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This is a transcription of all dialogue from Dead Water. It is meant as a resource for Wesnoth writers. If you don't want spoilers, leave this page now.

Death Dialogue


Kai Krellis: Cylanna! I need you!

Kai Krellis

Cyanna: We are lost without our king!

Scenario 1: Invasion!

Story Text

In the Far North, where the Mountains of Dorth approach the coast, lies a bay with a narrow mouth. In the calm waters of this bay lies the merfolk city of Jotha. The natural harbor and the prosperity of the dwellers within drew many envious eyes, but none could match the prowess of the merfolk in their aquatic domain. In most years, orcs from the port city of Tirigaz, further north, would raid against Jotha as predictably as the spring rains; always, they were driven back to dry land with heavy losses, the salt water of the bay stinging their wounds.

In 626 YW, Jotha was attacked by a larger raiding party than ever before. The king Kai Laudiss led his troops to repel the raiders. They were successful, but merfolk casualties were greater than usual. And numbered with the slain was the wife of Kai Laudiss. The kai's grief was great, but his wrath was also fearsome to behold. He readied his army to follow the orcs. His stated purpose was not revenge, but the desire to secure the safety of Jotha with a demonstration of force that would teach the orcs to steer well clear of the merfolk. The merfolk army caught up with the orc band as it reached Tirigaz.

Under the cover of darkness, the mermen slid into the bay, intending to launch a surprise attack at dawn. But the orcs were prepared for this, and had hastily devised a surprise of their own. Ships at the mouth of the bay that had seemed but derelict hulks disgorged hordes of orcs. More of them poured forth from the city. The merfolk were trapped, and found themselves vastly outnumbered.

Kai Laudiss's army fought fiercely, slaying five orcs for every warrior they lost. The kai himself fought with reckless abandon; foes fell with each swing of his great mace. The orcs discovered that trapped mermen were tougher than they had imagined, and found themselves fleeing into the forest to escape their vengeful spears. As the kai had intended, it was a defeat the orcs would not soon forget; but the cost was heavy. Kai Laudiss was felled by a poisoned orcish dart, and the greater part of his army was destroyed. When the remaining soldiers returned to Jotha, Krellis, the young son of Kai Laudiss, learned that he had become kai.

Kai Krellis felt too young for the responsibilities of a kingdom, so he relied on the wisdom of a priestess named Cylanna. She had been a friend of his father, and he had known her as long as he could remember. Cylanna mourned the former kai, but believed that his sacrifice would allow Krellis to preside over an age of peace. Unfortunately, that was not to be. A new enemy appeared from under the mountains.

Introductory Dialogue

Kai Krellis: Is something wrong, priestess?

Cylanna: Maybe. I smell death and decay.

(undead appear)

Gwabbo: Back, you fiend! You have not won...I will return to finish this.

(Gwabbo runs away)

Kai! We are under attack! Fell creatures invaded our village and slew without mercy. I managed to fight my way clear, and have come to seek your aid.

Kai Krellis: What manner of creatures were they?

Gwabbo: I have never seen their like before in all my years. They were like men, but they had no skin. Our spears went right through them; they laughed at our weapons. And they smelled like nothing in the sea, of dank earth and rottenness.

Cylanna: Undead. This will be your first real test as a leader, Kai Krellis. You must defeat these creatures.

Gwabbo: Kai, please lead us against them yourself, it will hearten the folk. And — if you will permit — you reach the age now where a kai must learn battle skills.

Cylanna: Gwabbo speaks wisely. You must fight; I will protect you as much as I can...but when war looms, a kai must lead. It is our way.

Narrator: You have few trained fighters, so you can only recruit three of each level 1 unit. There is no limit on citizens.

Enemy's First Turn

Mal-Kevek: Rise, my slaves! We will create an army for Lord Ravanal.

(Mermen zombies appear)

Cylanna: He is raising our dead to fight against us! Even though they were your own citizens, Krellis, show no mercy. Destroy them if you can.

Kill Mal-Kevek

Mal-Kevek: Foolish fish-men. You cannot kill me that easily.

Narrator: The merfolk saw a shadowy shape rise from the dead body of the necromancer and disappear under the mountain.

Kai Krellis Kills

Kai Krellis: Hey, I did it!

Gwabbo: Good work Kai, if I may say so.

Scenario 2: Flight

Story Text

Kai Krellis was concerned that the undead might return, so he determined to learn as much as possible about them. His only clue was the name the necromancer had spoken: "Lord Ravanal". He sent his swiftest scouts north and south along the coast to learn what they might about this Ravanal. The news they brought him was not good.

Mal-Ravanal, it seemed, was a great human wizard who had transformed himself into a lich. He had attacked the edges of the kingdom of Wesnoth, and was building a fearsome army of undead humans there. He had also sent necromancers to attack the orcs, and even the elves, in a quest for undead soldiers of different races. It seemed that he also lusted for merfolk slaves. Krellis' scouts reported that more dark armies were heading north.

As the weeks went by, the veterans of the last battle helped train new recruits. Krellis' army did not yet match his father's, but he now had many competent soldiers. As he had expected, their adversaries soon arrived.

Introductory Dialogue

Mal-Kevetk: You may have ended my first life, but you have only made me more powerful in death. Now I will teach you a lesson!

Mel Daveth: Leave some of them for me.

Death Knight: Uhhh.

Mel Daveth: And him.

Kai Krellis: We are surrounded. Look how many there are! How can we defeat them this time?

Cylanna: I am afraid we cannot. We need help. My old instructor, Tyegëa, teaches on an island to the north. She and her priestesses are powerful. With their help we could probably defeat these enemies. Our task is to convince her to leave her enclave.

Kai Krellis: You can do that, right?

Cylanna: I am not sure that I can. However, you could.

Kai Krellis: Me? I've never even met Tyegëa. How can I convince her to help us if you cannot?

Cylanna: You will just have to trust me on this. She will listen to you. I will say no more on the matter.

Kai Krellis: Very well. How do we get there?

Cylanna: We follow the coast north, then go west to Bilheld Island. Tyegëa lives on a small island to the west of Bilheld, which is over ocean to the west-southwest of Tirigaz. Everyone will have to go; it is now deadly perilous here, and the open ocean west of Tirigaz can be dangerous for small groups.

Kai Krellis Is Lvl 0

Have Gwabbo

Gwabbo: Most of your citizens are not soldiers who will simply obey your orders. It will not be voiced aloud, but if you leave now, some of the people will think this mission is just an excuse to run away.

Kai Krellis: I am not afraid! My people will see me fight the undead before we leave, even if defeating them all is impossible.

Don't Have Gwabbo

Cylanna: However, I am afraid that not everyone will follow you on so perilous an adventure. First you must prove you are not afraid of danger. If you leave now, many will think the mission is but an excuse to flee.

Kai Krellis: I am not afraid! My people will see me fight the undead before we leave, even if defeating them all is impossible.

Kai Krellis Isn't Lvl 0

Kai Krellis: But will everyone follow me on so perilous an adventure? I am still a youth; it may be they will not trust me.

Have Gwabbo

Gwabbo: They will follow. You proved your courage in our last battle. Your father, the Kai-that-was, would have been proud.

Don't Have Gwabbo

Cylanna: You have proven your courage in battle, as tradition required of a kai; they will follow you now.

Mal-Kevek Dies

Mal-Kevek: This is impossible!

Killer Isn't Krellis

Killer: Look! There is a bat cowering in the corner here.

Kai Krellis: Well, kill it, and lets keep moving.

Killer: But look, it's licking my hand.

Friendly Bat: Neep?

Killer: It's kind of cute.

Kai Krellis: Very well then. I suppose we have our own bat.

Killer Is Kellis

Kai Krellis: Look! There is a bat cowering in the corner here.

Cylanna: Aren't you going to kill it? We need to keep moving.

Kai Krellis: I would feel bad about that. It is, uh, licking my hand.

Friendly Bat: Neep?

Cylanna: Apparently you have your own bat.

Kill Death Knight

Killer: Look, this chest was in his tent. It is filled with gold!

Narrator: You receive 200 gold.

Victory Dialogue

Cylanna: Killing these enemies was good, but there were many more on the way. It will take greater might than we have to defeat them.

Kai Krellis: Onward to Tyegëa's island, then.

It galls me to flee from our home, but we will return.

Scenario 3: Wolf Coast

Story Text

Distrustful of the open ocean, Kai Krellis led his people up the coast.

They had only just begun their trek when they encountered wolves who had gotten wind of the battle. Many of the wolves were ridden by goblins. The orcs of Tirigaz, chastened by Kai Laudiss's victory, might have decided not to bother the merfolk, but these goblins were bandits and outcasts even to their own kind.

Introductory Dialogue

Gashnok: Smells like lots of death in the south. There must be a good feast near that merman town.

Vrunt: Let's hope those wild wolves over there don't get to it before we do.

Gashnok: Hold on...It looks like a better feast is coming our way! Fresh fish, boys! Go get it.

Kei Krellis: Beware, people!

Trident Found

Bat Finds It

Friendly Bat: Neep, neep!

Kai Krellis: Someone go find out what is exciting the bat.

Merman Finds It

Unit: There is something sticking out of the mud here. Ah! I got it.

Cylanna: I know what that is. It's a storm trident. It is supposed to let you control the lightning.

Narrator: The trident is 14-2, magical, ranged, with fire damage.

Take Trident

Unit: That sounds great! I'll take it.

Unit: Let me have that trident. I want to control lightning!

Leave Trident

Unit: That sounds frightening. Let someone else have it.

Unit: I'll just leave that trident where it is.

Gothras Dies

Marth-Tak: My thanks, dwarves. These bandits might have hacked a bloody swathe through the Alliance's tribes if we had not killed them here.

Aiglondur: My thanks to you, for proving there are orcs I can fight alongside rather than against. But we cannot linger here to celebrate; we are journeying east.

Marth-Tak: East, eh? You won't find many friends in that direction. Travel safely.

Scenario 4: Slavers

Story Text

Now, they were farther away from home than most merfolk ever went. Only Cylanna and a few soldiers had been farther.

Introductory Dialogue

Kai Krellis There are cages on the shore. I wonder why.

(Teelöa appears)

Teelöa: Help! Save me!

Kai Krellis: Who are you? What is happening?

Teelöa: My name is Teelöa. I have been a slave to these saurians for almost two years. I saw you coming up the coast in strength, so I fled. They follow in my wake, and without your protection they will surely kill me.

Kai Krellis: A slave!

Gilak: You! Merman! You have some property of oursss. Return it at once if you value your life.

Kai Krellis: If you mean this merman, Teelöa, he is no longer your property. No person should be the property of another. Release all your slaves, or the wrath of the merfolk will fall upon you!

Cylanna: A brave and kindhearted choice! I cannot abide slavery.

Gwabbo: Those were the words of a merman, Kai Krellis, and well spoken. The folk are truly yours now.

Narrator: Kai Krellis saw that it was so. The refugee merfolk, sore in their pride from fleeing their enemies, cheered his ultimatum and made ready to fight with a will.

Gilak: Foolish merman! You will sssoon wish you had minded your own affairs.

Turn 2

Kai Krellis: Perhaps if I called out to the slaves, I could rouse them to help us fight against their captors.

Have Gwabbo

Gwabbo: I think that would work. If I may make a suggestion though, I think we should wait for a more strategic moment.

Kai Krellis: Never hesitate to speak your counsel to me, Gwabbo. You have been my right arm on this journey; your courage and loyalty are well proven.

Cylanna: Those are the words of a true kai and your father's son. I am proud of you, Krellis.

Narrator: You can choose when the slaves come out of their villages and attack their captors. When you are ready, right click anywhere and select the slave revolt.

Don't Have Gwabbo

Cylanna: I believe that would work, but many of them will be killed if you do it now. It might be better to wait.

Narrator: You can choose when the slaves come out of their villages and attack their captors. When you are ready, right click anywhere and select the slave revolt.

Slaves Revolt

Kai Krellis: Hear this! Slaves, the merfolk have sworn war against your tormentors. If you would be free, arise and seize your liberty!

(big juicy slaves appear)

Narrator: Cheers erupted from several villages, and former slaves rushed out with whatever meager weapons they could find, or fists and rocks if no weapons were to hand. Screams and curses came from the saurian castles.


=Found By Bat

Kai Krellis: There is a treasure chest there! Good bat!

Narrator: You receive 100 gold.

Found By Merman

Unit: There is a treasure chest here!

Narrator: You receive 100 gold.

Drake Found

Found By Bat

Friendly Bat: Neep!

Kai Krellis: I believe our bat is impressed! That must be a drake. I am told they are fearsome, but honorable, creatures. I think we can let him out of the cage.

Found By Kai

Kai Krellis: This must be a drake. I am told they are honorable creatures. I am going to let him out of the cage.

Found By Merman

Kai Krellis: That must be a drake. I am told they are fearsome, but honorable, creatures. Let him out of the cage.

Unit: Uh...If you say so.

Dialogue Continues

Kai Krellis: What is your name?

Keshan: I am Keshan.

Kai Krellis: How did you come to be in a cage?

Keshan: I was hunting north of here when the small ones captured me. I killed many, but I was humiliated in the end.

Kai Krellis: Will you fight with us, Keshan?

Keshan: You have released me, so I owe you a great debt. I will fight with you.

Gwabbo: Don't let him go too crazy. Those saurian spears will go right through his scales.

Poacher Found

Found By Bat

Friendly Bat: Neep?

Kai Krellis: Who are you, and what are you doing in a cage?

Found By Merman

Unit: Who are you, and what are you doing in a cage?

Dialogue Continues

Siddry: My name is Siddry. These cursed saurians nabbed me a week ago — wanted me to turn overseer to their other slaves. I wouldn't do it, so they caged me with them. They tried to take my bow too, but they had some trouble with that.

Kai Krellis: So you will help us defeat them?

Siddry: The way I see it, you're helping me. There is nothing I would like better than to put their slavery to an end. I can't swim, so I won't be able to come with you on your travels, but I will owe you. If there is anything I can do in the future, I will do it.

Kai Krellis: Well met, then, friend. I am Kai Krellis, leader of the people of Jotha.

Victory Dialogue If Slaves Alive

Slave: Kai Krellis, you have freed us, and we are forever in your debt. How can we repay you?

Kai Krellis: I will not ask you to follow me. You have suffered enough for the benefit of others. Go back to your families if you have them, and work for yourselves from now on.

Scenario 5: Tirigaz

Story Text

Farther up the coast was the port city of Tirigaz where Kai Laudiss had so soundly beaten the orcs. Bilheld was due west from there. The merfolk felt uneasy, so they took shelter in an abandoned orcish encampment as night fell.

Introductory Dialogue

(Ghost approaches)

Ghost: Found. Them.


Kai Krellis: I feared this might happen. We tarried too long fighting the saurians, and the undead have caught up with us. The spirits may have trapped us here for the night, but in the morning we will...

Marg-Tonz: What's going on? What are you fish-men doing here? Are we constantly to be pestered by you creatures?

Cylanna: He's one to complain about that

Kai Krellis: We were just passing through.

Marg-Tonz: Well, finish passing.

Kai Krellis: Actually, we have some ghosts after us now, and we would like to shelter here for a while.

Marg-Tonz: Forget about it! We don't want no trouble, but get off our land! Ghosts who don't like fish are your problem.

Kai Krellis: If you give us a few hours to regroup and prepare our soldiers, we will go without causing you trouble.

Marg-Tonz: You have one hour. After that, we are tearing down that old encampment. You stay in the water if you know what's good for you. If you set foot...or whatever...on land again, we'll cut your throats. And stay off our piers. And don't touch the ships neither!

Cylanna: I wonder how he gets customers with manners like that.

Kai Krellis: One hour will work for us. It will not take all of us to defeat the undead. " (WHISPER We can decide what to do about the orc after that.)

Narrator: You will only be able to use your keep for one turn.

Orcs Attack

Squatting on Turn 2

Marg-Tonz: You're still squatting on our land! I warned you.

Touch Land After Turn 3

Marg-Tonz: I told you to stay off our land! Now you're in for it.

Merman Lands on a Ship

Marg-Tonz: I told not to bother the ships! Now you're in for it.

Merman Attacks an Orc

Marg-Tonz: You crazy fish men are attacking us? After we tried to be nice? That's it. We're going to end you once and for all.

Orcs and Ghosts Dead

Kai Krellis: Now maybe we can head west undisturbed.

Orcs Alive and Ghosts Killed

Kai Krellis: We have destroyed the undead.

Option: Now maybe we can head west undisturbed.

Option: This orc leader has not learned that threatening merfolk is a bad idea. We shall defeat him before we go.

Marg-Tonz Killed

Marg-Tonz: I hate mermen!

Killer: It seems that orc was rich! He has a chest here with over 100 pieces of gold!

Scenario 6: Uncharted Islands

Story Text

Now the merfolk had no choice but to travel through the open ocean, which they knew was more dangerous than shallow water. After a few days, they found some islands in their path. The infirm and young among the refugees needed a break from travel; Cylanna only vaguely remembered them, but thought they might be safe.

Introductory Dialogue

Kai Krellis: Uh oh. There is someone else here. Hey! He is being attacked by a cuttle fish!

Growloff: Look my pet, here's a yummy treat!

Kai Krellis: he talking to it?!

Cylanna: It is worse than that. I think we are the treat!

Growloff: Who is ready for a merfolk snack?

Kai Krellis: Brace yourselves.

Growloff Recruits a Sea Serpent

Kai Krellis: Oh no! Look what he has frisking at his heels now. And I thought the cuttle fish was bad!

Monster Killed

Growloff: You killed my pet! You'll pay for that!

Victory Dialogue

Growloff: Don't kill me!

Kai Krellis: But you attacked us with these monsters.

Growloff: They are my friends. I've been so lonely here...and you killed so many of my friends. They could be your friends too. Spare me, and I'll give you my favorite cuttle fish. His name is Inky.

Kai Krellis: I do not want a dangerous beast like that!

Growloff: But he's tame! Really! He understands dozens of commands. He'll do what you tell him. He's a really nice fish.

Cylanna: Maybe we could use a pet sea monster.

Kai Krellis: Very well. I will take the cuttle fish. But do not trouble us again, or I shall kill you and all the rest of your pets.

Growloff: Of course, of course. I promise! I never wanted to hurt you nice people anyway.

(Inky appears)

Kai Krellis: Right. Tell me how to control this thing.

Scenario 7: Bilheld

Story Text

Finally, the merfolk arrived at Bilheld. Their destination, and help, was just behind it. The island was inhabited, however, and the residents didn't look happy to see them.

Introductory Dialogue

Vlagnor: What are you mermen doing here?

Kai Krellis: We have business with Tyegëa on the other side of the island.

Vlagnor: The mermaid witch?

Cylanna: Witch?!

Kai Krellis: Witch?

Vlagnor: She kill drakes. If you are her friend, we will kill you. We do not want MORE mermen blasting and stabbing.

Kai Krellis: We are going around this island whether you want us to or not.

Vlagnor: This is OUR territory and you will not pass.

Have Keshan

Vlagnor: You! Drake. Do we kill you too?

Keshan: These are my friends. I will fight with them.

Vlagnor: Then you will die with them!

Scenario 8: Fear

Story Text

It had been more of an adventure than the Kai Krellis had planned, but they were finally at their destination. The small island where Tyegëa and her students lived was before them.

Introductory Dialogue

Cylanna: Krellis...choose your words carefully. Tyegëa is a bit unpredictable.

Tyegëa: Welcome, merfolk! It has been a long time since outsiders have visited. And Cylanna! It is pleasant to see you.

Cylanna: The honor is ours. I present Kai Krellis of Jotha.

Tyegëa: Indeed! So this is the one. Does he know?

Kai Krellis: Know what?

Cylanna: Now is not the time. We have a desperate errand, Tyegëa. Jotha has been attacked and taken.

Kai Krellis: We were forced to flee for our lives from legions of undead. If you help us, we can remove these spirits from our home.

Tyegëa: And what makes you think I want to leave my comfortable home and risk death by attacking armies of undead?

Kai Krellis: I had hoped…

Tyegëa: I am sure it was Cylanna's idea that you come here. She has a reason. Don't you Cylanna? Tell him what it is.

Cylanna: (Sigh.) I had hoped to avoid this, but it seems I cannot.

Tyegëa: I never agreed that secrecy was necessary, but I respected Maudin's wishes in the matter. Now Indress and Maudin are dead, and I am not. Tell the boy the truth.

Kai Krellis: You knew my grandparents?

Cylanna: Actually, Tyegëa is your grandmother.

Kai Krellis: What? How is that possible?

Cylanna: When your grandfather married Indress, he he did not know that Tyegëa had already born him a son. When she delivered your father to Jotha, your grandmother Indress agreed to keep it secret and raise the infant as her own.

Tyegëa: That was quite a scandal, too, but I was not cut out to be a mother.

Kai Krellis: I am astonished. I suppose I should be honored to have such a distinguished ancestor. Now I understand why Cylanna knew you would help us.

Tyegëa: That remains to be seen. I find it disturbing that a Kai — and my descendant — would run here begging for help. Before I agree to save you, you have to prove that my blood flows in your veins. Prove that your are, despite appearances, courageous, and worthy of my help.

Kai Krellis: Well, I defeated the Drakes on your island.

Tyegëa: Bah! Drakes only look dangerous. Soldiers carrying spears make short work of them. No, I have something else in mind. You will complete a task for the good of the merfolk. Listen.

About 200 years ago, a powerful mermaid named Imirna fell in love with a human wizard named Agnovon. Agnovon cared not for love, but he smiled falsely at Imirna, and she trusted him. When he asked her to help him enchant a sword so that it was wreathed continuously in magic flame, she devoted all her skill to fashioning the weapon. Later, Agnovon used that very sword to defeat Imirna's own people and steal their wealth. In her grief, Imirna poisoned herself.

I have long desired to see the sword returned to the merfolk to whom it should belong. If you retrieve it, you would prove yourself to be worthy of whatever help I was to provide. I do not know precisely where to find the sword, but I know one who does. South of the Swamp of Desolation, near a ruined castle, lives a mage named Caladon. He has lusted after the sword for years, so he will know where to find the lich who keeps it.

Kai Krellis: A lich has it? We were fleeing liches in the first place.

Tyegëa: There is only one of them. If you cannot defeat even one lich, you must be expecting me to get rid of all of your undead myself!

Kai Krellis: My apologies. You are right, of course. We will undertake this task.

Tyegëa: I will not send you away completely empty-handed, though. I can spare some holy water for one of your soldiers.

Narrator: The holy water will make melee attacks do arcane damage for the rest of the campaign. Choose a unit to take it. You may recruit or recall a unit if you want.

(Holy Water taken)

Tyegëa: Now, go. Come back with the flaming sword, and my priestesses and I will help you take back Jotha.

Scenario 9: The Mage

Story Text

The party traveled back to the mainland and followed the shore further north. Kai Krellis had much to think about. First, what Tyegëa had revealed about his ancestry gave him questions he could not answer. Second, he was nervous about the task ahead. He felt confidence in his people but feared paying too great a price in dead and wounded to pass Tyegëa's test. He felt sometimes angry at Tyegëa for sending him on this extra journey, and sometimes grateful that she was willing to help at all.

After several days, the smell of the swamp was just becoming noticeable when they found a small ruined castle in the right place to be the one Tyegëa had mentioned. Night was falling, and it was very dark beneath the trees, but Krellis was in a hurry, now that the end of their journey was in sight. He decided to go ashore and try to find the mage immediately.

Introductory Dialogue

Cylanna: I do not much care for the look of this area. The darkness seems to hang beneath the trees, unnaturally dense.

Teelöa: I just heard a splash. I think something's out there.

Kai Krellis: Let us find the mage quickly and leave.

Bats First Appear

Teelöa: Hey, that cavern is full of bats! I HATE those things.

Kai Krellis: I hope there aren't any more bats in there.

Have Gwabbo

Gwabbo: This is a good place for a large colony, so I think we will see more soon.

Cylanna: This is a good place for a large colony, so I imagine we will see more soon.

Caladon Is Foud

Found By Keshan

Keshan: There is somebody here.

Caladon: Whoa thereBACK off or else!

Kai Krellis: Do not worry about him. He is friendly.

Found By Bat

Friendly Bat: Neep, neep, neep!

Found By Merman

Unit: Hey, I found somebody!

Dialogue Continues

Kai Krellis: You must be Caladon. We are glad to see you.

Caladon: I am Caladon. Am I glad to see YOU?

Kai Krellis: I am Kai Krellis of Jotha. I am seeking a flaming sword, and I am told you know where to find it.

Caladon: Ha! A MERman wants the Flaming Sword of AGNOVON! Why would YOU be able to get it when so many others could NOT? Although you do have an impressive collection of allies there.

Kai Krellis: Whether I can succeed or not, I must try. Will you help me find it?

Caladon: I will show you EXACTLY where it is, but knowing where to FIND it isn't the hard part. Oh, no! You will see, my fine merman, you will see.

Cylanna: We would be very grateful if you would guide us.

Caladon: I would be HAPPY to guide such a pretty mermaid AND her friends. Follow me everybody!

Cylanna Dies

Kai Krellis: Cylanna! I need you!

Tyegëa will never forgive me. We are lost.

Kai Krellis Dies

Cylanna: We are lost without our king!

Scenario 10: The Flaming Sword

Story Text

Caladon led them just a little way up the shore. Despite its name, the swamp was not actually desolate on the outskirts. A hardy population of humans coaxed a living out of the damp soil.

Introductory Dialogue

Spy: (whisper) Kai, I heard Caladon muttering about the sword. I think he may try to take it for himself.

Kai Krellis: (whispered) Thank you, $|. I will keep that in mind, but it may be hard for us to stop him with that teleporting trick he has.

Caladon: Here we are. There's a castle up ahead in the fog. That's where Agnovon has the sword.

Kai Krellis: The lich is Agnovon?

Caladon: Well, he calls himself Mal-Govon now, but yes. He called this land the KINGDOM of Agnovon. He was its first king. And its last, and every one in between, too! He kept getting older and older, but he never died. Well, NOW he's dead of course. He still putters around in that castle over there, but he hasn't really cared about keeping his kingdom under control for a good long while. I bet I can wake him up, though. Watch THIS!

Narrator: Suddenly, Caladon's strident voice shrieked out louder than seemed possible, as if there were dozens of men shouting at once.


Narrator: A voice came back like wind moaning through dry leaves. Though it was only whispered, all heard it better than they wanted.

Mal-Govon: What I remember, you old fool, is you leaving behind the smoldering bodies of the orcs you had hired to steal my sword. Now, you bring mermen. When they lay expiring like gasping fish on the shore, will you not flee again? Do not speak to me of fear.

Kai Krellis: We are here of our own accord, and we will take that sword.

Mal-Govon: The merman speaks. Tell it to go away, Caladon, if it doesn't want to get hurt.

Kai Krellis: That does it. Attack!

Turn 2

Caladon: A word of warning, young Kai. I carry a staff of righteous FLAME. If you let me die, I will take YOU all with me!

Find Outlaws

Howyrth: Hello there! Who are you? Were you the ones shouting about taking a sword?

Kai Krellis: I am Kai Krellis of Jotha. I am attempting to defeat Mal-Govon and take his sword. Will you to join us in battle against a common enemy?

Howyrth: I don't know if that creature really is our enemy. He has never bothered us, and I should stay at my post anyway. However, I'm sure many townsfolk would welcome the extra income if you want to hire them. I guess we would be happy to get rid of the monster just in case.

Narrator: You can now recruit human villagers, but you will not be able to recall them in future scenarios.

Don't Have Siddry

Siddry: Kai Krellis! What are you doing here? I thought you were traveling south when I met you.

Kai Krellis: Friend Siddy!

Howyrth: You know each other?!

Siddry: Kai Krellis is the one who saved me from slavery, Howyrth. I told him I would repay him if I could, and here is my chance. My friends and I will join you in your fight, Kai Krellis. We are yours to command, and we refuse to be paid.

Have Siddry

Dorcyn: I'll join you right now! That monster is just unnatural.

Kill Mal-Govon

Narrator: The mermen clapped their hands over their ears as a terrible wail echoed off the castle walls.

Killer: Now we have the sword!

Caladon: Correction. Now I have the sword!

(Teleports and steals sword)

Caladon: It's MINE! The Flaming Sword of Agnovon IS ALL MINE! I can feel warmth SPREADING through me!

Kai Krellis: What? We won that sword!

Caladon: Well, it's true that you helped, so I won't kill you. But I don't trust you, so leave my realm. Go on. I will grant you some time. The benevolence of Caladon will be LEGENDARY! Heh heh, HA!

Unit: (whispered) Kai! He dropped his staff! We can attack him whenever we want now!

Cylanna: (whispered) We can pretend we are going to leave though. That would buy me some time to heal the wounded.

Attack Caladon

Caladon: You DARE attack ME! You will regret that. Witness the POWER of the Flaming Sword of Caladon! I call on the ELEMENT OF FIRE to DO MY BIDDING!

Caladon Becomes Impatient

Caladon: You haven't left yet? My patience is at an END! Witness the POWER of the Flaming Sword of Caladon! I call on the ELEMENT OF FIRE to DO MY BIDDING!

Caladon Killed

Kai Krellis: Now we can finally grab that sword.

Units Lands on Sword


Human: I am not going with you. One of your people should take the sword.

Not Human

Narrator: This sword is 8-4, magical, with fire damage.

First Time

Unit: I'll carry this sword and destroy undead with blasts of flame.

Unit: This sword is not right for me. Let someone else have it.


Unit: I'll carry the sword

Unit: Let someone else have it.

Victory Dialogue with Humans Alive

Kai Krellis: We thank all you humans for your help, and release you from any farther obligations. Where we are going, you cannot easily follow.

Cylanna Dies

Kai Krellis: Cylanna! I need you!

Tyegëa will never forgive me. We are lost.

Kai Krellis Dies

Cylanna: We are lost without our king!

Caladon Killed


Caladon: CURSE you mermen!


Caladon: Aghh! Die!

Kai Krellis: He has the staff of...

Scenario 11: Getting Help

Story Text

Kai Krellis and his people no longer feared the open ocean, and they made straight for Tyegëa's island to show her the flaming sword.

Introductory Dialogue

Kai Krellis: We have brought the Flaming Sword. Caladon tried to steal it for himself, but we were able to get it back from him.

Tyegëa: He did not part with it willingly, so he must be dead.

Kai Krellis: It is as you say.

Tyegëa: No matter. He was a fool. Now, you have done as I asked, grandson, so I will travel with you to your home and help you rid it of restless spirits. My priestesses will come as well, and will be at your disposal.

Narrator: You may now recruit mermaid priestesses!

Tyegëa: Also, I have a little gold I can bring along.

Narrator: You receive 55 gold.

Narrator: You receive 100 gold.

Scenario 12: Revenge

Story Text

The mission had been more difficult than Kai Krellis would have believed when he started. Finally though, the end was in sight. He had seen how priestesses could carve through masses of undead, and now he traveled with a whole contingent of them. Tyegëa was even more powerful, though as unpredictable as Cylanna had said.

The tribe that had fled Jotha unable to fight returned as an army stiffened by veteran fighters and led by a warrior king. Though they were tired from their journey, weariness fell from them as they neared home. The mermen arrived during the night, and found the mouth of their bay guarded, so they headed south along the coast to some outlying villages to gather news of the invaders.

Introductory Dialogue

Nebthun: Kai Krellis! You live! We thought you and your people had all been killed when Jotha fell.

Kai Krellis: No, most of us escaped. I thought your settlements might be far enough away to escape harm, but you look as if you had seen battle.

Nebthun: Indeed, though we have not been hard pressed. The creatures have been busy fouling the waters and making the bay more to their liking. We worry that they will soon be back to finish with us, and I fear we will not survive.

Kai Krellis: We come prepared for battle, and have brought help. We will reclaim our home and make yours safe as well. Mal-Ravanal will pay this day.

Nebthun: Good. We will join you. You will be impressed with how quickly Tabomo here crushes skeletons. I think we should make the ruined castle on the mainland our base. The undead cut down many trees there to make bridges, and it is much easier to move through now.

Turn 2

Narrator: At dawn, the mermen got a good look at their opponents.

Tyegëa: This doesn't look too bad.

Kai Krellis: Maybe not yet, but just wait.

Mel Daveth (Mal-Verloth): The mermen...they came back! Bring back the search parties! Call back the hordes!

Mal-Kevek (Mal-Necross): Just make some more, you fool. There are plenty of corpses to go around.

Death Knight: Uhhh.

Turn 4

Tyegëa: I suppose this does look a little overwhelming. I may enjoy it though. It can be satisfying to rain holy fire down on misbehaving spirits.

Gwabbo: Absolutely! Bring 'em on!

Turn 10

Carallcyn: We searched up the coast for miles, and here they are!

Tyegëa Dies

Tyegëa: I was wrong. You are no grandson of mine!

Kai Krellis Dies

Kai Krellis: I have failed my people.

Mal-Kevek Dies

'Mal-Kevek (Mal-Necross): This is impossible!

Death Knight Dies

Death Knight: Gruh!

Mel Daveth Dies

Mel Daveth (Mal-Verloth): Save me Lord Rava...uhh!

Cylanna Dies

Kai Krellis: Cylanna! I will miss you.

Tyegëa Dies

Cylanna: Tyegëa! No!

Necklace Found

Moved Unit: This man was wearing a necklace with a pendant on it. I'm sure the shape means something.

Tyegëa: It does indeed. It is an ankh, and that pendant will strengthen your life force.

Narrator: The ankh necklace provides 70% resistance to arcane damage.

First Time

Moved Unit: I think that could be useful. I'll take it.

Moved Unit: It doesn't seem to have helped its previous owner. I don't want it.


Moved Unit: I would like my life force protected.

Moved Unit:My life force feels fine as it is.

Victory Dialogue

Kai Krellis: We have retaken our home!

Scenario 13: Epilogue

Introductory Dialogue

Narrator: After destroying Mal-Ravanal's henchmen, Kai Krellis awaited another attack. But it never came. Krellis sent some messengers south to discover what they could. The news that came back was better than good. Mal-Ravanal was dead! Soldiers of Wesnoth had defeated him at about the same time the mermen had defeated the undead at Jotha. With the evil wizard gone, the mermen relaxed and began rebuilding in earnest, and soon Jotha was restored.

Not everything was as before, of course. Many good merfolk had been lost in the first attacks and on the journey. The visiting priestesses did much to console the families of the dead, and as it always does, life continued. In a few months, the giggles of children could be heard echoing through shallows. Many of those children were named after Kai Krellis, Gwabbo, Cylanna, and the other heroes.

Have Tyegea

Tyegëa returned to her home, but continued to keep in touch with her grandson. Most of her priestesses went with her, but a few of them stayed in Jotha, enriching the culture of the city.

Have Cylanna

Cylanna never traveled far again, but stayed in Jotha as a respected elder. She remained a royal advisor, but her main work was healing the sick, and presiding at christenings and weddings. All this agreed with her disposition much better than battling undead.

Dont'have Cylanna

Kai Krellis was somber over the next months as he grieved over the loss of Cylanna, but the grief diminished with time leaving only fond memories.

Have Gwabbo

Gwabbo lived to a ripe old age in Jotha. Tales of his heroics were told to merfolk children for generations thereafter. He became an almost legendary figure.

Gwabbo and Cylanna were often together, and when Kai Krellis found a wife (which is a tale for another time!) they presided at his wedding.

Have Teeloa

Teeloa returned to his home where he had been captured by the saurians. He was delighted to find that many of his family members had also returned. He visited Jotha frequently, and remained friends with all the other veterans.

Have Keshan

Keshan returned to Bilheld where the drakes were still leaderless. He beat them all into submission (which is the drake way) and ruled there with an iron fist.

Krellis himself married within a few years, and fathered strong sons and beautiful daughters. When the orcs who had learned to fear his father tested Jotha again, they learned to fear Kai Krellis even more.

Have Inky

Inky lived with Krellis at court and frolicked in the kelp beds of Jotha until he became fat and lazy in his old age.

DW-Specific Descriptions

Generic Units

Merman Citizen: Lvl 0

Mermen are mostly peaceful, but will fight to defend their homes. In this situation, even mermen with no weapons or training can be dangerous.

Merman Brawler: Lvl 1

Exceptionally large and strong mermen are sometimes more comfortable with their own fists and tails than with other weapons.


Kraken: Lvl 3

Krakens are gigantic creatures of the seas. They can grab their opponents with strong tentacles, or spit a poisonous black ink from a distance. The best way to survive an encounter with these monsters is to remain ashore.

Kai Kellis

Child King: Lvl 0

When a merman king dies, the next in line becomes king however young he is. It is his job to lead his troops in combat if necessary. Good soldiers will do as they are told, but a very young king will get little real respect.

Young King: Lvl 1

A young king with some battle experience will be treated with some respect. Common citizens will be inspired to do their utmost when the king is nearby, but battle-hardened veterens will be less impressed.

Soldier King: Lvl 2

A king who is skilled at combat commands great respect — especially among soldiers. His strength allows him to wield powerful weapons and move quickly, even with heavy armor. His leadership abilities inspire his troops.

Warrior King: Lvl 3

Warrior kings often become legendary in their own time. Their skill and strength allows them to be truly formidable in battle. They are also fast despite their heavy armor. Even skilled soldiers look upon them with awe.

DW: Specified Unit Names


  • Mel-Kevek (Dark Sorcerer/Lich)
  • (Mel in Sc12) Daveth (Necromancer)
  • Siddry (Poacher)
  • Growloff (Ranger)
  • Agnovon (Wizard)
  • Caladon (Silver Mage)
  • Howyrth (Outlaw)
  • Lyllan (Footpad)
  • Trudd (Thug)
  • Dorcyn (Footpad/Thug)
  • Mal-Verloth (Necromancer)
  • Carallcyn (Dark Sorcerer/Necromancer)


  • Kai Laudiss (Kai)
  • Cylanna (Mermaid Priestess)
  • Kai Krellis (Child King)
  • Gwabbo (Merman Netcaster)
  • Teelöa (Merman Brawler)
  • Tyegëa (Mermaid Diviner)
  • Maudin (Royal)
  • Indress (Royal)
  • Imirna (Mermaid)
  • Nebthun (Merman Fighter)
  • Jarla (Merman Hunter)
  • Tabomo (Merman Brawler)


  • Mal-Kevek (Dark Sorcerer/Lich)
  • Mal-Govon (Lich)
  • Mal-Necross (Lich)


  • Friendly Bat (Vampire Bat)


  • Gashnok (Goblin Knight/Direwolf Rider)
  • Vrunt (Goblin Knight)
  • Marg-Tonz (Orcish Sovereign)


  • Gilak (Suarian Ambusher/Flanker)
  • Guardian (Saurian Skirmisher)
  • Raxisz (Saurian Ambusher/Flanker)
  • Aglizix (Saurian Ambusher/Flanker)


  • Keshan (Drake Burner)
  • Vlagnor (Drake Flameheart)


  • Beloved Pet (Cuttle Fish)
  • Inky (Cuttle Fish)
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