User:Shadowm/Stable 1.14 Announcement Outline

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For Players


  • Steam launch
  • New terrains
  • New unit animations
  • New portraits
  • SDL 2.0, including:
    • Retina support for macOS at last
    • Borderless windowed instead of real fullscreen on all platforms
    • Performance improvements when scrolling
    • (TODO other stuff)


  • Secrets of the Ancients addition to mainline
  • Under the Burning Suns playable units refresh
  • Refreshed maps in Northern Rebirth
  • Ability to use mod add-ons in single-player campaigns


  • New MP UI and interaction flow
  • Khalifate renamed to Dunefolk, balancing changes to the faction
  • Addition of the ability to forfeit a game


  • Version info dialog with build info, paths, library versions, Copy to Clipboard option for bug reports
  • (Windows only) New user files location, need to document how to make a "portable Wesnoth" on the wiki somewhere as well

For Content Creators

  • Lua interpreter update from version ??? to ??? compared to 1.12
  • New WML preprocessor feature for named optional arguments (#arg/#endarg)
  • Lua console
  • (Windows only) --wconsole to make Wesnoth's console output display in real time in a native console window
  • (Windows only) Log files folder and new location for logs