An Orcish Incursion story

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In the years following King Haldric's arrival to the Great Continent, the elves struggled to adapt to the presence of humans. There were great differences and disputes between the two peoples, but at least there was some common ground. The orcs, on the other hand, were completely alien. Fortunately they were also seldom seen.

Defend the Forest

Erlornas' scouts encounter a party of orcs in the northern reaches of elvish lands. The orcs had defiled the forest and their actions cried out for their removal. Erlornas and his party drive the orcs out and hear that an orc named Rualsha is organizing a mighty army.


The orcish war band cut an obvious trail through the forest. Following it, the elves were surprised to see an unknown keep; it was on elvish lands but elvish scouts had been to relaxed in their patrols. Erlornas defeats the Orcish Assassin and lays waste to his keep but again hears troubling reports of orcs massing under Rualsha's banner.


Again the orcs' trail was easy to follow; they destroyed not just people and property, but the very land and forest. The elves encounter a small band of orcs and take no prisoners.

Valley of Trolls

As Erlornas moves further north, the elves have to fight through a troll-occupied valley.

Linaera the Quick

The elves find another orcish war band sieging the keep of Linaera the Quick. Erlornas breaks the siege with the help of Linaera and her students. Both Erlornas and Linaera sense something wrong and evil to the east. They band together to root it out.

A Detour Through the Swamp

The Lich Keremal has settled in a wetland nearby. Linaera and the elves combine to defeat him and his undead minions.


The elves finally arrive at Rualsha's stronghold. Some Elvish Rangers arrive to help in the battle and convey the Elvish Council's wishes that Erlornas remove Rualsha before he musters an invasion force. Erlornas defeats Rualsha and the orcs flee from the elves. They still menace elves and humans, but are a more scattered threat.

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