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I'm now on a Wesnoth break from now for some time. (Until I at least made good progress on my final work for my mathematics study). -- Paŭlo 22:03, 1 July 2008 (UTC)

I'm known as pauxlo in the Wesnoth-Forum, Paulo in the multiplayer server (both being transkriptions of the right name Paŭlo) and epaul in the BugTracker. My real-life name is Paul Ebermann (do a google search to learn more).

My contributions so far are very very minor ... some bug reports, and one WML debugging help for the Free Goblins Faction, and one patch to the macro reference generation script and header (already applied in trunk, but not yet live in the online reference, supposedly on the next development release). (Since my time is limited, and I have some projects outside of Wesnoth, I don't plan to get involved really more.)


I came to Wesnoth by a DVD named Esperanto elektronike, which contained an very old version (1.0.2 or so) of the game (with the Esperanto translation).