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Flight to Freedom

Last updated 1/29/23 (although before that, it hadn't been updated since 2/22/14, so much of the info on this page may still be out-of-date)

Flight to Freedom is a campaign featuring the Drakes. The hero, Malakar, and his tribe have been enslaved by humans, and Malakar must free the tribe and take revenge on his oppressors.

Latest version is 5.4.1 (Wesnoth 1.16.x+ compatible only)
The forum thread is here.
Made by MadMax, Nova
Currently maintained by egallager


News started, not that I expect much to come up.

Artists wanted here for a new Kogw graphic.
Announce your loyalty to the Drake cause here!

I need feedback to keep improving. Keep it coming.

Revision 27 released, with many changes. A major update.

Poll updated. Redeclare your loyalties here!

Poll updated again. Prove yourself here!
Campaign is on campaign server (requires CVS). Unless any major bugs arise before 0.8.5 is released, all future updates will take place on the campaign server.

revision 28 released on campaign server. Contains new drakes, Kogw graphic, and several balance changes. Requires CVS or better
Need attack/defense animations for Kogw graphic, need indoor time graphic (the picture under the map)

revision 28.3 on campaign server. This is necessary for compatibility with CVS as of 9/24/04 (when the Drake Slave was removed). Also has many bug fixes, including the bug that caused scenario 2 to hang.

revision 28.4 on server. Bug fixes, balancing, additions to River of Skulls (credit Wesvoid), and an easter egg (not telling you what, but I will say it's randomly activated in Endgame).

revision 29 released. 1.4MB. Major changes:
many bug fixes
thunder spirit spawn animation
debugger unit for testing and cheating
improvements to Rebellion, Manor, Exodus
new sound in the victory sequence
new Drakes
Note that there are some nasty engine bugs (Savannah #10569, #10570) that cause the recall list to disappear in Open Ocean, and the campaign to quit altogether in Drake Escape. If anyone can help, I would very much appreciate it.

New version. This changes the pier tiles to bridge, and it adds the Drake Hatchling back and the Drake Guard required in scenario 21, fixing a major bug involving recruitment.

New version. Bug in Drake Escape (#10570) worked around, but recall bug (#10569) is still at large. I also have made Kogw level two, and gave him a level 3.

New version released on campaign server. (2.2)

switched to the x.x.x version system
neutral birds actually fly
in Drake Escape, Goblin Pillagers can pillage
balancing changes to many scenarios
bug fixes in Rebellion

version 2.4:

bug fix
storyline images for Survival and Rebellion
balancing improvements in Endgame

version 2.5:

changes to Manor
a major bugfix

version 2.5.1

minor bugfix in Manor

version 2.6

maps use new terrains where appropriate
scenarios set on Morogor now have their location denoted on a Wercator- created map (here)
balance changes to Manor, River of Skulls, Return to Morogor, Liberation, Endgame
minor bugfixes

version 2.6.1

directory structure updated
balance changes to Endgame
0.8.11 compatibility

version 2.6.2

major bugfix to Blockade, should be possible to win now

version 2.7

scenarios updated for compatibility with 0.9
varied dialogue improvements
balancing to River of Skulls (removed village in chokepoint)
scenarios take advantage of new [objectives] tag, changing objectives added
maps now use river ford and ruin terrains

version 2.8

translated into German and Swedish
WML syntax updated for 0.9.1 (involving translations)
portrait for Kogw

version 2.9

WML updated for 0.9.2
WML optimizations, separate copies of drake unit.cfgs no longer needed
portrait for Malakar added
balancing changes to Survival
pngcrush run on all images
rock golem image updated

NOTE: This update breaks all in-game saves (NOT beginning-of-scenario saves) for the following scenarios:
Southern Shore
Open Ocean

version 2.9.1

SHOULD be compatible with 0.9.2CVS
missing newline at end of Flight_Freedom.cfg fixed
FtF's Pirate Galleon does not override the in-game Pirate Galleon
new graphics for the Driver
balancing changes to Rebellion and Manor, Malakar has leadership in those scenarios

version 2.9.2

balancing change to River of Skulls, second chokepoint added parallel to the first
mid-scenario objectives changes work properly now
enemies in Survival do not recruit infinite numbers of units
in Caravan, the caravan's movement points reflects its actual movement

I know it's been overdue for over a month, but here it is. I've finally got the underground scenarios balanced, but there are so many changes (and so little time to debug) that I have had to release a beta. Hopefully, unless any major bugs are found, I'll finalize FtF 3.0 in a week.

In the meantime, PLEASE reply if you find any bugs.

version 3.0

FtF 3.0 finally released!

Many changes across the board, far too many to list, but here are the major changes (including those of the 3.0 beta):
storyline changes
Rebellion enhanced
underground scenarios balanced
bug fixes, dialogue changes in Landfall

version 3.0.1

game-killing bug in Landfall fixed (map was not sent)

version 3.1

updated for 1.12+, not backward compatible (beginning-of-scenario saves will still work)
new terrain added: dark tiles, from UtBS (replaces some dirt, sand in caves)
maps updated for new terrain
image references updated to reflect 1.12 directory structure
terrain code for lava bridge changed to ` instead of ' to avoid conflict
Skeletal Dragon, Watch Tower moved into FtF from EI, SoTBE (credit Hanno for alerting me to this)
old wesnoth-8.ogg moved into FtF
soundtracks updated for music changes/removals
balancing changes to Underground, River of Skulls, Endgame
unit .cfgs updated for 1.12 compatibility
easter egg temporarily commented out, pending consideration

NOTE: due to technical differences between the old code and the 1.12+ compatible code, I was forced to split the campaign into two distributions, which are on their respective campaign servers. Because of this, however, the translations will not be current until the branch is created on wescamp (so that translators can update it).

3.2 is on the campaign server. It [i]should[/i] be (almost) fully compatible with 1.18, but I can't guarantee that every animation will work right. I have also made balancing changes up until Exodus (level 16), but the cave levels are still buggy.

Any feedback is appreciated!

Hosted on http://warhangel.ru/wesnoth/campaigns/Flight_Freedom_1_x.zip . Special thanks to warhangel for hosting this campaign.

FtF 3.3 uploaded.

NPC AI should be fixed
naga, saurian animations are working, graphics from Marsh Era
two attack icons added, one by Xan, the other from the Extended Era
balancing changes to Manor, Underground, River of Skulls and Blockade
Rockfall fixed with RedLTeut's patch
other fixes and tweaks which I have forgotten about

FtF 4.0 released, for Wesnoth 1.3 and up only.
compatible with new terrain system, will make cave roads passable
Manor enhanced
Survival edited, but cutscene not implemented yet
several dialogue changes
Landfall bridge collapse softened
new graphic for the enslaved Malakar
several bugfixes
Drake Guerillas/Revolutionaries have visible spear overlay
losing text added if Unforgiver is sunk and Kogw has not disembarked

version 4.1 released
many new storyline images added
many dialogue changes
extra enemy added to Survival, to shorten it
balancing changes to Pirate Schooner and Clipper
all ships have reasonably fitting hit and die sounds
Manor recruitment bug precluded
cutscene code moved to separate file (a purely internal change)
rain added to Open Ocean
ships should have names

version 4.2 released
dragon in Underground is now friendly
River of Skulls rebalanced, map edited
several bugfixes
Blockade enhanced
new Malakar and Kamalar graphics
terrain error messages fixed
FtF will sort properly in campaign menu
ships now have names
experience gained in Survival by Malakar will carry over to Rebellion

NOTE: This will break saves of River of Skulls. Other saves will work, but they may use the old Malakar (which should work fine).

version 4.2.1 released, for Wesnoth 1.3.3+
bug fixes in Underground and River of Skulls
Manor enhanced
minor dialogue changes
a few minor bug and potential bug fixes

version 4.2.2 released, for Wesnoth 1.3.4+
dialogue changes
storyline graphics updated for new Malakar graphics
new storyline graphics for Underground and Rockfall
Caravan elves nerfed
Drake Escape enhanced
at least one bugfix

version 4.3 released, for Wesnoth 1.3.4+
changes (dialogue and other) to Rockfall, Betrayal, Hordes of the Foul Undead, Gate of Storms, Exodus, Blockade and Return to Morogor
two scenarios added (Swamps of the Jamolar and Council of War), part of a possible branch (accessed from Survival)
attainable objective added to Survival
experimental wave animations in Rebellion
minor bugfixes
time over events added to some scenarios
non-expendable player characters are spawned with hero icon
balancing changes to Betrayal and Blockade

version 4.3.1 released, for Wesnoth 1.3.6+
new scenario, Forest of Nightmares (in second branch)
enhancements to Manor, includes irrevenant's indoors time-of-day image
several bugfixes
thunder spirits in Landfall and Drake Escape will not spawn on first turn
multi-hex fireball attack code implemented (not used yet)
victory music added to victory events
lava transitions fixed

version 4.3.2 released, for Wesnoth 1.3.7+
critical 1.3.7 compatibility bug fixed
new scenario, Hafwyt (still not 100% finished)
savegames of cave levels will not show snapshots

version 4.3.3 released, for Wesnoth 1.3.9+
unit WML updated to 1.3.8+ standard
new scenario: Mountain Crypt (in second branch)
turn limit of Forest of Nightmares reduced to 25
balancing changes

version 4.4 released, for Wesnoth 1.3.14+
headers and borders added to all maps
two links added in secondary branch to main branch
sword-and-shield narrator icon replaced
new cutscenes
Mountain Crypt darkness code revised

version 4.5 released, for Wesnoth 1.4+
scenario 19, Liberation, completely rewritten
dialogue changes
user team names added, so that the status table will show the names of sides in a level
levels use new Wesnoth music when appropriate

version 4.6 released, for Wesnoth 1.5.6+
compatibility with Wesnoth 1.5 branch

version 5.3.3 released, for Wesnoth 1.14+
egallager's first release since taking over as maintainer

version 5.4.0 released, for Wesnoth 1.16+
first release on the 1.16 add-on server

version 5.4.1 released, for Wesnoth 1.16+
see release notes for full changelog

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