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Hello, my "name" is Drakefriend.

My Tranlations

In the moment, I am doing several translations for UMCs. These are:

  • The Era of Myths in both German (Zeit der Mythen; active) and Latin (Aetas Mythicum; "beta" attached in the forums). In addition, I am working on the Era of Myths Campaign, Count Kromire (Graf von Kromire, not yet released)
  • The Era of Magic in German (Zeit der Magie; active) and work on its camnpaign, To Lands Unknown (`Nach Unbekannten Landen).

Of course, I am open to suggestions about theese. Usually it is best to contact me via a pm, but sometimes I am on IRC, in which case you can use the chat for this language.

I also did some additions to the German Mainline translation.

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