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Optional/Future Developments

  • Add a way to show the total chance to kill (CTK) when several attacks are planned on the same target. (If possible, display it permanently next to each attacked enemy unit.)
  • Allow planning fictional moves for the enemy: those would allow you to better visualize "what if" situations:
    • what if this enemy moves out of the way, what's the ZOC like now?
    • what if those three enemy units attack my elvish fighter, what's their CTK? (Answers this FR and related thread.)
  • As an extra for the point above, allow "planning death" for enemy units, i.e. mark them with a Jolly Roger (skull-and-bones) and they get ignored in ZOC and pathfinding calculations when you plan your moves.
  • Allow allies of player A to suggest moves to him while he's playing his turn. Overall idea is: player B moves one of A's units that he sees on screen, creating a planned move. A then either immediately sees the suggested move (could be a pale line of the suggesting player's color, or something of the sort), or gets a prompt "suggested moves from player B are available", and he can then see a list of suggested moves, see what would their result on-screen be, and choose for each one to apply it (add them to his set of planned actions) or delete it.
  • Allow suggesting moves to an allied AI.
  • (GUI2-heavy) Add a way to see at a glance and easily change the attack weapons for all attacks planned on the same target
  • Add drag and drop of planned moves' unit ghosts, for quickly redefining the destination, attack location (another hex around the same target unit) or recruit location.
  • (Very Difficult) Find some way of displaying the dialogues the current player sees to his allies (for instance the item choice screens from Bob's RPG era), but in a non-interactive way, so they can counsel him and be a bit more active when it's not their turn.
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