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The Eastern Invasion

Scenario 1-The Outpost: The Southern Outpost is under attack by an advance element of the undead invasion. Gweddry defends the outpost until Dacyn discovers a trapdoor, and they manage to escape.

Scenario 2-The Escape Tunnel: Gweddry navigates through the caves, with trolls blocking him. He is pursued by undead, and aided by dwarves.

Scenario 3-An Unexpected Appearance: Gweddry exits the cave and finds himself surrounded by enemies. He captures a nearby fort and summons his troops, breaking free to either the west or east.

Scenario 4A-An Elven Alliance: (to the west) Gweddry meets elven allies in the forest. He must defeat a band of mountain orcs to travel northward.

Scenario 4B-The Undead Border Patrol: (to the east) Gweddry enters enemy territory and the undead confront him. He has to defeat a necromancer that is blocking his escape, or defeat a lich to continue eastward...

Scenario 4C-Mal-Ravinal's Capital: Gweddry delves further into enemy territory, meeting a group of lichs led by Mal-Ravanal. He defeats one of the undead leaders and escapes.

Scenario 5-Northern Outpost: Owaec, leader of the northern outpost, joins Gweddry. They save the local villagers from bandits and undead, then continue northward. Owaec commands horsemen of the clans, so Gweddry can now recruit those units.

Scenaio 6-Two Paths: Gweddry must choose between a northern path guarded by orcs and a western path guarded by undead.

Scenario 7A-The Crossing: (to the north) Gweddry reaches a river that forms a boundary with the northern lands. he is chased by undead, blocked by orcs, and aided by ogres. Gweddry and Owaec must cross the river.

Scenario 7B-Undead Crossing: (to the west) Gweddry is forced to cross the river when his party encounters swamps ahead. He must defeat the enemy leader to secure the crossing, but the necromancer has a few tricks.

Scenario 8-Training the Ogres: Gweddry finds Ogres in the northern lands, and tries to get them to join him. He, Dacyn and Owaec have to keep them from escaping into the mountains before the rest of his troops arrive.

Scenario 9-Xenophobia: Gweddry meets a group of dwarves and a group of elves and asks them for help. They are narrowminded, saying everyone who is not a {dwarf/elf} is an enemy. Orcs arrive, and there is a free-for-all. Gweddry must defeat all enemy leaders.

Scenario 10-Lake Vrug: Gweddry leads his band towards an island on Lake Vrug. They have to cross to the island while being attacked by trolls and gryphons. Dacyn investigates an old library while Gweddry defeats the enemy leaders. Unfortunately, the party is then captured by troll warriors.

Scenario 11-Captured: Gweddry's band is held prisoner by a bunch of orcs. Gweddry, Owaec, Dacyn and two others sneak through a crack in the cave wall, and have to find the rest of their troops and escape the caves. At the same time, Gweddry's troops try to fight their way free from their cells.

Scenario 12-Evacuation: The orcs chase Gweddry to the great river and surround him. He must lead his troops across the bridge then destroy it to stop the orcs from following. Everyone left on the northern side dies.

Scenario 13-The Drowned Plains: Gweddry leads his troops into Owaec's homeland, which has been corrupted by the undead. Their objective here is to defeat the undead dragon Khrakrahs and capture the Null Stone.

Scenario 14-Approaching Weldyn: Gweddry must fight his way through the undead surrounding the capital of Wesnoth and reach the king, who welcomes him.

"Scenario" 15-The Council: Gweddry, Dacyn and Owaec have a council with the King and his adviser. Dacyn reveals the history of Mal-Ravanal, then they discuss strategies to defeat the undead. Their conference is interrupted by an undead attack...

Scenario 16-Weldyn Under Attack: Gweddry is put in charge of the Weldyn's defenses and must repel a large assault on the city during one long, magically-extended night. At the end, Gweddry must choose which strategy he will use to confront Mal-Ravanal.

Scenario 17A-The Duel: Dacyn challenges Mal-Ravanal to a "duel". Gweddry and Mal-Ravanal each select up to 6 units and battle for control of Wesnoth. Mal-Ravanal, however, has arranged the battlefield in his favor...

Scenario 17B-Weldyn Besieged: Gweddry commands his army in a full attack against the undead horde, hoping to identify and defeat Mal-Ravanal in the chaos of battle.

"Scenario" 18-Epilogue: Gweddry and company meet with the King and the story is concluded.

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