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Hi, I'm hhyloc (or Huỳnh Yên Lộc) but you can call me hhyloc or yenloc. I joined Wesnoth back in 1.4.x and hooked since then.

I'm a Vietnamese translator (also a translation maintainer), so currently I'm working on Vietnamese translation...(what else?)

Why I decided to participate in the Vietnamese translation project?

- To improve my English (as you can see my English still sucks).

- Not thing to do in the summer.

- Thought someone must go and replace the old Vietnamese translation and complete it.

- Love this game.

My contributions

- Maintaining the Vietnamese translation.

- Translating, proofreading many Vietnamese translations for Wesnoth campaigns, unit decriptions, etc...

- A deicated fan of The Battle for Wesnoth.

I'm now inactive, but I sill contribute to the project as a Vietnamese translation maintainer, you can contact me through email ( or yahoo messenger (huynhyenloc).


That's all.