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What this page really is about

There have been many comments from Wesnoth players all over the world. It looks like Wesnoth is one reason that several linux projects are improving only slowly. We really want to say sorry to all the Debian-Devs out there that ceased being productive. And of course we will give some proof for this thesis. On this page you will find several comments taken from magazines, blogs and comments made by users from all over the world.

That is what Magazines and Websites write about Wesnoth


Here is what the german linux-gaming site Holarse writes about the release of Wesnoth 1.0:

Finally the turnbased fantasy-strategy game Wesnoth has reached the version 1.0 [...]

It for sure came to the reputation of being the "best linux-game" ever because of its good graphics

and interesting storyline.

The complete article can be found here (only in german).


The swedish computer news site idg writes about the 1.0 release for Mac:

The Battle for Wesnoth is a fantasy strategy game where you can choose between many different characters and by that different campaigns

The complete article can be found here (only in swedish).

IMG (Inside Mac Games)

Inside Mac Games reviews Wesnoth.


An article about the release of Wesnoth 1.0 at linux-gamers reads like this:

The popular free round based strategy game Battle for Wesnoth has been released in Version 1.0.

Battle for Wesnoth is one of the most popular games unter [sic] the GPL. The game does not need to

fear the comparison with commercialy available games of the same genre.


Linux Weekly News reviews Wesnoth 1.0.


The august issue of the french magazine PC4War includes a one-page review of Wesnoth:

«an excellent turn-based fantasy game, whose characteristics are essentially to be free, and evolutive!»

The complete article is also available.

The Mac Observer

The Mac Observer reviews Wesnoth 1.0

Wesnoth appears in several blogs

  • Games are bad for Debian. Especially time-killers like wesnoth. They make me very unproductive, even though I'm not playing any of the higher difficulties, I cannot resist the urge to play through all campaigns [...]

found in this blog

  • If you want to stay productive don't ever run the following command:
sudo aptitude install wesnoth ; wesnoth

Is "Kills all my time" a good reason for a RC-Bug? I mean, if you install it, you can hardly stop playing, therefore it renders all other installed software useless. I think wesnoth should be removed ASAP from the archive...

found in the blog of Alexander Tolimar Schmehl

  • [...] My opinion: It makes addicted! Check it out!

found in this blog (only in german)

  • Battle for Wesnoth seems to become a real threat for the Debian project. More and more Debian developers get sucked into the world of elves, dwaves, orcs, zombies and mages — and only few return...

found in this blog

  • Do not under any circumstances apt-get install wesnoth! It’s quite addictive and very good. Currently worried about getting anything done for the next… errrr… year? It’s been ages since I’ve really gotten into a game. I think this may actually be one I’ll get pretty into. Rock on Wesnoth developers!

found in this blog

Players do comment about Wesnoth

  • Stable, beautiful (graphics, sounds and music), neither too easy nor too hard, cool story and characters, usable interface, great tutorial... This is one of the best games I've ever played.

A comment at The Linux Game Tome submitted by blop

  • Wow, this game is amazing! I wish I'd gotten it earlier !! It has a really professional look and feel.

A comment at The Linux Game Tome submitted by bigfatdude

  • found the game in the net: played it for hours (and still playing it). showed it to my kids: they still play and always want the newest version (they know most units stats... like they knew all the pokemons). showed it to my friends: lots of ’em like and play it (the ’over 30’ fraction). kids showed it to their friends: guess what happend... (the ’under 15’ fraction).

Taken out of the Wesnoth Forum, written by Xytan

  • It's been fantastic watching this come together. Talented programmers, artists, musicians, campaign/story developers - Wesnoth is a really special example of how open source can accomplish great things. Thanks to Dave and all the others who have worked hard to create this game!

Taken out of the Wesnoth Forum, written by Nothsa

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