Three Sisters

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Three Sisters

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The Three Sisters on a map of the Great Continent.

The Three Sisters were a group of three islands in the Great Ocean.


One of the Three Sisters.
If you wish to find us, head southwest. When you reach the land's end, just keep going. See you in the Three Sisters, old friend.
—Relana leaves Baldras a message.

The Three Sisters consisted of three islands, the largest of which was the Isle of Tears. To the south lay the Isle of Alduin, while to the east across the Great Ocean lay the western coast of the Great Continent.[1] The Isle of Tears in particular was haunted by undead,[2] having originally occurred after a dark curse was placed upon its inhabitant clan of elves, who had since spread to the other islands.[3]

The Midnight Queen ruled over the Three Sisters until her demise at the hands of Prince Haldric,[3] reducing her to a spectre. Though ogres came to dominate the Isle of Tears, it was shortlived. Drakes arrived at the island and slew the ogres and Midnight Queen.[4]

When Queen Asheviere's forces laid seige to the town of Delwyn, Relana's defences were unable to hold out. They fled southwest to the shore and sailed to the Three Sisters. Relana also left a note to her friend Baldras to meet her there.[5] Other individuals also came to live in the Three Sisters, including Delurin and Moremirmu.[2]

signpost.png Plot branch : Konrad chose to sail to Elensefar
During a voyage up the western coast to Elensefar, Konrad fell overboard and was carried by his merfolk followers to the Isle of Tears, where he helped Deluring and Moremirmu fight the undead on the Three Sisters.[2]


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