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Wiki Migration

The wiki has proven to be a very useful tool to develop the game and the community around it. However, with ~400 pages and many users contributing, we have probably surpassed the limits of our current wiki engine: Tinywiki. That is why we are looking for a replacement.

We want a wiki that...

  • Is easy to use. We want to encourage players to improve the wiki, it is not only for developers.
  • Prevents vandalism. Most probably with user athentication.
  • Has categorization. Even if it is very simple, we need some kind of categorization or sub-sections.

Wiki engines tested so far

I tend to forget the reasons why I like/hate some wikis. I'll try to describe the most important features/problems of each wiki engine here.

synchronized) central list can't get posted, and apparently, would have catched all the spam attacks we get here: (Allefant)


We are in the first stages of the real migration. Please, check for the latest news and more information. And let us know if there is any problem.