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I'm an English language instructor at a university in the southeastern United States. A long-time fantasy gaming enthusiast, I've enjoyed developing user-made content for many different games, including Wesnoth.

Dov's MP Maps

An add-on that includes the following MP scenarios:

  • Orocia - A cooperative 3-player cooperative survival map, inspired by Nosmos's 3-player survival and much-modded since it appeared in 1.4.
  • The Deep Shrine - Another 3-player cooperative survival map, the 'dark side' of Orocia with more of (but not much of) a storyline.
  • Cutthroat Survival - A 3-way free-for-all with some occasional NPC spawns to liven things up.
  • Elf Chess - A 2-player game mod based on chess. Each player starts with 16 units, and gets 2 moves and 2 attacks per turn. The king has only 1 hp, and must be defended at all costs.
  • Rumble3D - A 6-player rumble-style map with 3 separate levels interreachable via teleportation runes.

The Wesnoth 1.9 version contains the above maps and also includes 3 game mods:

  • Drops Mod - Slain enemies will sometimes drop weapons. Weapon power depends on a combination of the slain enemy's strength, the game turn (later is better), and luck. This mod will eventually include dropped rings, scrolls and potions as well. Available for default and heroes MP factions.
  • XP Mod - Spend XP to upgrade a unit's hp, damage, or strikes. Available for default and heroes MP factions.
  • Settlers Mod - A resource collection and management mod. The map begins by removing constructed terrain, so the play is on "virgin" land. You begin with a leader and 3 peasants. Peasants collect resources and build new structures, and your leader can recruit new units. There is also a 'survival' version to help make survival map play more possible.

The game mods are accessed via the "era" selection box and work with standard MP maps and most user-made maps.

See the Dov's MP Maps forum thread for further details.


A single-player RPG campaign engine featuring a character customization system, nonlinear play, extended map embellishments through the map editor, and built-in quest and NPC message functions. Nearing completion of alpha development stage in April 2011.


Wesband aspires to be a rogue-like dungeoncrawl multiplayer campaign for 1-4 players. I developed the basic concept and multiplayer framework, as well as the randomized starting map/towns and randomized dungeon levels. Ken Oh brought his excellent RPG work to the project, and he and others have since enhanced and improved the campaign far beyond its humble beginnings. I no longer participate actively in its development but a remain a big fan of the project. See the Wesband forum discussion for further details.

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