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An Orcish Incursion - Challenging Difficulty


AOI is a beginner campaign and I'm quite an experienced player, so difficulty level should take this into account, even if the campaign was played at highest difficulty. The campaign plot wasn't really developped, but I think this is normal for a simple campaign, tough the writing itself (Quality of english was very good).


Answer to (1) is always from rev47846.

Scenario 1: Defend the forest

(2) 4 Quite easy if you stay on the forest.

(3) Very clear.

(4) Not very good.

(5) None. (Maybe giving xp can be a challenge, but it wasn't really for me)

(6) 6, it's quite fun for beginners, even if there's no real challenge.

(7) Maybe add (at least in this difficulty) some more gold to the orcish leader, or give him one l2 at start.

(8) No.

(9) Looked clear, but there's no really special wml :)

Glitches: At turn 3 or 4, the Ai retreated and didn't attacked, this is not the normal campaign behaviour, maybe set agression a bit higher ?

Scenario 2: Assassins

(2) 6 Not so easy, but with a good mixed recruit you can do it without too much trouble.

(3) Very clear.

(4) Average.

(5) Feeding xp without risking too much.

(6) 6 normal fight, can be nice to kill assasins after they poison you :)

(7) I don't know, maybe add some speech from orks. (Just like when the first assasin attacks)

(8) No.

(9) Very clear, still no special WML here :)

Glitches: The hint should mention that shamans and druid may help to defend from poison.

Scenario 3: Wasteland

(2) 3-4 Particularly easy.

(3) Very clear.

(4) A bit better than the other scenarios, still a very simple campaign with a simple plot.

(5) None.

(6) 6-7 First scenario against l2 and l3 leader, quite fun.

(7) Give orks more gold.

(8) No.

(9) Very clear.

Glitches: The hint says we must use hit and run tactics, but it's so easy that you don't need to follow this advice. 8Actually following it would ake you lose some gold...)

Scenario 4: Valley of trolls.

(2) 7-8 If you don't get enough shamans and sorceresses, it will probably be very hard for you.

(3) Very clear.

(4) Didn't understood why they were talking about orkish magic. (Magic after is human magic.)

(5) Don't get powned by unslowed trolls.

(6) 8 Quite fun.

(7) Make both leaders great trolls ?

(8) No.

(9) Shouldn't this kind of syntax: turns="4,5,6,10,11,12,16,17,18,22,23,24" be converted to turns=4-24 ? [Also new style syntax coming from GCI tasks, maybe already fixed there.]

Scenario 5: Linaera the quick

(2) 5 Normal difficulty.

(3) Very clear.

(4) Better than the others, mages were fun.

(5) None.

(6) 7 Could have been funnier if the ork leader didn't attacked stupidly.

(7) Make leader passive

(8) No.

(9) I don't understand why it should be easier to recreate Lineara than to just give it the loyal trait, since there's a macro for that.

Scenario 6: A Detour Through the Swamp

(2) 6 Average difficulty.

(3) Very clear.

(4) Average.

(5) Keep elves in front of mages.

(6) 7-8 Liked it.

(7) Not sure...

(8) No.

(9) Looked right.

Glitches: Hint is not right, UD are not resistant to all physical attacks, they're resistant to blade and pierce, not to impact. (This can lead to confusion in other campaigns.)

Scenario 7: Showdown

(2) 6 Can be hard if you don't have a good recall list, still it was quite easy and I didn't recruit my Shyde.

(3) Very clear.

(4) Average.

(5) None.

(6) 6 Good, but I would have wanted a bigger map for a more epic last fight.

(7) Give northies more gold or allow them to recruit some l3 (Even if it's meant to be an easy campaign, it's the last scenario...)

(8) No.

(9) I guess recruitment_pattern="" is either a TODO or is not needed. Also defining gold difficulty per difficulty shouldn't be done with ifdef if I'm not mistaken.

note: Kept from previous poster as it may be usefull, this was NOT done by me.


note: These are in the order they occur.

1. On the main menu the small descriptions of each button stick over each other when pressed.

2. In the very first convo of the campaign, Erlornas says, "I shall marshal the wardens and drive them off. And the Council needs to hear of this; take the message and return with reinforcements, there might be more of them." It sounds awkward, I'd recommend, "I shall marshal the wardens and drive them off. The Council needs to hear of this; take the message and return with reinforcements. There might be more of them."

3. The second time Erlornas speaks. He says, "Keep to the trees, use your arrows and the day will be ours." The comma is misplaced. It should be "Keep to the trees and use your arrows, and the day will be ours."

4. In planning mode ctrl+y doesn't always execute all. Sometimes it only executes part, and sometimes it only executes one action.

5. The history of the command menu events in the top left corner never disappears.

6. When you defeat Urugha, there should be a comma after "you" where he says, "and when my master, Rualsha, finds you may he wipe your people from the face of this earth!"

7. When Erornas speaks again, he needs to say either "Assemble a war-party. We need" or "Assemble a war-party: We need"

8. In the mission, assassins, Legar should say "I fear we have fallen prey to a false sense" not "fallen prey a false sense"

9. The loading bar on the loading screen before each level only fills halfway before each level loads.

10. The unit in the top left spawning point can sometimes move in the same turn that it is spawned

11. In the mission, assassins, debug mode doesnt deactive. Every time i type debug, it activates again.

12. The backstory before the third battle it says, "humans were never so... methodical in their destruction, and did not" The comma should be omitted.

13. After you win the third battle, when Erornas speaks, there is no space between "their" and "ferocity"

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