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10 Principles to Playing Wesnoth Well

1. Grab your towns. Get all of your towns by turn 3.

2. Keep the guys who have xp.

3. Move guys in back first.

4. Make sure front line has healthy grunts.

5. Attack at your time of day.

6. Don't retreat unless pushed.

7. Don't give up units.

8. Pile on the pressure.

9. Units that can't move die.

10. Use your king.


Battle Lines and the ability to put pressure on the opponent.

Unit Composition

Lots of Beefy guys in front, big guns in back.

==Structure== - (Like Pawn Structure)

Examples of Good and Bad - Battle Formation vs Harriers


Examples of Good and Bad and Even

Advancing and Retreating

All about push and pull. In preparation of Break Through.

Time of Day

Need cool cyclical graph -_/\_-\/-


Choosing Recruits

Placement inside of Castle

Mid Game

Damage them so they can't form a line.

End Game

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