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Холл мультиплеера

Вначале, в игре не было ничего кроме единственной однопользовательской кампании. Сейчас у нас есть мультиплеерный сервер, на котором могут одновременно находиться более 1000 игроков.

Хотя Веснот и является игрой с открытым исходным кодом и мультиплеерный сервер может использоваться каждым желающим, это не значит что нам не нужны правила. Следующие правила помогут обеспечить приятное времяпровождение в мультиплеере.

Основные Правила

  • Будьте вежливы, особенно с людьми, которых вы не знаете.
  • Соблюдайте общепринятые правила чата: Не спамьте и не пишите всё полностью В ВЕРХНЕМ РЕГИСТРЕ.
  • Не используйте потенциально оскорбительные ники, названия карт, лейблы или речь. В это входят

нецензурная лексика, религиозные оскорбления, расизм или половую дискриминацию.

  • Не используйте сервер для рекламирования коммерческих и некоммерческих предприятий. Это не рекламная служба.
there are often young children playing on the server, giving the abovementioned rules greater importance

 In the Lobby

  • The lobby chat area is used for arranging games, so try to avoid using it for general or private chat. Instead, move this chat into games, or use private messages
  • Read game titles. They sometimes contain valuable information (e.g. "reserved", "will take a long time", ...) and may have an impact on your decision whether to join a game or not.
  • Only join the games you intend to finish.

 As a Player

  • Don't leave a game without prior warning (we know that you sometimes need/want to leave, but please let the other player(s) know in advance).
  • Don't cheat.

 As an Observer

  • Respect the players. If you want to talk about the game, use the observer team-chat.
  • Don't give away information to the players.


There is one exception to the above:  if you are absolutely sure that only people you know will encounter your behaviour and you know they will be ok with it, go ahead...


  • All players are free to put anyone on their ignore list
  • All server moderators can ban you from the server until you have proven that you will not repeat the offending behavior again.

 In games

  • The host is in charge of sorting out any issues and can kick/ban anyone from their game. However that does not mean they're allowed to kick/ban players because they're losing or similar abusive acts.
  • The server moderators police the lobby but usually don't investigate in games unless they are convinced the offense goes beyond the scope of an individual game.

To get unbanned you need to contact the moderator who banned you in the first place and explain why s/he should unban you, but please make sure that s/he has a reason to do so, either by apology or by showing that you won't repeat your actions.

Getting help

  • If you need some guidance on using the multiplayer server, check our multiplayer tutorial.
  • To ask for moderator assistance (or report an offender) in the lobby/game, use the /query adminmsg command.

 Asking on IRC

The #wesnoth-mp channel on is good place to ask for help related to the multiplayer server.
For help regarding other topics, try the #wesnoth channel.
     For an introduction to IRC, we suggest this tutorial. Just remember that the server-network to connect to is freenode and the relevant channels are #wesnoth-mp and #wesnoth