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Welcome to the WML Guide for Complete Beginners! From here, you can get started directly by heading to the Introduction or you can continue from the chapter you left off.

Note for Improvements:

1. Add to the numbers definition that numbers can include decimal point values (and reference the fact that WML will remove any unnecessary 0's when it performs the calculations or accesses the numerical value in question).

2. Finish chapters 6-11 (Partially Complete)

Main Index


WML_for_Complete_Beginners:_Chapter_1 Syntax

WML_for_Complete_Beginners:_Chapter_2 The Userdata Directory and the Campaign Folder

WML_for_Complete_Beginners:_Chapter_3 The _main.cfg

WML_for_Complete_Beginners:_Chapter_4 Creating Your First Scenario

WML_for_Complete_Beginners:_Chapter_5 Events

WML_for_Complete_Beginners:_Chapter_6 Custom Units

WML_for_Complete_Beginners:_Chapter_7 Variables Introduction

WML_for_Complete_Beginners:_Chapter_8 Non-scalar Variables

WML_for_Complete_Beginners:_Chapter_9 Macros

WML_for_Complete_Beginners:_Chapter_10 Logic

WML_for_Complete_Beginners:_Chapter_11 More Logic


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