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Hey there, my username is Flametrooper and I'll be your wiki page subject for today. I live in California, have an extremely stupid cat, and am interested in Wesnoth, Legos, model trains, writing, music, swimmming, biking, and taking over the world.

Stuff I'm doing

I currently have going one art project, one faction, and one campaign.

Stuff I'm not doing anymore

A lot. In my early days of Wesnoth I started a lot of projects without finishing them. I may go back later and finish some up. Some main ones:

  • Gnomes - People didn't like the idea. Stupid people. Nac Mac Feegle rock.
  • New orcish assassin - I started it, Eternal took over. Nothing left to see here. Move along, folks.
  • New attack icons - Some of my first art was these. Needless to say, it sucked.
  • My Graphic Library page - Art I've done in the past. Go ahead and laugh. i'm just learning.

Stuff I might do

  • I'm improving my drawing skills and will probably start doing portraits or story images once I get a little better.