1.17 Roadmap

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This page is for consolidating and planning when new features and fixes are intended to land in the 1.17 development branch. The release schedule for Development releases can be found here. A thread for discussing this roadmap can also be found here.


Place the feature or fix you intend to implement within the section of the point release that you intend to have it implemented by, as well as your forum username in parenthesis after the feature description. The point release something is planned to be released with is not set in stone, and can be updated as needed depending on the circumstances.

Additionally, the current set of 1.17 point releases is not final, and can be increased or decreased based on what features and fixes are planned. The only hard deadline, which hopefully is not an issue, is to have 1.18 released by February 2024. This will allow 1.18 to be in the Ubuntu 24.04 LTS release's repositories, and while I realize we don't plan Wesnoth's releases around any distro's schedule, there are also currently no other specific criteria to use as a final deadline. Alternatively, depending on what plans people have, 1.18 can be scheduled to happen earlier than that (in 2023).

1.17.0 (01/16/2022)

  • #6292 Fix+backport "Multi-turn moves are visible to enemy players" (octalot)
  • #6283 Fix+backport "OOS watching MP replays" (Pentarctagon)
  • #6285 Fix+backport "Multiplayer scenarios with custom terrains don't load for non-host" (already done by Pentarctagon)
  • #6315 Fix+backport "[store_unit] and [modify_unit] move units from recall list to map" (octalot or celticminstrel)

1.17.1 (02/20/2022)

  • #6305 Fix "[foreach]array=this_item.something does not write back to the outer this_item". Undecided whether to backport. (octalot)
  • #6225 Fix+backport Clarify editor docs about terrain mode (octalot)
  • (no issue logged) Add+backport Editor docs about the pink "D" deprecation marker (octalot)
  • #6383 Fix+backport (Pentarctagon)
  • #6400 Fix+backport show in the terrain help that oases heal (octalot)
  • #6422 Fix+backport hide editor hints about shift+click (octalot)

1.17.2 (03/20/2022)

1.17.3 (04/17/2022)

1.17.4 (05/15/2022)

  • Add forum_auth support to campaignd (Pentarctagon)

1.17.5 (06/19/2022)

  • UtBS S12 (The Final Confrontation) Rework (knyghtmare)
  • scenario_boss Micro AI (maybe it will be UtBS specific but it remains to be seen) (knyghtmare)
  • Untitled RPG scenario/mini-campaign (depends on my schedule) (knyghtmare)

1.17.6 (07/17/2022)

1.17.7 (08/21/2022)

  • Finish adding code comments for the WML unit tests (Pentarctagon)

1.17.8 (09/18/2022)

  • #5041 Draw text on images in IntroWML, useable for place-name labels on the journey-tracker maps (octalot)
  • Reorganize the WML unit test file/folder structure so it's easier to find specific tests without using grep (Pentarctagon)

1.17.9 (10/16/2022)

1.17.10 (11/20/2022)

1.17.11 (12/18/2022)

1.17.12 (01/15/2023)

  • New multiplayer maps focused on player vs player vs ai (Hejnewar)

1.17.13 (02/19/2023)

1.17.14 (03/19/2023)

1.17.15 (04/16/2023)

1.17.16 (05/21/2023)

1.17.17 (06/18/2023)

1.17.18 (07/16/2023)

1.17.19 (08/20/2023)

1.17.20 (09/17/2023)

  • Continue adding more WML/lua unit tests to improve API coverage (Pentarctagon)
  • Balance changes focused mostly on higher levels and experience (Hejnewar)
  • Hybrid Dunefolk campaign (Hejnewar)

1.17.21 (10/15/2023) (Beta 1)

This marks the beginning of the feature freeze and string freeze for 1.17; the only API changes made past this point must be to fix bugs.

1.17.22 (11/19/2023) (Beta 2)

1.17.23 (12/17/2023) (Beta 3)

1.17.24 (01/21/2024) (RC1)

This marks the beginning of the API freeze; no API changes for for any reason can be made at this point. Additional RC releases will be done as needed.

1.18.0 (02/18/2024)

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