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This is a transcription of all dialogue from The Tale of Two Brothers. It is meant as a resource for Wesnoth writers. If you don't want spoilers, leave this page now.

Possible Timeframe

This campaign, as originally written, had no definite time or place. There was a vague reference to "the eastern reaches of the kingdom of Wesnoth". In a later revision the epilog hint that Arne may have traveled with the elf-lord Kalenz, but this is not much of a constraint as Kalenz was around in 1YW and at least until the beginning of HttT in 517 YW.

Maghre has to be within reach of the orcs, but in a time and place where there haven't been orc raids for generations. This limits us to *western* Wesnoth, orc raids having been a chronic problem in the northeast even during the Kingdom's strongest periods. The logical time would be shortly after the death of Haldric IV in 350, the beginning of the First Dark Age. It's arbitrarily set at 353; Kalenz began his wanderings ten years later, so the timing for Arne to meet him later in life isn't bad.

Placing the campaign is a little trickier. Our main textual clue is that there is a dense wood, said by legend to be haunted, a few days' ride north. Later, the boss's keep is said to be still further north. Neither of these directions has plot importance, but they do suggest a locale for Maghre - near the Gray Woods. The battle maps exclude it from being in a featureless plain, though; there are hills to the south and west.

Death Dialogue


Mordak: Argh


Arne: All is lost now that I am dead...

Arne: Everything is lost now that I am dead...

Scenario 1: Rooting Out A Mage


The remote freehold of Maghre in the western reaches of the kingdom of Wesnoth was once a peaceful place, its inhabitants largely unaware of the comings and goings of the wider world. Wars and the rumor of wars touched them not, until the day a dark mage settled in the region and began seeking sacrifices for his evil summonings.

Skeletons and zombies killed cattle and fired fields. 'Fear and obey Mordak the Mage!' they cried in fell voices as they did their foul deeds. People vanished from isolated farmsteads.Men and women began to fear the night, and their children even the bright day. But the nearest lord was more than a day's ride distant, and messengers sent to seek his help did not return.

There was a man named Bjarn who had shown talent as a mage when he was young, gone to the great Academy on the Isle of Alduin, and returned to work his magic in the land where he was born. The people looked to him for help and leadership. He found weapons half-forgotten from the times of their sires and grandsires hanging in many houses, and bade the villagers to take them down and clean and oil them. He set the smiths of Maghre to making spearheads and ax-blades for the rest.

Now Bjarn had a brother named Arne who had also left Maghre to seek his fortune, and had become the leader of a small band of horsemen who hired out as guards to merchant caravans. Fortunate it was for all that when Bjarn was but an apprentice mage, he had made a pair of amulets for himself and his brother, with which they might call to each other when in dire need. Bjarn sent out that call.

Heeding the call of his amulet, Arne gathered such men as he could and hurried to Maghre to help Bjarn.

Introductory Dialogue

Arne: Greetings, my brother! How may my men and I be of aid?"

Bjarn: A dark mage has come upon us; his creatures call him Mordak. They have been terrorizing outlying farms, and we fear they may soon attack the village itself! The villagers of Maghre have taken up weapons but they are not trained fighters; but we need your men, and you to lead them.

Bjarn: I can feel Mordak's foul touch on the hidden currents of the earth and air. He is somewhere due north of here, I would say not more than two days' ride.

Arne: I will lead my men, and such villagers as can keep up with us, north to slay this Mordak! What will you do?

Bjarn: You shall be the right hand, I the left. I will go stealthily with a handful of our best scouts and woodsmen. While you demonstrate against him and kill his creatures, I will try to defeat Mordak himself with magic at an unguarded moment. Together we may accomplish what either alone may not.

Turn 6

Arne: Bjarn should be in position by now. Press them, distract the adept so Bjarn can spring his trap!

Turn 10

Arne: Bjarn has not made his attack! I begin to fear for him... and it means we must deal with this Mordak ourselves!

Undead Leader: Last Breath

Mordak: Argh.

Arne: Good work, men! But what has become of my brother?

Mordak: Worried about him, are you? E-he-he..hergh...gaargh...

Arne: There's nothing more to be had from this one; we will have to search for Bjarn ourselves!

Unit: Sir, our scouts report that Bjarn was seen captured and carried away further north!

Arne: That they should dare this! We will give chase at once.

Time Over

Mordak: Your brother's plan to ambush me has failed. He is our prisoner now.

Arne: My brother, kidnapped? I have failed you, Bjarn! And even now Mordak's forces descend upon the village!

First Attack

Arne: I hear these creatures are nigh-immune to our weapons, let us see!

Player Kills First Enemy

Unit: That was not so hard!

Scenario 2: The Chase


The pursuit had already run for several days when the pursuers came to the bounds of the huge forest known as the Gray Woods. Ancient tales warned of lost souls haunting the wood, hunting and killing anyone brave enough to enter it.

Heedless of those rumors, Arne followed them. His only worry was that his horsemen would be at disadvantage if attacked in the forest.

Introductory Dialogue

Narrator: Sounds of a scuffle were heard from the forest.

Arne: Come on, men. A stroll through such lovely green woods, what could be finer?

Unit: It is whispered that hungry ghosts rule this forest, and kill everyone who dares to enter.

Arne: I will lead my men, and such villagers as can keep up with us, north to slay this Mordak! What will you do?

Nil-Galion: You there! Halt and explain yourself.

Arne: We're chasing after some men who kidnapped my brother!

Nil-Galion: Those men told me their prisoner had attempted to murder their master, and warned that evil men would follow him. Advance no further, or you will die.

Arne: So much for those ghost stories. Mere elves will not stop me from freeing my brother!

Unit: I am glad at least that we will not have to face ghosts. But those elves will have us at a disadvantage; our horses will not maneuver well in the trees.

Arne: Bah, just stay on the paths; our spearmen and bowmen can fight in the deeper woods. We have faced and won through greater perils than those amateurs can offer.

Move to the North

Unit: I see them! There they are!

Muff Toras: Curses! If they had been an hour slower our master's reinforcements would already be here to meet us.

Turn 12

Arne: Come on, men, let's catch those kidnappers!

Elf Last Breath

Nil-Galion: Foolish human, you have killed me but you will not catch the undead in time. I have fulfilled my contract, and will be reanimated soon to become a lord of their armies.

Arne: Follow their back trail!

Undead Last Breath

Muff Toras: Hah! You have captured me, but it will avail you nothing. I sent your precious brother the mage north with half my men a day since; he will be safely locked away in our master's dungeons by now.

Arne: My blade is at your throat. Give us the way to my brother now, or I will spill your wretched blood on the ground.

Muff Toras: Three days ride to the northeast, in a deserted castle. The passwords to the guards are --- and ---.

Arne: Bind him and take him with us. If he has played us false, he will die.

Time Over

Muff Toras: My reinforcements are here!

Arne: He escaped us...

Victory: Easy

Brena: Greetings. I am Brena, a knight errant. I saw you pursuing and fighting the foul undead. Are there more of them to be destroyed?

Arne: Aye. We think there's a nest of them north-east of here. They've captured my brother.

Brena: I bear a great hatred towards their kind. I will follow and fight them with you, if you permit.

Unit: He would only slow us down!

Arne: It is my place to decide this.

Option 1

Arne: All right, come along with us.

Brena: Thank you. My comrades and I will help you on your noble quest.

Option 2

Arne: I am sorry. We have not the time to spare.

Brena: Take this, then, for I see that you are on a quest. My comrades will help you whenever you call for them.

Scenario 3: Guarded Castle

Introductory Dialogue

Narrator: Arne's men arrived at the castle and were immediately challenged by some guards.

Guard Leader: Halt! Friend or foe? Give the password.

Arne: The password is ----.

Guard Leader: Pass friend.

Orcs Sighted

Knago-Brek: Haha! We not kill people for long time. Weapon wants blood. We now kill humans!!

Arne: My sword-arm has a say in who will do the dying. Come on, men, let's kill some orcs.

Second Set of Guards (Turn 6)

Guard Leader: Are you our relief arriving? Does this mean we get to leave here now?

Arne: Um, yes. Fine. You can go.

Guard Leader: Um, you're supposed to give the password.

Arne: Oh, of course. I had nearly forgotten.

Guard Leader: Thanks! Irritating little formality, isn't it?

Arne: I think I should better support my men at the front to make sure we can free my brother.

Undead Last Breath

Rotharik: Nooo! This is the end...

Unit: There's a key in his robes.

Arne: That may well be the key to the cell they're holding Bjarn in! I will take it.

Bjarn's Cell

Unit: I found Bjarn. He is in this cell.


Bjarn: Good to see you, Arne. Now can you get me out of this dungeon, please?


Bjarn: You must be one of Arne's men. Please help me get out of this dungeon.



Bjarn: The accursed dark sorcerer Rotharik has imprisoned me behind this magically enhanced iron gate. It can only be opened with the correct key. You must get it from him to free me.


Bjarn: Thank you for saving me. I had almost given up hope you would free me.

Arne: Oh it was nothing, a few elves, one or two dark sorcerers, a bunch of orcs and some undead. Really just a day's work for us mercenaries.

Bjarn: Thank you for coming to my aid. Let us return to the village.

Time Over

Rotharik: You are too late! Your brother is already dead! Muhahahaha...

Arne: Argh!!!

Scenario 4: Return to the Village

Introductory Dialogue

Arne: There. Your village is just across those hills, and already I see men coming to greet us!

Bjarn: No, they are fleeing from something. We must find out what is happening over there!

Arne: Men! Ready your weapons!

Bjarn: We should go there and talk to Counselor Hoban. Maybe he knows what is going on here.

Sighted by Councillor Hoban

Councillor Hoban: I am glad to see you returned.

Bjarn: No gladder than I am to be here. But what has happened to Maghre?

Councillor Hoban: Soon after you departed we were beset by orcs. With half the men of Maghre gone, we could not stop them.

Councillor Hoban: The orcish warlord aims to enslave us. We will not be able to hold out for much longer.

Councillor Hoban: Have a care, his men are fell fighters and have killed many. Very few remain who can bear arms, but I will send them to aid you in battle.

Enemies Defeated

Arne: Finally the warlord is killed. Now you can go back to Maghre.

Bjarn: So much has been destroyed. It will be difficult to repair all that the orcs and undead have wrecked. And they could come again.

Arne: I must go back to earning my living. But we have our amulets, little brother. If you are beset again, I will come.

Bjarn's Last Breath

Bjarn: It is over, I am vanquished.

Time Over

Arne: I don't think we can rescue anyone from these villages. It is too late.

Bjarn: I was too weak to protect these people. Oh why did this happen to me?!?

Scenario 5: Epilogue


It took years to rebuild the village and restore the surrounding farms. The people of Maghre had to work very hard, but felt better knowing Arne's men would be their firm allies in troubled times.

Arne and his men left the village assured that it would be well guided by Bjarn. On their journeys they faced many challenges and battles. Some tales even mention Arne's name together with that of the famous elvish lord Kalenz, but this is a different story...

TB's Specified Unit Names


  • Arne
  • Bjarn
  • Alwyn
  • Brent
  • Brena
  • Cadell
  • Dannen
  • Efran
  • Fargus
  • Erik
  • Heine
  • Magnus
  • Councillor Hoban





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