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Greetings, meatbag. I am Deusite and this is my wiki page/lair. These days I am translating Wesnoth into Latin, as well as some other half-baked projects I have lurking around that I need to finish. Usually you can find me on IRC somewhere, usually the Latin channel.

My current Wesnothian projects are: the Latin translation, the Lore Collection Project, and new map for TSG.

I also used to conribute to TsoG before real life intervened and I hope one day to make a Drake campaign, really, and perhaps a rehash of the Far North and an annotated map, just because.

TSG Bigmap

Somewhat forestalled due to real life etc. I need to upgrade the labels to the new 1.8 standard transport it to GIMP and generally faff about with it. The geography is fixed at this point.

Lore Collection Project

This is an ongoing project the gather what we're saying exactly about the current lore and everything Wesnoth. To date I have extracted: UtBS, EI, DiD and SoF and have analysed EI, DiD and SoF. Then any inconsistencies in Wesnoth lore will be refined and all lore and supposed lore will be made avaliable for campaign designers on the wiki or elsewhere.



Completion Key

  • 0% to 32% Complete
  • 33% to 66% Complete
  • 67% to 89% Complete
  • 90% to 99% Complete
  • 100% Complete

Heir to the Throne

00212_konrad-commander.png (translation stats) (54% Complete) (Unpublished)
This is the part of the legacy of Mark Polo, and also one of the longest campaigns (yay!). The intention is to get this released with the tutorial by the time of the next stable release.


00043_marshal.png (translation stats) (90% Complete) (Unpublished)
This is the second part of the legacy of Mark Polo. This is being translated at the same time as Heir to the Throne, so they should be released at the same time(ish). Technically this is now finished, and now awaits proofreading.

Unit Descriptions

00181_nightgaunt.png (translation stats) (59% Complete) (Unpublished)
My primary contribution so far; the units. The names and attacks themselves are done, and at some nebulous point in the future I'll/we'll do the descriptions following on from the other core stuff.

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