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I don't know why I chose the name. I chose it randomly a long time ago. Now it's just my name, it doesn't mean anything.

According to the various quizzes I am a Silver Mage, a Dark Adept, and should be a Sylvan or a Northerner. Kind of mixed results.

My Stuff


Which Wesnoth unit are you? The Original; the quiz that started the trend, made by yours truly! Topic Direct link Feel free to post your results in the thread or in the "comments" box on the quiz site. Feedback is appreciated.


This thread contains several Wesnoth comics I drew (created with the GIMP) as well as contributions by others. Have a laugh, vote in the poll and feel free to add your own.


Attack icons that I made a while back; non-mainline but decent quality, feel free to use them if you're developing a game. I may or may not make more.

Stuff I like


The observer is cool. Find it here: The Observer My projects have been featured in the Observer several times. I feel special.


more will probably be added to this section later.

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