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This page features all news that were posted on the website in the year 2005.

December, 2005

Wesnoth reviewed in MACup

Monday, December 12 2005

The german magazine MACup includes a half-page review of Wesnoth in their issue 01/2006:

 »The OpenOffice of gaming: extensive, fascinating and free of charge.«

They're also shipping the Mac build of 1.0 on a CD-ROM.

November, 2005

Wesnoth 1.0.2: The 2nd Maintenance Release

Sunday, November 20 2005

This release fixes several small bugs and the especially annoying MP bug called "error in gamelist diff". Lots of multiplayer maps have been updated, problems in campaigns were fixed, new terrain tiles (swamp, paved road, ...) added and several translations updated. You can find the whole announcement over here. All changes are listed in the changelog.

October, 2005

Wesnoth 1.0.1: Maintenance Release

Thursday, October 20 2005

This release fixes some small bugs, but also adds new unit graphics and a new main menu music theme. In addition, multiplayer maps have been reviewed. Regarding internationalization, Polish translation is now included and several other translations have been updated.

Migration completed

Saturday, October 15 2005

All bugs have finally been migrated to Gna! and have crossreferences so that the old comments and attachments are easily available. From now on, all bug activity should happen at Gna.

September, 2005

Moving to Gna!

Tuesday, September 20 2005

We're moving Wesnoth development from Savannah to Gna!. Unfortunately, we had some problems during the migration of the bug tracking system, so we will continue using Savannah to track the old bugs. New bugs should be reported to Gna!

August, 2005

Play with the Wesnoth developers

Friday, August 12 2005

In the lead up to 1.0, and probably for some time after in celebration of the release of 1.0, the Wesnoth developers would like to invite users to come and play some friendly games of Wesnoth with us.

Wesnoth reviewed on PC4War

Friday, August 12 2005

The august issue of the french magazine PC4War includes a one-page review of Wesnoth:

«an excellent turn-based fantasy game, whose characteristics are essentially to be free, and evolutive!»

They're also shipping the game in a CD-ROM. Update: article available now.

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