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Hello everyone, I'm Knyghtmare. My real name is Tahsin Jahin Khalid and I am a student who will be giving his 'O'-level examinations in the near future.

How I was introduced to Battle for Wesnoth

I was first introduced to Wesnoth by my uncle, who always brought me new games to play. I started with v1.4.6


In the Battle For Wesnoth Forums, I'm known as Lord-Knyghtmare


Great Legend Era


This is an era that has six factions (my favourites) and has a storyline that originates in a huge island known as the Great Isle. An extended version is also created and adds 4 new factions to the six existing ones.


I'm also making campaigns using this era. Current completed campaigns are:-

  • The Invincible Wall
  • The Rise of Genesis
  • The Wesfolk Prince

You can witness their development here:- GLE Campaigns


Actually, GLE (Great Legend Era) was a 'cut-out' of Iron Era an add-on, I made but didn't publish.


My Attempted Artwork

I'm only good with adding team color, but I suck at everything else related to pixel art.