Imperial Era

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Maintainer(s) Turin, Temuchin Khan
Factions Arendians, Cavernei, Frost Elves, Lavinians, Marauders, Orcei Gladiatores, Wild Elves
Current Version(s) 0.21
Wesnoth Version(s) 1.2+
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The Imperial Era (IE) is set in a world known as Orbivm, and is the basis of several campaigns. It includes six unique factions (as well as a modified Dwarvish faction, the Cavernei).



Main article: Arendians

The Arendians are a nomadic culture, living in clans that move around following the herds of game animals which roam the Arendian plains, which lie to the north of the land of Lavinia. They do however have a few permanent settlements for trade reasons.
Despite their nomadic culture they have a king and royal family, whose origins came from one of their warriors of myth, who slew the greatest dragon to blacken the Old Continent's skies, Gresh. In achieving this he united the clans into one nation and founded Arendia as it is today.
The Arendians people are obsessed with honour and bravery, to the extent of throwing out people who break their word, commit adultery, or flee from battles, these lone wanderers roam the lands attempting to redeem themselves in the eyes of their people.

Frost Elves

Main article: Frost Elves

When the Orcs first arrived in the lands north of Wesnoth, many Elves were forced to flee their ancient homes. While some crossed the ocean to the north of the Old Continent, most took refuge in the forests that have ever since housed the North Elves. Adjusting gradually to their new environment, these Elves survived and their descendants became quite adept at survival in the arctic wastes. They have become great hunters and skilled beast-tamers, and have developed some highly specialized units that maximize their snowy, icy environment.


Main article: Lavinians

The Lavinian Empire, based in the plains of Lavinia in the center of the Old Continent, is the dominant force there, rivaled only by the Aiyira. They are threatened occasionally by the northern Marauders, and they are not good sailors, but on land they are unstoppable. This is true especially of their homeland, and of the Nemidian lands to their southwest.


Main article: Marauders

The Marauders are a group of humans, isolated in the cold north, and toughened by the lack of Allies, they live as tribes and each tribe can be from a small village to a large set villages led by a Warlord. Diverse in skills but they do not meddle in magic. Having to defend themselves against all foes they are as strong and hardy as any and fear is no barrier to them.
The Marauders' lone ally is the North Elves, and they are only allies because any war between them would be fruitless and a waste of lives, and because of their mutual enemy, the Wild Elves.

Orcei Gladiatores

Main article: Orcei Gladiatores

These orcs and goblins are forced by the empire to participate in vicious gladiatorial games. However, they have recently begun to rebel and put their fighting skills to use breaking free from their masters.

Wild Elves

Main article: Wild Elves

The Wild Elves live in the forests to the east of the Marauders. They are a solitary folk, disdaining all men and defending their borders with their lives. They have a strict sense of honor, and they see themselves as the only true elves left. All other elves they view as traitors.

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