Invasion of Eliador

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Invasion of Eliador

A peaceful island is about to be invaded by unknadd-ons foes travelling towards the eastern shore. It is up to a family of outlaws to warn the island's inhabitants before it's too late.


You start the campaign at Eliador, the north country of the green Isle never truly explored as read in The Rise of Wesnoth.

At first there will be three different paths that can be chosen, Mt. Sinon, Bay of Heldurin and Woods of Glorienda. Play the three in any order you want.

While playing more branches will be unlocked. After the three initial the suggested order is the following:

  1. Caves of Anwar
  2. Zilead's Treasure
  3. Bay of Heldurin (again)
  4. Beach of Balas
  5. Coast of Kelroth
  6. Swamp of Illien
  7. Plains of Varad

After defeating all puzzles, the map will lead to the final confrontation against the Invaders of Eliador.


Mt. Sinon
Save as many horses you can (9-10 on easy 6-7 on hard) from the spreading lava, by moving one of your heroes next to them and moving to an hill. But remember to save a place for the kids (which cannot climb mountains) on an hill too. At the end move Ardella to safety e.g. a mountain.
Bay of Heldurin
Talk only
Woods of Glorienda
capture more villages than your opponent. Each village which you have visited more than the enemy will join the cause of Eliador.
Caves of Anwar
Explore the dark and dangerous caves of Anwar and recruit their habitants. Tip: Ignore Ardella and move (and fight) with the kids.
Zilead's Treasure
Ardella has to find, open and bring back to the entrance a treasure chest. For that she should go directly to it ignoring any threads. Lure the monsters with your kids to start a fight amongst themselves.
Beach of Balas
While Ardella, the Monsters and any elves from Glorienda will battle and kill all fencers on the beach, move the kids into water and mount sea serpents to rescue the human prisoners.
Coast of Kelroth
A task for your bored horseman. Hunt down all invaders while the kids should mount a gryphon and search the sea for survivors.
Swamps of Illien
You have to play a game of Reversi against the crazy wizard called Othello. Move Ardella to a row/column to place an unit on the board, wait for Othello doing the same on his turn and continue reverting his moves until the board is full or (very rare) neither leader can do a move. All normal Reversi rules apply (Othello variant). Some Strategy.
Plains of Varad
A Wizard duel. The scenario will continue until one of the wizard dies. Hint: Keep your thieves save and backstab whenever you can.

When you return to the main map, you will have at least 60 soldiers: enough to fight and win the battle. And if you keep the heroes alive they will even bring reinforcements.

The witch will arrive later and you win by killing her. Don't be scared about her defenses (70% everywhere), they are proportional to her health, meaning that the more wounded the witch will be, less defense she will have. Mages, monsters and horseman are pretty much able to deal with her.


  • the kids aren't that bad in combat - use them!
  • level up Ardella, her inspire is worth it
  • maximize experience, there isn't that much to grab
  • the kids are the main heroes - use them!


Campaign written by Genosuke and taken over by trewe too lift it to Wesnoth 1.6 and later. Currently the campaign is maintained by Shiki (please report any bugs). The campaign is found on the official servers for version 1.4, 1.11, 1,14 and 1.15.

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