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Translation of Liberty

This is a list of the people currently translating Liberty into different languages:

Afrikaans (af)?unknown
Brazilian Portuguese (pt_BR)?unknown
British English (en_GB)?unknown
Bulgarian (bg)?unknown
Catalan (ca)kildercompleted
Chinese (zh_CN)?unknown
Czech (cs)?unknown
Danish (da)?unknown
Dutch (nl)Maartencorrection
Estonian (et)?unknown
Finnish (fi)?unknown
French (fr)Bertramwork in progress
German (de)Torangancompleted
Greek (el_GR)?unknown
Hungarian (hu)?unknown
Italian (it)Americo Iacovizzi (Dark Amex)work in progress
Japanese (ja)?unknown
Latin (la)?unknown
Norwegian (no)?unknown
Polish (pl)?unknown
Russian (ru)?unknown
Serbian (sr)?unknown
Slovak (sk)?unknown
Slovenian (sl)?unknown
Spanish (es)?unknown
Swedish (sv)capitolcompleted
Turkish (tr)?unknown

Status Descriptions

  • unknown

It is not known if someone is actually translating this campaign.

  • work in progress

Someone is working on it, but it is not done, yet.

  • correction

Translation is already completed, but it is being corrected at the moment.

  • completed

It is already completed and updated when there are changes.

  • completed (not active)

It is already completed and but not updated when there are changes.

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