcejunkie
• Status: WIP
• Version: 0.12.1 (12 Scenarios)
• Forum Thread: [21]

Siege of Soradoc
Lead Arenwyn and his inexperienced army as they escape from an outlaw attack which may be much more destructive than it seems. Fight your way back to Soradoc before it's too late and take revenge for your father!
• Author: CountPenguin
• Maintainer: CountPenguin
• Status: WIP
• Version: 0.3.0 (3 Scenarios)
• Forum Thread: [22]

Story of the Wose
The trees are not always what they seem...
• Author: Joshudson
• Maintainer: Joshudson
• Status: Finished
• Version: 0.64 (6 Scenarios)
• Forum Thread: [23]

Struggle For Freedom
Follow the Eastern Elves in the time of Asheviere. Will they succeed in their struggle for freedom, or will a betrayal at their heart strike them at the brink of victory?
• Author: Wyrmy
• Maintainer: Wyrmy
• Status: Complete
• Version: 1.5.0 (10 Scenarios)
• Forum Thread: [24]

Tale of a Mage
The young boy Dillon only wanted to live his life in peace. After his village is destroyed by bandits however, he is forced to throw his lot with the magi. It is a difficult life, and little does he know that his destiny may lie along side that of Prince Arand II himself.
• Author: SkeleRanger
• Maintainer: SkeleRanger
• Status: Complete
• Version: 0.8.2 (21 Scenarios)
• Forum Thread: [25]

The Dark Hordes
Lead fugitive dark sorcerer Gwiti Ha'atel to mastery of the undead hordes.
• Author: SvH
• Maintainer: AI
• Status: WIP
• Version: 0.6.1 (9 Scenarios)
• Forum Thread: [26]

The Fall of Silvium
You are Caius Regilius, a Tribune, of the province Silvia, located in the northmost reaches of the Lavinian Empire. You reside in the city of Silvium, capital of the province, on the border with the northern barbarians. This is the height of the Lavinian Empire - but the Empire has overextended itself. The city of Silvia lies north of the mountains of Arendia, and is sandwiched between the Marauders and the Sidhe... war is inevitable, and the province of Silvia will almost certainly fall.
• Author: Turin
• Maintainer: Turin
• Status: Complete
• Version: 0.5 (8 Scenarios)
• Forum Thread: [27]

The Fall of Wesnoth
It is 20 years after the end of the Second Dark Age. Follow the events that took place after the ending of the Second Dark Age that led up to the End of the Kingdom of Wesnoth and the events that lead up to what has only been described in later years as the Apocalypse. This is Part 1.
• Author: Huston, The Great Rings
• Maintainer: Huston, The Great Rings
• Status: WIP
• Version: 0..0.1g (1 Scenarios)
• Forum Thread: [28]

The Northern Expedition
After several attacks by Orc hordes in his land, lord Francis of Wesnoth marshaled an expedition to the north lands to eliminate the threat. In this expedition many contributed including the Elves who sent a significant amount of troups under the command of an Elf of questionable origin called Warren.
• Author: Janus
• Maintainer: Janus
• Status: Complete
• Version: 0.5.1 (19 Scenarios)
• Forum Thread: [29]

The Stormblade
After Lord Kalenz to the race of the elves into order after relative chaos, the Northlands in general began to plunge into a time of darkness. A heroic band of warriors seek to destroy this evil. Just as times become dire, their most valuable ally makes its appearance.
• Author: elvish_sovereign
• Maintainer: elvish_sovereign
• Status: WIP
• Version: 0.9.1 (10 Scenarios)
• Forum Thread: [30]

The War of Terrador
A small colony on the outer rim of the Gamma Quadrant has cut all communications with the Core Worlds. Central Command, headed by Admiral Joeseph Flameslash Gerinian, has sent a young Captain by the name of Ryter Millinski to investigate. Follow Ryters tale of how the Great War began and ended, and the horrors during it.
• Author: Dragonchampion
• Maintainer: Dragonchampion
• Status: Complete
• Version: 1.3.2 (15 Scenarios)
• Forum Thread: [31]

Up From Slavery
The year is... Well, the orcs don't know exactly what year it is. They are captives in the imperial city of Lavinium, gladiators performing for the emperor Optus Maximus. All it will take, however, is one orc to lead his people to freedom. The Samnis called Sparxus may be that orc."
• Author: Turin, Brutorix
• Maintainer: Turin
• Status: Complete
• Version: 0.2 (7 Scenarios)
• Forum Thread: [32]

War of the Dragon
The Age of the Dragon has begun, and the first event is the War of the Dragon. The Dark Dragon Kzardizin (Kzar-diz-in) has awoken from his millennium sleep, and intends to conquer the world before he must sleep again. The prophecy of Mirriam says that either he will succeed, or he will be forced back into sleep by three champions, on from the west, one from the north, and one from the east. Now the world has been ignited in war on many fronts, and the windsong prepare to face the on-coming war.
• Author: Velensk
• Maintainer: Velensk
• Status: WIP
• Version: Part 1.3.4 (10 Scenarios)
• Forum Thread: [33]

1.7 Campaign List

The War of Terrador
A small colony on the outer rim of the Gamma Quadrant has cut all communications with the Core Worlds. Central Command, headed by Admiral Joeseph Flameslash Gerinian, has sent a young Captain by the name of Ryter Millinski to investigate. Follow Ryters tale of how the Great War began and ended, and the horrors during it.
• Author: Dragonchampion
• Maintainer: Dragonchampion
• Status: Complete
• Version: 1.3.2 (15 Scenarios)
• Forum Thread: [34]

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