User:Shadowm/Stable 1.14 Announcement Outline

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This is an outline for the 1.14 Press Release-type announcement page

Add items you worked on or you know someone else worked on throughout 1.13.x. We don't want prose, we just want to enumerate items we'll talk about in the real release announcement. Someone else (or a plurality of someone elses) will magically turn your bullet points into marketing speech-style text for the announcement so you don't need to worry about doing that yourself.

Tag platform specific features like this: "(Windows only) New user files location".

For Players


  • Steam launch
  • New title screen music, refined background and overall UI design
  • New terrains
  • New unit animations
  • New portraits
  • SDL 2.0, including:
    • (macOS only) Working Retina support for macOS at last
    • Borderless windowed instead of real fullscreen on all platforms
    • Performance improvements when scrolling
    • (TODO other stuff)


  • Secrets of the Ancients addition to mainline
  • Under the Burning Suns playable units refresh
  • Refreshed maps in Northern Rebirth
  • Ability to use mod add-ons in single-player campaigns


  • New MP UI and interaction flow
  • Khalifate renamed to Dunefolk, balancing changes to the faction
  • Addition of the ability to forfeit a game


  • Version info dialog with build info, paths, library versions, Copy to Clipboard option for bug reports
  • (Windows only) New user files location, need to document how to make a "portable Wesnoth" on the wiki somewhere as well

For Content Creators

  • Lua interpreter update from version ??? to ??? compared to 1.12
  • New WML preprocessor feature for named optional arguments (#arg/#endarg)
  • Lua console
  • (Windows only) --wconsole to make Wesnoth's console output display in real time in a native console window
  • (Windows only) Log files folder and new location for logs
  • Add-on content licensing policy changes