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A little bit about me:

  • In my real life, I'm a spreadsheet monkey in South Australia, with a house, a car, a wife and no possible reason to wake up my life.
  • In Wesnoth, I'm the pseudo-maintainer of Orbivm, and terrible both at WML and playing the game, but I like to think that I make up for my lack of skills with enthusiasm. I'll generally get workign on a problem put in an Orbivm thread on messaged to me pretty quickly, but can be a bit slow to find solutions to more complicated WML problems, as I am not a native speaker of Wesdocumentationese.
  • If you'd like to play Imperial Era games on the multiplayer server, I'm generally available at around GMT 1000 to 1300 even if I don't look like I'm online, and am keen to get feedback and new ideas from the era, so feel free to drop me a line on the forum to organise a time to play.

Currently in Progress (I work slow):

  • Improvements to dialogue, gameplay and difficulty levels in Epic of Vaniyera

Future Projects (in approximate order of priority, make me excited about something and I'll bump it up the list, or volunteer to take something on yourself):

  • Large-scale dialogue and gameplay changes to Fall of Silvium to eliminate long-standing issues
  • Rebalance of the Wild Era and devlopment of custom traits for the Menn
  • Incorporation of the new Arigwaithi over our old ones for the Feudal Era
  • Release of the (partial) Feudal Era for Wesnoth 1.10
  • Release of Up from Slavery as a muliplayer campaign
  • Reimagining of the Cavernei from the plans from the old Orbivm forum to make them more than just edited Knalgans
  • Code/Dialogue/Difficulty changes to Gali's Contract
  • Code/Map/Dialogue/Balance changes to Alfhelm the Wise
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