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There is a SourceForge project that supports a shared repository for people who want to collaborate on Wesnoth UMC development. You can find it at its SourceForge.net page. Coordinated Wesnoth UMC Development Project.

You will need to have an SVN client installed on your development machine. Also, you must have an account registered at SourceForge in order to use it. Account registration is free, see the SourceForge account registration page for details.

In order to gain write access to the project, though, you will need to apply for membership to the project managers.

Trunk of the SVN repo is intended for campaigns targeted to the SVN development trunk of Wesnoth. Campaigns under trunk may have wmllint, wmlindent and wesnoth-optipng run on them at any time, so resync often.

Project Managers

  • Shadow Master (Ignacio R. Morelle) <forum PM>


There is a forum thread regarding the project as a whole. It is not to be used for discussing registered add-ons. Providing places for discussing them is each author's responsibility.

The main project has IRC channels at Freenode.net. The channels' general information bot is shikadibot, provided by Shadow Master. The SVN changes reporting bot is provided by CIA.

  • #wesnoth-umc-dev: Main IRC channel for the project; you can discuss basically anything related to the project as a whole, or any of the subprojects.
  • #thunderstone: IRC channel for the Thunderstone Era; it is reserved for discussions regarding this add-on.

Registered Content

1.4 branch

Name Description SVN tree Author SVN maintainer
Invasion from the Unknown /branches/1.4/Invasion_from_the_Unknown Shadow Master Shadow Master, ESR
Era of Strife /branches/1.4/Era_of_Strife Jamini et al AI
Forgotten Legacy /branches/1.4/Forgotten_Legacy db0 db0

Trunk (for Wesnoth 1.5.x)

Name Description SVN tree Author SVN maintainer
Thunderstone /trunk/Thunderstone Aethaeryn, Shadow Master, ESR, megane Aethaeryn, Shadow Master
Delfador's Memoirs /trunk/Delfadors_Memoirs Tapik ???
Legend of Wesmere /trunk/Legend_of_Wesmere Santi Santi, ESR
Wesbowl Reloaded /trunk/Wesbowl_Reloaded David White Shadow Master
The Dark Hordes /trunk/The_Dark_Hordes Circon Shadow Master, AI
After the Storm /trunk/After_the_Storm Shadow Master Shadow Master
Invasion from the Unknown /trunk/Invasion_from_the_Unknown Shadow Master Shadow Master, ESR, cycholka

Registered Users

SF.net account name Forum user name IRC user name Wiki user-page
shikadilord Shadow Master Shadow_Master, ShikadiLord User:ShikadiLord
esr esr esr/ESR
kalenz santi Kal1234
aethaeryn Aethaeryn Aethaeryn User:Aethaeryn
ai0867 AI AI0867, AI0867_, AI0868
db0 db0 db0, dbzer0 User:Db0
mistbinder Mist cycholka User:Mist

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