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This is a transcription of all dialogue from Son of the Black Eye. It is meant as a resource for Wesnoth writers. If you don't want spoilers, leave this page now.

Death Dialogue


Argh! I'm done. My people are doomed!


Oh no, I am defeated.

Orcish Shaman

Orcish Shaman: Ouch! This hurts!

Kapou'e: The Council will never be complete again. This is hopeless.


Inarix: Ahhh!

Kapou'e: Blast it, without Inarix to lead his saurians, we can no longer count on their help.

Scenario 1: End of Peace


Rahul I, Lord Protector of the Northern Alliance, concluded peace with enemy orcs during the fourteenth year of his leadership. He ended a 15-year war with Black-Eye Karun, ruler of the enemy orcs. A peace treaty between the Alliance and the orcs settled their territorial disputes.

So impressed was Rahul with the intelligence, prowess and leadership of Black-Eye Karun that he invited him to become a Lord Companion of the Northern Alliance. After much deliberation Black-Eye Karun decided to accept the offer. However, on the way to the city of Dwarven Doors — the headquarters of the Northern Alliance — Karun and his small group of bodyguards were attacked and slain to the last man. There were no survivors to confirm the incident, but it soon became believed among the orcs that the Northern Alliance had deliberately set up this ambush in order to break the unity of the orcs by slaying their strongest leader.

The peace treaty still held however, partially because the treaty — although arranged by the Northern Alliance — was between the local earls and the orcish tribes and didn't have any direct connection with the Northern Alliance. The other — and perhaps the main — reason why the treaty held was that with the death of the Black-Eye, the unity of the orcs was shattered and they once again descended into inner squabbling. Thus the years that followed were relatively peaceful and prosperous — at least, for the humans.

In the thirteenth year of the Lord Protectorship of Howgarth III — the successor of Rahul I — tension began to rise between orcish tribes and human earldoms in the Northlands. Famine led humans to colonize some orcish lands and push orcs into desolated hill country. The few orcish tribes who had remained part of the Alliance, feeling the pressure, either left Alliance territory or revolted and were destroyed.

Retaliating, the orcs systematically slaughtered human colonies and villages on their lands. Then, Earl Lanbec'h — the most powerful human warlord of the North — determined to abolish the orcish menace, raised an army and conferred leadership of it to his son-in-law Baron Alber.

Baron Alber personally led a small vanguard with the mission to establish a base inside orcish lands.

By nightfall his troops reached a mountainous region under the authority of orcish leader Kapou'e, the son of the Black-Eye.

Introductory Dialogue

Alber: Look, friends! Those orcs don't imagine they are living their last day. Let's slay them and claim this land back to our people!

Kapou'e: Who is this unlicked whelp? Grunts — kill him and bring me his head!

Alber Dies

Alber: Argh! I die! But other humans will come to avenge me, filthy orcs!

Unit: Victory!

Kapou'e: Oh, just die, human-worm.

Vrag: (Pant) Chief! Chief!

Kapou'e: Speak, rider.

Vrag: There is a huge human army marching on us! They can't be more than one or two days march from here.

Unit: Uh oh! What should we do, Chief?

Kapou'e: Don't be afraid. If any more of these pathetic humans come, we'll deal with them the way we did with this rubbish!

Vrag: Uh Chief, with all respect that army is huge! Not only that, but most of them look like tough old soldiers. It would be foolish to confront them with the forces we have on hand.

Kapou'e: Hmmm…

If what you say is true, then there is no way our tribe can face such an army alone.

Vrag: Wise decision, Kapou'e. By the size of that army, this is no mere raid — it seems to me that the humans have decided to declare war on us.

Kapou'e: If they want war, then they shall get war!

We'll head for Barag Gór in the lands of the free tribes and demand assistance from the Great Council. With their help, we can raise troops from the free tribes and crush these humans.

Unit: But the free tribes are beyond the Mountains of Haag. These mountains are infested with dwarves and wild trolls.

Kapou'e: Don't be so cowardly. The trolls have been our allies in the past—maybe they will help us. And what true orc has ever feared dwarvish dirt-grubbers? Move it! We leave within the hour. If you're not ready by then, stay and die.

(advance to scenario 3)

Bah, humans? No better than goblins. We'll break them!

Kapou'e: Prepare for battle, my grunts! We'll show these humans what happens when you try to steal from Kapou'e, Son of the Black-Eye!

(advance to scenario 2)

Scenario 2: The Human Army

Story text

Refusing to yield to fear, Kapou'e rallied his warriors in preparation for the upcoming battle.

He was not disappointed. A few days later the main body of the human army arrived. Driven to a desperate rage by the death of his son-in-law, Earl Lanbec'h led the army himself.

Introductory Dialogue

Lanbec'h: So this is the bold orc who has dared kill my son-in-law.

Kapoou'e: And this is that stupid human who dares march against Kapou'e — Son of the Black-Eye!

Turn 6

Narrator: As Kapou'e saw the hardened troops pour out of the human encampment, he began to have second thoughts.

Kapou'e: They are too many and too tough. The few here don't stand a chance.

Vrag: I told you so!

Kapou'e: Insolence! But you make a good point all the same. I should have paid attention to my supporters before. But what should we do now?

Vrag: We must flee! There is no way we can stand up against such a force.

Kapou'e: The Son of the Black-Eye will never 'flee'. But making a ‚'strategic withdrawal' is another matter.

My father often spoke of the shamans of the Great Council who live in Barag Gór in the lands of the free tribes. We shall ask them for support. With their help, perhaps we can unite the orcish tribes and crush these humans.


Helper: Yeah, Chief?

Kapou'e: You, gather up our people and assemble them on the road some distance north of here. We will hold back the humans here until you are finished.

Helper: Done.

Turn 12

Helper: Chief, we have all our people ready to go. Come on, this way. We managed to gather the last of the gold from the treasury as well.

Kapou'e: Took you long enough. Let's go!

Victory Dialogue

Kapou'e: We'll be back, you foul mud-sucking humans!

Lanbec'h: That's right, flee, you cowardly orcs! This land is mine!

Kapou'e: In your dreams, worm. When the time comes you will pay for all this with your life!

Scenario 3: Toward the Mountain of Haag

Introductory Dialogue

Kapou'e: We have almost crossed the mountains. We're close to the lands of the free tribes. So far so good.

Kwili: Halt! Who goes there?

Kapou'e: It is I, Kapou'e, son of the Black-Eye Karun. What do you want, dwarf?

Kwili: Oh, so it's another group o' stinkin' orcs, eh. Begone, or we shall wash our axes in yer blood.

Kapou'e: Look, you pint-sized idiot, we aren't out to kill you so why don't you just scamper away and hide in a cave or something. We'll be through here in a few hours.

Unit: (Snicker)

Kwili: Your scorn and rudeness shall be your undoing. Dwarves, let no orc pass this way alive!

Kapou'e: It looks like we might have to fight them after all.

Unit: Hey, Chief, I was thinking — dwarves are pretty slow; why don't we just bypass them?

I mean, we could defeat them easily but it would just slow us down.

Kapou'e: "We could, but then again, if we crush them then we can loot their treasury and their dwellings. The gold will be useful.

Whatever else happens, we have to pass through these mountains and I dislike leaving enemies to our rear. Stab, smite, and slay!

Reach a village

Unit: I've never pushed so far. We are crossing the border of the Black-Eye lands.

Turn 4

Blemaker: Look! Dwarves are fighting orcs!

Grüü: Father, we should help them. Orcs are our allies.

Blemaker: I don't know. Orcs have been our allies in the past, but they treat us as fools.

Grüü: But, Father, we don't know what they are seeking there. Between us, we could squash these dwarves.

Blemaker: Right, my son. We help our orcish friends. But you take care... I would be desperate if something happened to you.

Blemaker Dies

Grüü: Father! Oh no!

Filthy dwarves! Now I'll kill you to the last!

Grüü Dies

Grüü: Oh no, I'm defeated.

Blemaker: My son! I should have never brought him to this fight. Now we return to our caverns, and we never return.

Kwili Dies

Kwili: Argh! I die!

Kapou'e: You were warned, dwarf. Riders, spread out of the area and collect what you can from each of these houses. If anyone refuses to pay, tie them up and take what they have anyway. Let them know that they live only on my good graces. I'll take the army to Barag Gór. Catch up when you're done.

Rider: Sounds like fun. All right boys, let's go!

Reaching the signpost

Kapou'e: We've succeeded! We've passed through the Mountains of Haag! Look at these green hills! The lands of the free tribes is near now. I can see the walls of Barag Gór in the distance.

Victory Dialogue

Have Blemaker

Kapou'e: Blemaker, many thanks for your help in this fight. Would you and your son like to join us in our journey? You are a powerful warrior, and you would be of great help.

Grüü: Father, I'd like to join them. Would you mind it?

Blemaker: My son, you're old enough to discover the world. Me, I have to stay here. But take care, there are plenty of creatures that seek our end, like elves or humans. They are clever and merciless.

Grüü: Thanks, father. Don't worry, I'll take care of myself.

Don't Have Blemaker

Kapou'e: Grüü, many thanks for your help in this fight. I'm sorry for the loss of your father. Would you like to join us in our journey? Your help would be useful to me.

Grüü: My father would have come to help you. I would insult his memory not to help you. I come!

Scenario 4: The Siege of Barag Gór

Introductory Dialogue

Narrator: When the party finally reached Barag Gór, they were met with a most startling sight.

Kapou'e: What the—! Barag Gór is besieged by elves! The wose-born weaklings have always been jealous of our power, but what reason do they have to attack the city?

Grüü: What can you expect, Chief? They're elves after all.

Kapou'e: Hmmm. Scout, go and find out what they are up to.

Scout: Sure.

Ammon: One more step and you are dead, flea-bag. Better run if you value your life.

Scout: Quit your boasting, mule-ears. The chief wants to know why you're here, instead of cowering in your dung-spattered forests.

Ammon: Watch your mouth around your betters, goblin! And you can tell your chief to hand the shamans over to us if he wants to be alive by sundown.

Scout: What business do you high-and-mighty elves have with our shamans?

Ammon: Our business with them is none of your concern.

Scout: Oh, yes, it is. The shamans keep our ancient knowledge and our sacred things; they are not for the likes of you. Why do you want them anyway?

Ammon: Well... the humans want to... meet them.

Scout: Oh, so they paid you to come and get them, have they?

Ammon: Well...

Scout: So the 'great and mighty' elves are now nothing but a bunch of mercenaries.

Ammon: KILL HIM!!

Scout: Ha ha ha! If you can!

Ammon: Blast it, he got away.

Kapou'e: So, what news do you bring, scout?

Scout: The elves have been bribed by the humans to capture and deliver the shamans to them.

Kapou'e: Over my dead body! The shamans of the Great Council are the only people who can call up the Great Horde. If they are captured, then all the orcs on this continent would surely be doomed.

Grüü: I have a subtle plan, chief.

Kapou'e: Go on, Grüü.

Grüü: We go and we kill all of them. What do you think?

Kapou'e: ...

Free Jetto

Jetto: Freedom! Many thanks, Son of the Black-Eye. I'm Jetto, master of assassins, now you can count on the assassins' guild to help you in your quest!

Kapou'e: Jetto, how did you get captured by the likes of these?

Jetto: The Barag Gór council sent me to assassinate the elvish leaders. Unfortunately, I was captured. But now I am free and the elves shall feel my wrath!

Unit Moves to Fortress

Rugh: Good. Reinforcements at last!

Moved Unit: That's right! Now let's drive those mincing tree-shaggers back into their forests!

Victory Dialogue

Pirk: At last! The siege has been broken.

Girk: Thank you, Son of the Black-Eye. If you hadn't arrived when you did, I don't know what would have happened to us.

Kapou'e: No problem! It was fun, wasn't it, Grüü?

Grüü: Ha ha ha! Yeah!

Kapou'e: But, actually, we have come all the way from our lands to get your help.

Vraurk: Why? What's wrong?

Kapou'e: Those insolent humans have massed a huge army and attacked us. We defeated their vanguard but in the end we were forced to retreat.

Pirk: Hmmmm, this situation is very serious. As you know by now, they have also hired these elves to attack us here.

Kapou'e: Yes. It seems to me that the humans are declaring all-out war on us.

Gork: We must give this matter careful consideration. Come inside the city, and we'll discuss it.

Jetto has not been freed yet

Jetto: Son of the Black-Eye! Could I ask for my release from this blighted cage?

Kapou'e: How did you get captured by the likes of these?

Jetto: The Barag Gór council sent me to assassinate the elvish leaders. Unfortunately, I was captured.

Kapou'e: Fine, someone go release him.

Jetto: Freedom! Many thanks, Son of the Black-Eye. I'm Jetto, master of assassins, now you can count on my assassins to help you in your quest!

Scenario 5: To the Harbour of Tirigaz


Kapou'e and the shamans rested and discussed the matter for three days. It was finally decided that it might be necessary to call up the Great Horde to deal with this massive human incursion. However, in order to do that the entire Great Council would have to gather.

Since it was now obvious that the humans were going to try their best to prevent that by capturing or killing the shamans, Kapou'e was requested to escort the shamans to the Harbor of Tirigaz where the rest of the council was residing.

Leaving most of his people at Barag Gór, Kapou'e, accompanied by the shamans and his warriors set off to Tirigaz.

Introductory Dialogue

Narrator: A couple of days into their journey, the party halted to rest for the night.

Vraurk: Ahhh, I'm so tired. It was a good idea to halt in such a quiet place.

Grüü: It is too quiet. Just plain boring.

Pirk: Shut up, I just heard something.

Kapou'e: You're right. I can see something is moving in these hills. Looks like there are undead there.

Grüü: Excellent! It is time for exercise!

Vraurk: Uh... I don't think so. Let's get out of here!

Grüü: No way! Grüü want to crush some undead.

Kapou'e: Grüü is right. It is not wise to let these undead remain here, cutting off our supply lines and path of retreat. In these days of turmoil, we don't know what lies ahead, so it is best not to leave any threats in our rear.

Vraurk: But…

Gork: Hush, Vraurk, we must trust the Son of the Black-Eye in these matters, for he is far more cunning in them than we are.

Grüü: That's right, lets go!

Find Holy Water

Moved Unit: Hmmm, what a nice bottle! What is it?

It is written H.O.L.Y W.A.T.E.R

I'm thirsty... Gulp gulp

Ahhh, that was yummy!

Turn 25/21/17

Grüü: The day is coming, these night creatures will soon return to the pit.

Pirk: Grüü, are you forgetting we are also night creatures?

Grüü: Err… well…

Scenario 6: Black Flag

Introductory Dialogue

Kapou'e: So, here is Tirigaz. But what's going on?

Pirk: Looks like humans have attacked here too. You were right, Kapou'e, the humans have declared all-out war on us.

Kapou'e: Listen, if we are to meet with the rest of the Great Council, we have to repel this attack. You shamans hide here in the forest until we defeat them. It will be faster and easier for us if we don't have to worry about protecting you.

Gork: This is a wise choice. Good luck, son of the Black-Eye.

Slowhand: Haha! Our plan is going well, let's surround them on land while our allies attack them from sea!

Turn 2

Affman: Look, a party of our kind approaches from the North.

Kapou'e: Look, a party of our kind approaches from the North.

Affman: Son of the great Black-Eye Karun?! You do us honor, Chief.

Kapou'e: Do not grovel like humans, just tell me what's going on here.

Affman: I don't really know, one day all was calm and peaceful and the next a fleet of human ships showed up and began spewing out troops. Did our best to hold them off, but they captured the Northern keep. And then human reinforcements arrived from their settlements to the South.

Kapou'e: Are the shamans safe?

Affman: When we realized that there was no way we could hold the humans off, we sent them east to a place near the Mourned Hills along with most of our women and children. The rest of us remained here to buy them some time.

Kapou'e: Wise decision. We have actually come to speak to the shamans, but while we are here we must help you out of this scrape. Grüü, hold them while I run to the keep and organize our forces to counterattack. We can't defeat them by sea without ships, but we can destroy the foothold they have gained on the land.

Grüü: I love tis strategy, Chief!

Boat Lands

Human: Pillage! Let's plunder these orcs!

Slowhand Dies

Slowhand: Aaaargh! I die!

Kapou'e: Finally, you pay for what you did to my orc brothers!

Victory Dialogue

Kapou'e: We are victorious at last. Someone go tell the shamans that they can come out now.

Gork: Congratulations on your victory, Kapou'e. You do honor to the memory of your father.

Kapou'e: Thanks, but I have news. Since the forces here were certain they were going to be defeated, they sent the shamans to the Mourned Hills. If we want to meet them, we must go after them.

Pirk: Oh, great. That means we have to cross the Desert of Death which is full of poisonous giant scorpions and human outlaws. And bypassing it would take too long! Not to mention after this desert, we'll have to cross the Silent Forest!

Grüü: Well, we have no choice... I've never tasted scorpions but I am sure they are good. This journey will be fun.

Scenario 7: The Desert of Death


Resting during the day and doing most of their marching by night, the party moved steadily through the sand for two days.

The heat of the day and the chill of the night wore heavily on the orcs. Fortunately, they didn't encounter any giant scorpions, but neither did they discover any source of food or water.

By the dawn of the third day the party was hungry, tired and weary, but according to their map, a good-sized oasis was not far away.

Just then, however, a strong wind began to blow. It rapidly increased in fury, whipping hot sand up all around them. They could see little further than the reach of their hands and it began to seem they would be buried alive by smothering sand.

Introductory Dialogue

Kapou'e: Ack! This blasted sand!

Grüü: I'm hungry and we found no giant scorpion yet. I'm sure it would be tasty.

Kapou'e: I hope we won't find one! They are terrible armored beasts; your hammer would be useless against their heavy shells.

Vraurk: I've been told the best way to defeat them is to attack their eyes with sharp blades, set them afire, or pierce them with arrows. But I hope too we won't meet them.

Pirk: I wouldn't worry about the scorpions right now, I would worry about getting out of this sandstorm! These things can last for weeks, and if we aren't buried alive by all the sand we will die of hunger and thirst.

Kapou'e: Hurry then, break camp, we must get to the oasis!

Pirk: What?! Through all this chaos?!

Kapou'e: We don't have any other choice. If we remain here we'll die.

See Scorpion

Kapou'e: There you go, Grüü, there is your giant scorpion!

Vraurk: Oh great, perfect timing.

Grüü: Yeah, I am really hungry.

Vraurk: That is not what I meant!

Grüü Kills Scorpion

Grüü: Ahh, finally! Lunchtime!

Vraurk: You trolls are just sick!

Grüü: Yuck! Disgusting! These things taste horrible!

Kapou'e: I don't know if you should have eaten that, Grüü, you don't look so good.

Grüü: Ugh... I feel sick.

Gork: Hmmm, it seems that scorpions are poisonous.

Vraurk: But what about Grüü?

Kapou'e: Ahh, he will be fine in a few minutes. He is a troll, after all. Right, Grüü?

Grüü: (Puke)

Enemy Is Seen

Human: Hold it right there! This oasis is ours! Begone or you all will be killed!

Kapou'e: Look, fool, we are in the middle of a sandstorm, and we are almost completely out of food and water. There is no way we can keep going without stopping at this oasis.

Human: I don't care, get lost!

Pirk: It's no use reasoning with them, Kapou'e, they aren't going to listen.

Kapou'e: Yeah, I can see that. Well, I guess we have to clean these rabble out of here. Stab, smite, slay!

Victory Dialogue

Kapou'e: Finally we've done it! Now let's wait out this sandstorm, resupply and get some rest before we continue on our journey.

Time Runs Out

Grüü: ... Food...!

Vraurk: … Water…!

Kapou'e: ... Come... on..., people...! We have... to... keep... going...

Pirk: ... Can't... The... heat... is... too... much...

Scenario 8: Silent Forest


As soon as the sandstorm died down, Kapou'e and his men — eager to escape the searing heat — left the oasis and continued on their trek.

It was with great relief that they finally spotted the silent forest on the evening of their second day. They quickly made camp in the hope of getting some much needed rest. However, as dawn approached, a thick fog rolled in and all the natural sounds of the forest died away — leaving everything deathly quiet.

Introductory Dialogue

Kapou'e: This fog and the silence is starting to unsettle me. What is this place, anyway?

Gork: It has not always been like this. A lot of hunters from the tribes used to hunt here and fish in the River Bork. But that all changed a few years ago. Now, few would enter here unless forced.

Vraurk: What happened? Why did people stop coming here?

Gork: The fact is that few people entered this forest and returned home safe. I am not sure, but most likely, this forest is full of elvish renegades.

Kapou'e: What would elves be doing so far into orcish territory? Anyway, we need some rest. We are sufficiently armed to cope with a bunch of elvish poachers. If we meet any, we'll cut them to pieces.

Elves Seen

Moved Unit: Elves! You were right, Gork, this place is infested with the skinny weaklings.

Elf: Blast it, the orcs have discovered us.

Kapou'e: What is your purpose for trespassing on orcish territory?

Elf: Fool, do you really think we are going to tell you?

Kapou'e: Men, capture one of these elves and interrogate him. I am sure that will get us some answers.

Kill an Elf

Killer: Now we're going to have some some answers out of you.

Elf: ou might as well go ahead and kill me, I'm not telling you anything.

Killer: Very well then...

Narrator: Some time later…

Killer: So you elves have set up an enclave here have you. Why is that?

Elf: We made an agreement with the humans some time ago. They were planning a major assault on you war-mongers, and the humans pledged that if we assisted them they would give us a large chunk of your territory once the battle was over.

Killer: Why would you elves want still more territory? You guys already have the undisputed rule of the whole elvish forest.

Elf: Yes, but our prince has been banished from those lands for collaborating with humans. He now seeks to carve out an empire for himself.

Killer: Hmmm, interesting. So you set up a base here to launch your attacks on us. Is that right?

Elf: Yes, that is correct.

Kapou'e: Well folks, it looks like we have our work cut out for us. We must destroy this enclave.

Killer: With pleasure. But what should I do with this weakling?

Kapou'e: Behead it.

Elf: Ahhhhh!

Kill Lucile

Lucile: Ahhh! Flee; warn the prince that I have been slain and the enclave destroyed.

Linduilas: As you command, my lady.

Victory Dialogue

Kapou'e: Good work, men, we've done it! Now we don't have to worry about these elves attacking us. Let's get some rest and continue our journey.

Scenario 9: Shan Taum the Smug


After clearing out the elves from the Silent Forest, Kapou'e and his party set out on the last leg of their journey. Within a few days they finally reached the city of Lmarig in the Mourned Hills, which was then ruled by Shan Taum the Smug.

Introductory Dialogue

Kapou'e: At last, here are the Mourned Hills! We can only hope for the best.

Grüü: Why?

Gork: You are a troll, so you don't know. These lands are ruled by Shan Taum the Smug, who was a rival of Black-Eye Karun.

Pirk: I doubt he would welcome the son of the Black-Eye.

Shan Taum: Who is that? Kapou'e! What are you doing in my lands, you weakling runt?

Kapou'e: Hold on, Shan Taum. We seek the Great Council, not a quarrel with you.

Shan Taum: Bwahaha! You are nothing! Where is your land? You became a beggar. You are as pathetic as your father!

Kapou'e: How can you talk that way about my father, you miserable coward?! I'll make a mug from your skull!

Shan Taum: Really? What would you drink with it? Mint cordial?

Narrator: Exasperated, Kapou'e launched an attack on his fellow orc Shan Taum the Smug.

Kill Shan Taum

Shan Taum: Nooo! Don't kill me, I surrender to you little earthworm.

Victory Dialogue

Echarp: What is this? Are you mad?! Humans are to besiege our fortress at Prestim and you are fighting each other?!

Kapou'e: Well, ermmm…

Echarp: Kapou'e, rumors tell of you making a long trip to seek assistance from us, and escorting Pirk, Gork and Vraurk. The council is grateful for that.

Fabstep: I know what you want from us but I'm afraid we can't help you.

Kapou'e: Really? But my people...

Echarp: You don't understand. Orcs have been divided for ages. The only one who gave us some unity was your father, Black-Eye Karun. Hearing rumors of your exploits, we understood you are a worthy son of your father.

Vraurk: This is true. Now we are pressed from all sides by humans and elves; we need a leader that can unite all banners. This one is you!

Kapou'e: Thank you.

Grüü: Did you hear? There is a battle waiting for us at Prestim!

Echarp: Kapou'e, if Prestim falls, humans will have a strong bridgehead on this side of the river and your people won't be safe. You are the only one that can help us defend Prestim!

Pirk: Leave your people here Kapou'e — they are safe for the moment — and go defend Prestim. In the meantime, now that the council is complete again, we will decide. We may have to form the Great Horde again, and give you the leadership on it.

Scenario 10: Saving Inarix

Introductory Dialogue

Plonk: Reinforcements, at last! Whoever you are, you are welcome in Prestim! The fortified bridge over the River Bork was taken this morning by a small commando of elves, we have already tried to assault it twice without success.

Grüü: Ah! They are no match against my hammer.

Plonk: There is worse; our scouts report that our saurian allies led by Inarix are still trapped on the other side of the river some miles away. They won't be able to cross the river.

Elves and dwarves have joined humans against us and have set up camp nearby. Humans will arrive soon. We must destroy the southern bridge on the river.

Kapou'e: If Inarix falls prey to those humans then we won't be able to count on their help in this struggle. We must do something!

Grüü: I know what we must do. Kill elves and help Inarix cross.

Plonk: It won't be that easy! Our enemies are well entrenched.

We can sabotage the southern bridge to slow them down. When the bulk of the saurians have crossed, someone needs to go and light the barrel of oil we have set up beside the bridge to destroy it. Any warriors trapped on the bridge or on the other side of the river will perish!

Thelarion: Hey look, that tribe of orcs that destroyed my enclave in the Silent Forest have reinforced Prestim. It is time to avenge the death of our fallen kin my friends — get them!

Kapou'e: Ahhh, it's ‘the Prince' from the Silent Forest. Unfortunately, I don't think we can deal with him now, we have to focus on saving Inarix.

Turn 4

(Saurians appear)

Inarix: Hurry-hurry, friends. Lanbec'h and his kind are right on our tails, we must reach Prestim quickly.

Blow Up Bridge


Kapou'e: Bah! I'm not going to blow myself to bits!


Kapou'e: Grüü, stay away from that thing! I still have a use for you!


Inarix: I'm not going to do it!

Kapou'e Unsafe

Kapou'e: Get away from there you idiot, I'm still over here!

Grüü Unsafe

Grüü: Hey, don't light it up, I'm not safe!

Inarix Not Arrived

Grüü: Chief, we can't be blowing the bridge before Inarix is here, can we?

Inarix Unsafe

Moved Unit: Chief, Inarix hasn't yet made it across! Are you really sure you want to do this?

Inarix Dead, Before Turn 4

Moved Unit: I'm ready, Chief!

Blow Up Bridge

Option: Let her blow!

Grüü: Bye bye, $|!

Inarix Unsafe

Inarix: Damn you, Son of the Black-Eye! You'll pay for this!

Else Unsafe

Unit: No, wait!

Dialogue Continues

Moved Unit: Aaaaaaaargh!

Don't Blow Up Bridge=

Option: Wait a moment.

Moved Unit: Phew!

Less Than 5 Saurians Left

Kapou'e: Blast it! The saurians have had too many casualties in order for them to be of any real help to us. We won't be able to recruit them in the future.

Turn 8

Thelarion: This has taken too much time, we should send all of our troops and send these creatures back to hell.

Darstang: It won't be said that Elves were braver than us, everyone attack!

Thelarion Dies

Thelarion: The green earth will curse you for this...

Darstang Dies

Darstang: Curse you, foul orc!

Time Runs Out

Earl Lanbec'h: At them! Rip them to the last!

Kapou'e: It is too late, we are defeated.

Scenario 11: Clash of Armies

Introductory Dialogue

Orc/Troll: So here we are, and they are preparing to assault.

Grüü: Prestim's walls are rock-hard, they'll waste themselves on them.

Kapou'e: I'm not that sure. Every fortress has its own weakness. Prestim's walls are strong but long and it is difficult to defend them from many directions at once. This Earl Lanbec'h must know they can't break through by only fording the river where the bridge previously stood so he must have a better plan than that.

Orc/Troll: We've received messengers from the Council, saying that they are gathering tribes into the Great Horde.

Grüü: Great! When do they arrive?

Orc/Troll: In four days. I fear it will be too late.

Kapou'e: Fool! We can hold that long. But we have to have Prestim firmly in control when the shamans arrive with the Great Horde. We can't let the humans establish a foothold on this side of the river.

Orc/Troll: Why?

Kapou'e: Because if we cannot decisively beat these humans, the other tribes won't think us strong enough to lead them. Each chieftain will try to claim the leadership of the horde for themselves and the humans will be able to break through our defenses.

Orc/Troll: Great.

Narrator: Then, the battle for Prestim began.

Humans Board a Ship

Grüü: Look, the humans are boarding a ship!

Ship Land on Northern Shore

Human: Charge!

Human: Get them!

Turn 2

Plouf: We arrive to honor our alliance, Earl Lanbec'h.

Kapou'e: Curses! They have fish-men on their side.

Turn 24

Kapou'e: The Great Horde is almost here! Drive them out of our villages now!

Turns End

Humans in Prestim

Gork: Here we are!

Orcish Warlord I: What's this? This weakling has let humans enter Prestim? I will lead the horde and push them to the river!

Orcish Warlord II: Bah! I'm the only one strong enough to drive out the humans! The Great Horde follows me!

Earl Lanbec'h: Look at that, the stupid orcs are starting to fight amongst themselves! Now's our chance, everyone attack!

No Humans in Prestim

Gork: Here we are! Hold on Prestim, we arrive to push them to the river!

Earl Lanbec'h: They are too numerous now, RETREAT!

Kapou'e: The Great Horde at last! I was beginning to think they would never come.

Gork: Your defense of Prestim was heroic, facing such opposition surely undermined the morale of humans. Now they are retreating to their fortresses and will not venture out anytime soon.

Pirk: It is now time to show them who we are and to lead the Great Horde in pursuit. We will not rest until we destroy Earl Lanbec'h. Smite, stab, slay!

Scenario 12: Giving Some Back


With the arrival of the Great Horde, and the humans having retreated, the united orcish forces held a council of war.

After a fair amount of squabbling — for some of the older warlords were reluctant to let this young upstart lead them — and a few consequent executions, the leadership of the horde was formally bestowed upon Kapou'e.

Riders were dispatched in all directions to gather intelligence and to pinpoint the exact location of the hostile forces.

The horde was then split into two forces. On the advice of the shamans, Kapou'e placed one force under the leadership of Shan Taum the Smug, who — despite his obnoxious nature — was a fierce and capable leader. He was sent to Bitok, the most southwestern orcish city, to cut off the humans already invading the harbor of Tirigaz, and to stop any further human incursion into orcish territory.

He sent the shamans, Pirk, Gork and Vraurk back to Borstep — a city just north of the Mourned Hills — to organize any remaining orcish forces as well as create an arms and supply depot.

Kapou'e himself — desiring to settle this business once and for all — led his remaining forces to Dorset, the human city due southeast of Prestim, to which Earl Lanbec'h had retreated.

Introductory Dialogue

Kapou'e: Earl Lanbec'h, you slimy coward, come out and face me if you have the guts!

Arthur: Sorry there, old chap. You're deemed too insignificant for the likes of the Earl to deal with. He's left that pleasure to me instead.

Kapou'e: Foolish human. Attack, men, I want that city to be orcish territory within the week. Smite, stab, and slay!

Al'Brock: Easier said then done, Chief. There are many humans in that city. And they are well armed, too.

Grüü: No matter. Horde smash!

Hank Dies

Arthur: The orcs are making headway. The city must not fall — call the reserves!

Scenario 13: The Dwarvish Stand


After conquering and occupying Dorset, Kapou'e and his men set themselves to stabilizing the area and bringing it firmly under the iron-hard orcish rule.

After a few weeks of putting down minor rebellions and clearing out the last human strongholds, the first snows of the long northern winter began to fall. A few days after the first snowfall a goblin rider — half dead from exhaustion — raced into Dorset with the news that Borstep was under siege by a large force of dwarves, outlaws and elves.

The orcish commanders were stunned. How had such a large enemy force penetrated so deep and so far into orcish territory, especially without their knowledge? How also had their enemies known to strike at Borstep, which was the rally point for orcish forces as well as their main arms and supply depot?

Kapou'e suspected some sort of treachery. Under the assumption that human attacks would be minimal due to the harsh weather, he left only a small force to defend Dorset while he and the main horde of orcs sped to the aid of Borstep.

Rushing to reach Borstep before the river froze up for the winter, the orcs sailed up the River Bork. Paddling day and night the horde barely managed to get through the Silent Forest before the river froze solid. Beaching their crafts, they marched the last leg of their journey through the deepening snow of the Mourned Hills.

As they crested the last hill before the city, the sight before them cast them into gloom; there was nothing left of Borstep. The walls had been smashed, houses burnt and its inhabitants driven out or slaughtered. Of the orcish shamans there was no sign.

With eyes burning with apprehension and rage, Kapou'e sent his riders out to scour the land in all directions for the culprits while he made camp with the rest of the horde. A few hours later a rider reported back that he had picked up a trail of a large body of dwarves, elves and humans heading east through the mountains.

Breaking camp the following dusk, the horde set out in hot pursuit. By the third day, they caught up with their enemies.

Introductory Dialogue

Dwarvish Steelclad: My my, look at this, two abandoned keeps. Probably built by those orcs in one of their pointless wars against each other.

Elvish Champion: Blast it, the orcs have caught up to us.

Dwarvish Steelclad: Elf, our kind can move and fight far better and faster in these conditions then your kind can. Take the orcish prisoners and hurry to Melmog. The dwarves shall stop this orcish menace!

Elvish Champion: Very well, but our human allies will also stay behind and help you. After all, we are dealing with the Son of the Black-Eye here.

Dwarvish Steelclad: Bah, have it your way then. Now, hurry on your way elf.

(elf runs away)

Bah, cowardly little elves. No dwarf would have ever agreed to such a proposal. Good riddance too, those elves just get in the way. Come on men, it's time to show those orcs our steel!

Grüü: Ahhh, nice. I finally get chance to squash dwarves again.

Kapou'e: Let's make them pay for what they did to our people. Blood and steel!

Victory Dialogue

Kapou'e: Victory! ... Grüü, what is that you are eating?

Grüü: A human-worm's dog. Animal meat very tasty. When we fight humans again, can I have a pony?

Scenario 14: Back Home


Having broken the dwarvish blockade, the horde continued on through the mountain pass. Kapou'e began to recognize the lands about them and sure enough, they soon found themselves back in the tribe's homeland.

Introductory Dialogue

Kapou'e: Well, boys, we're home. I told you we would return one day.

Orc: Boy, have they ever built this place up.

Kapou'e: Listen up, orcs. Our main objective is to rescue the shamans. It won't work to take the human runts head-on while they sneak the shamans out the back door.

Flar'Tar: What are you thinking, Chief?

Kapou'e: My men know the land well. Flar'Tar and Al'Brock, both of you take a scout and circle around to the Northeast and Southeast respectively. Grüü, you take your trolls and circle around to the Northwest. If all goes well we shall surround them.

Grüü: I like this plan, Chief!

Orc: You always like his plans, Grüü.

Grüü: Of course. Squash elves, squash undead, squash dwarves, squash humans. Squash them all, very good plan!

Orc: Well, he has the right idea, anyway.

Kapou'e: Good, everyone move out. I will begin the attack from here. I want everyone to be in position by first watch at the latest. Is that clear?

Flar'Tar: Yeah, sure.

Al'Brock: Whatever.

Grüü: Uh, Chief…

Kapou'e: …Yes, Grüü?

Grüü: Can I get some gold with me?

Kapou'e: Fine, take a hundred. Don't lose it.

Turn 4

Al'Brock: I am in position, Chief.

Kapou'e: Excellent. Now, where are the others?

Turn 5

Flar'Tar: We made it.

Kapou'e: Good, but where is Grüü?

Flar'Tar: Dumb trolls, you can never rely on them.

Turn 7

Grüü: I'm here, chief!

Kapou'e: Blood and stone, Grüü! You were supposed to be in position by first watch. It's dawn!

Grüü: Err, sorry, there were some humans in way. We squash, no problem.

Kapou'e: Better late then never. Now it's time to kill! Let nobody escape and everyone keep an eye out for the shamans.

Flar'Tar: Sounds simple enough.

Kill Elf Leader

Killer: Miserable elf, we want some answers!

Elvish Champion: Ugh!

Killer: SPEAK!

Elvish Champion: ... Well, what do you want to know?

Killer: You can start by telling us who told you to strike at Borstep.

Elvish Champion: Uh... we have intelligence.

Killer: Don't make me hurt you more.

Elvish Champion: I yield. Shan Taum the Smug told us that that's where the shamans were, and that it was a rally point and weapons depot for you orcs.

Killer: Bah, do not think you can break the unity of the horde with your stupid lies!

Elvish Champion: No really, it's true. He is jealous of some young upstart called Kapou'e. He says all the shamans ‘suck up' to him just because his father had a black eye or something like that.

Killer: Refer to Black-Eye Karun with respect, wose-born. Now, where are the shamans?

Elvish Champion: They're… the humans killed them.

Killer: You lie!

Elvish Champion: I do not. Their bodies are frozen in the lake just over there.

Killer Is Kapou'e

Kapou'e:' We had better go look.

What?! The human-worms and tree-shaggers have gone too far! BLOOD AND STEEL! I want every human and elf in this area slaughtered! Show no mercy, give no quarter!


Kapou'e: You had better go look.

Killer: I obey.

Chief! It's true, the shamans have been murdered!

Kapou'e: What?! The human-worms and tree-shaggers have gone too far! BLOOD AND STEEL! I want every human and elf in this area slaughtered! Show no mercy, give no quarter!

Killer: What should I do with this one?

Kapou'e: Throw him in the lake. If he freezes to death, all the better.

Scenario 15: Civil War


Infuriated by the murder of the shamans, the orcish horde massacred the humans and their allies. In their rage, they scoured the snow for hours looking for any survivors. Only when their rage was spent did the full implications of the shamans' deaths begin to sink in.

With the Council broken, there was now nothing left to hold the orcish forces together. And if the orcish forces began to fight amongst themselves as they so often did, then the humans would eradicate them with ease.

Kapou'e vowed that this would not happen. Events had the smell of a treacherous plot aimed at destroying the unity of the orcs. Furthermore, if the tree-shagger was to be trusted, then Shan Taum the Smug was behind it all. What an orc expected to gain from destroying his own race was beyond Kapou'e, but he decided to march to Bitok personally and confront the traitor. Bitok being on the far side of orcish territory, this would also give him a good chance to clobber the orcs together again — the old fashioned way.

Furthermore, the troops who had been led by Kapou'e this far had grown to respect him as a wise and capable leader, and they proclaimed their loyalty to him. Delighted, Kapou'e sent detachments off in different directions to bring in the other tribes, by force if necessary. Al'Brock was sent west, along the route that Kapou'e had used to flee the human forces almost a year before. Flar'Tar was sent directly south to rally the tribes along the Mountains of Haag and the eastern Mourned Hills. Kapou'e himself made a direct southwest beeline towards Bitok. They were all to meet in Dorset that spring to repel the human attack that seemed certain to come.

Having thus made his plans, Kapou'e set out for Bitok to get to the root of this treachery.

Introductory Dialogue

Kapou'e: If we are going to make it to Bitok, and then back to Dorset before spring we have to get a move on. Break camp as soon as possible. Destroy all opposition in your path, I want this area to be firmly under my control by the time we are through here.

Braga: Black-Eye! We won't submit to an upstart like you!

Meato: Turn around and go back to where you came from or you'll find your head on a pike! Right?

Ragvan: Right!

Kergai: Right!

Kapou'e: It's been a chilly winter. How about we warm ourselves up a bit by giving these traitors a good whupping, boys?

Grüü Kills an Archer or an Assassin

Grüü: Little orcs fun to squash too! Chief doesn't let me too often.

Kapou'e: You can have as many as you want now, Grüü.

Kill an Enemy Leader

Killer: This rabble won't be a problem anymore.

Killer: Got this tribe under control.

Killer: This is what you get for deserting the Son of the Black-Eye.

Killer: This trash's gone.


Grüü: Heehee, we wiped them out good.

Kapou'e: Now let's get going, we have an appointment with Shan Taum.

Move to Signpost with Enemy Alive

Kapou'e: I can't leave these renegades unguarded at our rear. I must take care of them before continuing.

Scenario 16: The Coward


Kapou'e and his followers made a grueling march across the frozen Northlands. For the orcs it was a constant nightmare of freezing, marching and fighting. Food was scarce, and the stores that they managed to seize from rebellious tribes had to be strictly rationed. Many of the weaker orcs who weren't killed in combat died from exhaustion, or fell behind and froze to death.

Throughout this nightmare Kapou'e drove himself and his men ruthlessly. The spring thaw would soon be upon them and with it, the human army that Earl Lanbec'h was no doubt rallying. By that time the orcs had to be united one way or another, since if they were separated and scattered, they would surely be exterminated.

And so they marched on, persevering in weather that would kill even the most hardened human, and through fierce bloody battles with belligerent tribes.

Finally, after over three months, Kapou'e and his exhausted but hardened army arrived at Bitok, just before the spring thaw.

Introductory Dialogue

Kapou'e: Good morning, Shan Taum!

Shan Taum: What... Kapou'e! What in the frozen northlands are you doing here?!

Kapou'e: Oh, I just thought I would take a bracing winter stroll and visit my father's old friend. How could I not, given his impressive list of recent accomplishments.

Shan Taum: Accomplishments?

Kapou'e: Well let's see, first he betrays the trust of his sworn sovereign and becomes no less then a boot-licking spy for the humans. Then goes on to engineer the death of half of the Great Council and in doing so makes himself directly responsible for the deaths of hundreds of orcs. And best of all, he is directly responsible for a bloody civil war right at the time when his people are on the edge of total extermination!

Shan Taum:

Kappu'e: Tell you what, you ungrateful backstabbing traitor, if you surrender right now I will just cut off your head instead of torturing you to death.


Kapou'e: Right... So what will it be, beheading or torture?

Shan Taum: How dare you accuse me of being a traitor, you turdlicker! Orga, kill this kid for me. I'll be in my keep.

Orga: Yes sir!

(Shan Taum bravely runs away)

Kapou'e: What! Fight like an orc, you gutless coward!

Turn 4

Helper: Hey Chief, it's pretty odd. Shan Taum doesn't seem to have too many of his men around. He was given control of half the Great Horde. Do you think they left him?

Kapou'e: I doubt it. Shan Taum knows how to dissemble. I'll bet he sent them out like we did to clobber the other tribes to his rule. In any case, it will be convenient for us.

Victory Dialogue

Kapou'e: Good, we crushed this pocket of resistance too. Now where in the world did that coward Shan Taum run off to?

Scenario 17: The Human Attack


As Kapou'e expected, by the time his forces had been defeated Shan Taum was nowhere to be found. Gritting his teeth and vowing that he would yet make a mug out of the traitor's skull, Kapou'e gathered his men and headed for Dorset.

Once there he found his generals, Al'Brock and Flar'Tar had already arrived along with hundreds of bloodthirsty orcs. The warriors of the tribes that Kapou'e had cowed into submission were also present. In addition, the remaining shamans of the Great Council were also present to help in whatever way they could to preserve the unity of the Horde.

Their presence proved to be unnecessary. It came as a shock to Kapou'e to discover, after a few days, that his people held him in awe. News of Kapou'e's exploits had been widely circulated — from his rescue of the shamans at Barag Gór, to his forced march through the northern blizzards. Younger grunts especially worshiped him with such fervor that he found it almost frightening.

Days passed, the snows melted and Kapou'e readied his defenses. A few weeks after Kapou'e's arrival, riders caught sight of Earl Lanbec'h's army.

Introductory Dialogue

Earl Lanbec'h: This is it, men! It is time to make these orcs pay for all that they have done to us. Attack and spare no orc! Let us take back this land which is rightfully ours!

Kapou'e: Forward, men! Our wolves will feed well tonight!

Grüü: Come here, human softlings. Grüü has a little present for you...

Turn 7

Narrator: As a fresh day dawned, more human forces arrived.

Turn 13

Narrator: At the dawn of the third day, still more human forces arrived.

Turn 19

General: We have arrived, my lord.

Turn 25

Earl Lanbec'h: Ahhh, perfect, more reinforcements.

Howgarth Intervenes

Howgarth III: Hold it! What in the wide green world is going on here!

Earl Lanbec'h: Howgarth? You and your interfering alliance always show up at the worst possible time.

Kapou'e: Just who do you think you are, slug?

Howgarth III: I am Howgarth of the Northern Alliance, successor to the late Rahul I.

Earl Lanbec'h: This is a strictly territorial matter, Howgarth. The Northern Alliance has no right to intervene in this affair.

Howgarth: The hell I don't, Earl Lanbec'h, the Northern Alliance was witness to a treaty some twenty seven years ago between your people and the orcs, which both of you are no doubt violating. It is our duty as the orchestrator and witness of this treaty to see that it is honored.

Earl Lanbec'h: Well, good for you. As a matter of fact, this land is clearly defined under your precious treaty as human territory. So if you are so keen on being all high and noble, then muster your men to help us push back this orcish menace.

Howgarth III: Cease your lies, Lanbec'h. We all know that you were the one who started this war. But enough, it is time for all this to end. I call for both sides to parley and we shall discuss this matter.

Kapou'e: Ha ha, very funny, old fool. You think we are stupid enough to fall for that? I've not forgotten what you people did to my father.

Howgarth III: What in the world are you talking about?

Kapou'e: I am Kapou'e, son of the Black-Eye Karun. Twenty-seven years ago you people assassinated my father after inviting him to join the Northern Alliance.

Howgarth III: What? We received word that he declined our invitation and that was the end of the matter. I know nothing of his assassination. As a matter of fact, I was there when the orcish messenger brought Rahul Karun's reply.

Kapou'e: Messenger, what messenger?

Howgarth III: If I remember correctly, it was some orc named Shan Taum.

Kapou'e: Funny, that name sounds oddly familiar...

Kapou'e Dies

Kapou'e: Argh! I'm done. My people are doomed!

Scenario 18: Northern Alliance


Kapou'e agreed to meet Howgarth III. Not trusting the human however, Kapou'e brought along Grüü, as well as one of his most trusted soldiers. Earl Lanbec'h flatly refused to attend the parley.

The human attack having stopped for the time being, both parties met in the middle of the battlefield. Howgarth III demanded that Kapou'e give Dorset back to the humans and return to their lands as defined in the treaty. Kapou'e refused to do so as long as the humans were attacking orcish lands. He demanded that the humans disperse their forces and return any land they had stolen from the orcs. Only then would he return Dorset and disperse the Horde.

Howgarth III agreed and further added that, if Earl Lanbec'h continued in aggression, then under the dictates of the Northern Alliance, he himself would be forced to move against the Earl.

That having been settled, Kapou'e began to inquire about the death of his father. Howgarth III repeated his story, that the last thing they heard from Black-Eye Karun was the message declining their invitation to join the Northern Alliance, brought by none other then Shan Taum himself.

As they were discussing the matter, a group of orcs charged from the surrounding trees and hills and surrounded the parley.

Introductory Dialogue

Shan Taum: Now now now, what do we have here. Collaborating with the enemy again just like your disgusting father, are you?

Kapou'e: Collaborating with the humans, pfff. You're one to talk. What are you doing here, Shan Taum?

Shan Taum: I am here to do to you what I did to your father.

Kapou'e: So you did kill my father then.

Howgarth III: What did I tell you, Kapou'e?

Earl Lanbec'h: Ha ha! Good work Shan Taum. That will teach them. Attack, boys, I want Dorset recaptured by sunset.

Howgarth III: Hold, Earl Lanbec'h. I have reached an agreement with these orcs. Since your army has been the aggressor, you must immediately disperse your army and withdraw from orcish territory. Once that is done then Kapou'e will give you back Dorset and call off the horde. I have had dealings with Kapou'e's father before and I believe his blood will be trustworthy. And if that isn't enough, then we are here to protect you in case he violates the pact.

Earl Lanbec'h: You and your damned compromises can go to hell. Your beloved Kapou'e will be joining you shortly.

Howgarth III: You leave us no choice but to take military action against you.

Earl Lanbec'h: Ha ha! Very funny, Howgarth. Look around you. You are going to be dead as soon as my orc friend here gives the order. And then your men will automatically assume that Kapou'e tricked and killed you.

Howgarth III: Not today, my friend. (Whistles)

(Units appear)

Kapou'e, it is essential that I make it back to my camp to bring news of our agreement and this treachery. One of my gryphon riders will take me. My bodyguards and the rest of my gryphons will help you fight free of this ambush. Once you get back to your camp, we will make a joint assault on these traitors. Once they are dead and dispersed, then I trust you will carry out our agreement.

Kapou'e: Agreed. Let's get to it. BLOOD AND STEEL!

Shan Taum: Blast! The human has escaped. Orcs, bring me Kapou'e's head. I must get to my camp and assault the city.

Grüü: Shan Taum big coward. Never want to fight.

Shan Taum Dies

Killed by Orc

Killer: Yeah, we finally got the coward. What do you want us to do with him chief?

Kapou'e: Stick his head at the end of a pike and let the buzzards pick it clean. I wasn't joking about making a mug from his skull.

Killed by Humans

Kapou'e: Blood and steel! The traitor was mine!

Howgarth III: I'm sorry, Kapou'e. I'll have my men leave what remains of him to you.

Orc: What do you want us to do with him chief?

Kapou'e: Stick his head at the end of a pike and let the buzzards pick it clean. I wasn't joking about making a mug from his skull.

Scenario 19: Epilogue


True to his word, once Lanbec'h had been slain, Howgarth III dispersed the Earl's forces and withdrew them from orcish territory. For his part Kapou'e withdrew from Dorset and dispersed the Great Horde. However, before the horde was dispersed he appointed three more shamans — with the consent of all — to make the Great Council complete again.

As they did his father, Howgarth III issued an invitation to Kapou'e to join the Northern Alliance. Kapou'e declined. Instead he went back to Barag Gór and, making that his capital, established himself as sovereign over all the northern tribes.

Kapou'e ruled for many years, and those years were a time of unprecedented prosperity and unity for the orcs. Under the leadership of Kapou'e, the united orc forces thoroughly scoured their territory of any renegade bands of humans, dwarves, elves, and undead. Agreements were thrashed out to the effect that orcs desiring to trade would have free passage anywhere in orcish territory without hindrance from other tribes.

During the eighth year of Kapou'e's reign, and then again in the fourteenth, the orcish territories were once again invaded, first by the elves, and then once again by the humans. As testament to the power of the orcs united under Kapou'e, both attacks were quickly and decisively crushed, even before the Northern Alliance could intervene.

In order to keep fighting between the tribes to a minimum, Kapou'e also maintained an enormous army, drawn from all corners of his empire. To offset the cost of maintaining such an army, he often hired out portions of it to act as mercenaries in foreign struggles. People of all races took advantage of this and, consequently, those orcs thirsting for battle got more then enough to keep them from attacking their nearest neighbors.

Grüü in particular took great delight in these excursions. The huge, cunning, and swift troll soon became even more well known than Kapou'e. Tales of his courage and cunning reached even as far as Wesnoth itself.

SotBE Specific Descriptions

Novice Orcish Shaman: Lvl 1

Orcish Shamans are the guardians of orcish magic. Respected among orcish tribes, they form the Orcish Council, which makes important decisions for the whole Orcish community and arbitrates the many conflicts that arise between tribes of this argumentative race. Although physically weak (for Orcs), Orcish Shamans are good spell casters and can curse their enemies, draining their life. Novice Shamans are still young and vigorous, but their spell-casting ability still needs improvement.

Orcish Shaman: Lvl 1

Orcish Shamans are the guardians of orcish magic. Respected among orcish tribes, they form the Orcish Council, which makes important decisions for the whole Orcish community and arbitrates the many conflicts that arise between tribes of this argumentative race. Although physically weak (for Orcs), Orcish Shamans are good spell casters and can curse their enemies, draining their life.

Old Orcish Shaman: Lvl 1

Orcish Shamans are the guardians of orcish magic. Respected among orcish tribes, they form the Orcish Council, which makes important decisions for the whole Orcish community and arbitrates the many conflicts that arise between tribes of this argumentative race. Although physically weak (for Orcs), Orcish Shamans are good spell casters and can curse their enemies, draining their life. Old Orcish Shamans are shamans that have mastered magic, although their physical strength has declined with age.

Watch Tower: Lvl1

Watch Towers are good places from which to spot enemies and then shoot miscellaneous items at them with ballistas.

SotBE's Specified Unit Names


  • Kapou'e (Orcish Leader)
  • Rahul I (Lord Protector)
  • Black-Eye Karun (Ruler)
  • Vrag (Wolf Rider)
  • Rugh (Orcish Slayer)
  • Pirk (Orcish Shaman)
  • Gork (Old Orcish Shaman)
  • Vraurk (Novice Orcish Shaman)
  • Jetto (Orcish Assassin)
  • Affman (Orcish Warrior)
  • Shan Taum (Orcish Warlord)
  • Fabstep (Old Orcish Shaman)
  • Klebar (Old Orcish Shaman)
  • Echarp (Old Orcish Shaman)
  • Plonk (Orcish Slayer)
  • Al'Brock (Orcish Warlord)
  • Flar'Tar (Orcish Warlord)
  • Braga (Orcish Warlord)
  • Meato (Orcish Warlord)
  • Ragvan (Orcish Warlord)
  • Kergai (Orcish Warlord)
  • Orga (Orcish Warlord)
  • Knorgh (Orcish Grunt)
  • Nofhug (Orcish Grunt)


  • Alber (Lieutenant)
  • Earl Lanbec'h (Grand General)
  • Slowhand (General)
  • Harman (General)
  • Ar-Dant (Rogue/Assassin)
  • Arthur (General)
  • Hank (Lieutenant)
  • Sagmar (Bandit)
  • Telthys (General)
  • Fredrick (General)
  • Georgy (General)
  • Howgarth III (General)


  • Kwili (Dwarvish Lord)
  • Darstang (Dwarvish Steelclad)
  • Angthur (Dwarvish Steelclad)
  • Trithalsul (Dwarvish Steelclad)


  • Blemaker (Troll Warrior)
  • Grüü (Troll Hero)
  • Toughkon (Troll Whelp)
  • Pe (Troll Whelp)


  • Etheliel (Elvish Marshal)
  • Hida'tul (Elvish Marshal)
  • Ammon (Elvish Marshal)
  • Sammual (Elvish Marshal)
  • Lucile (Elvish Shyde)
  • Raceme (Elvish Captain)
  • Linduilas (Elvish Scout)
  • Thelarion (Elvish Champion)
  • Telamir (Elvish Champion)
  • Pelondras (Elvish Champion)
  • Valan (Elvish Champion)


  • Na-Mana (Lich)
  • Ma-Rana (Lich)


  • Inarix (Saurian Ambusher)


  • Plouf (Merman Warrior)
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